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Express Entry- how to get high point score

The Express Entry system is one of the surest pathways to Canada. The Country has one of the best well-organized immigration systems in the world. You must, however, obtain a high point score or get enough points to be selected for Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency from the Immigration, Refugee, Citizen Canada (IRCC)- the federal immigration department of Canada.

How To Get High Point Score In 2019 Express Entry?

To obtain high point score in Express Entry, you must have a good score points for each selection factor of Canada’s foremost immigration program. These selection factors of express entry are based on age, educational qualification, work experience, Language skills in English and/or French, employment offer and adaptability.

If you hope to increase your point score or earn valuable core and get Invitation to Apply (ITA) this 2019, you must improve your effort on the following factors;

Extra points for Language proficiency

To increase your chances in Express Entry system, language proficiency is the thing you can improve upon at any time and consequently, you get to earn more CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points to obtain ITA from IRCC.

Extra points for French proficiency

Another way to earn an extra point is by working on your proficiency level in secondary language. Take for instance, If English is your primary language, you can as well learn French as secondary language and get extra points for the same.

Extra Education points

You can apply Canada permanent residency with simple graduation as well, however, with the qualification, such as Master degree, doctorate, etc. you can earn a high point score for education factor.

This same thing applies to the work experience obtained in the past. You can also get extra points for work experience selection factors.

Points for Provincial nomination

If you have low points based on your profile, you can as well apply in a relevant Provincial Nominee Program and earn massive points (up to 600 additional points) in Express Entry.

Points for Sibling and Adaptability

If you have relatives in Canada, or you or your spouse have any kind of connection in Canada, i.e. siblings in Canada or prior work experience or education, you will earn some extra points based on the same and thus, can massively boost your CRS score.

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