3 Tips for Hiring a Consultant for Australia Immigration

What is the best way to choose the right migration agent or consultant for an Australian visa? You Must Consider These 3 Things Before Hiring a Consultant For Australia Immigration.

A good and experienced Immigration Consultancy/agency will play a vital role in guiding you throughout the immigration application and requirements process.

But, how to choose a Consultancy Service, which can be trusted in providing the much needed efficient immigration advice and support is the major issue.

3 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Consultant For Australia Immigration

Here are a few key tips you should know before hiring a consultant for Australia Immigration.

Accreditation Status

The immigration agent or Immigration consultancy you intend to choose should be duly registered and authorized by MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends that you use a MARA registered Australian migration agent to apply for an Australian Visa.

Thus, before you take any further steps, you are advised to carefully check whether MARA has accredited your immigration consultant to offer advice and support for Australia immigration.


This is one of the most important aspects of every Immigration Consultancy Firm or agency. The Immigration agent you intend to use must have a transparent process and charges.

Try to confirm all the charges and cost in advance as well as ensure that no charges are kept hidden and secret by your immigration agent.

In addition, the consultant must explain the immigration process to you in a very clear manner with no false commitments and assurances.

It’s advisable to choose an agent, which signs a mutual contract of agreement between both parties to avoid any future misunderstanding in this regard.

Efficiency and Success Rate

In last one year, The Australia immigration process has gone through constant changes and updates. You must ensure that your Australian Visa Consultancy Firm or Client Service Managers are in line with the latest Australia immigration adjustments.

For example, the recent change of 457 visa program for foreign workers, with two new temporary work visa categories and the introduction of new skilled occupation lists are few instances of the most important Australia immigration updates, which need special attention for immigration applicants as well as migration consultants assisting them.

A consultancy service must be well informed and knowledgeable in their job while assisting the immigration applicants in vital immigration and visa process.

Lastly, ensure you verify the success rate and testimonials of the Consultancy firm you want to choose. It’s a wise thing to do, just to ensure that your consultants have a good success rate in terms of getting their client a successful visa application.

Some More Tips To Choosing The Best Immigration Consultant Services

Here are some few tips to choose the best immigration consultant services for your Australia immigration:

Be wary of fraud agents and agencies

Even though there are many immigration consultants service providing invaluable immigration and visa services to applicants, there are few who can still mislead applicants. Such fake consultants could make you lose the opportunity for a particular visa or immigration program.

Hence, you must verify the authenticity of any agency before you patronize them.

Choose a Registered Consultancy Service

You should make sure that immigration consultancy services you choose are reliable and duly registered by the immigration regulatory body of the country you are moving to.

You may also try to find out or ask from your friends and family if they have availed services from such agency.

Contact a Consultancy firm and not the agents for freelancers, etc.

Be wary of agents and freelancers who have no office or team setup. They are more likely to cheat you. Always patronize registered visa consultancy firm who are trusted and approved.

 Be wary of agents and agencies offering job guarantee

Be careful of agents or agencies claiming to provide you job placements or opportunities in overseas countries as they are most often fake. Thus, always stay away from such agents, who attract you with tempting job opportunities.

Search through their website 

Does the immigration firm have a well-updated website? If they do, have they clearly and comprehensively stated all the information that concerns you? A company website is the face of the company which tells the client what they are all about. The best immigration consultant services will have a well crafted and informative website.

The website should be able to inform you about the services offered, pricing structure, contact details, and the company’s registration documents. It will also fill you in with any add-on services like job listings or post-landing services the immigration firm has to offer.

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