4 Ways To Get A Job Offer From Outside Canada

Are you finding it difficult to get a decent job in your home Country and looking at working in Canada? Many foreign skilled workers are somewhat confused and do not have the slightest idea on how to go about getting a job offer in Canada. It is for this category of individuals this article is meant for.

This page will show you some ways you can explore to get a job offer from a Canadian employer or company. If you have been planning to work in Canada and do not understand how to get a job in the first place, follow our advice below.

How to Get a Job Offer from Outside Canada

Talk to a friend or relative in Canada

This is perhaps the easiest ways on how to get a job offer from outside Canada. Draw a list of your close friends, acquaintances, and relatives residing in the country. Talk to them about your plans and plead with them to connect you to some potential employers. It is possible that they know of someone or companies who need someone with your skills.

Contact employers directly through the Internet

The Internet is a major source of job opportunities. Here’s another way to get a job offer from outside Canada: You can search for Canadian companies that are looking for a potential candidate like you.

Look for companies that are offering job positions related to your qualifications. You can forward them an email about your interest in applying. Ensure you prepare a killer job cover letter or resume to create a good impression. Apply through and other Canada recruitment platforms.

Apply through international recruitment agencies

There are international recruitment agencies in most countries that get skilled workers for companies abroad. Look for these agencies in your country that recruits people to work in Canada. You can search for job positions and apply.

Do not restrict your application to only one agency. Visit as many agencies as possible, if you really want to increase your chances of obtaining a job offer.

Apply through Job Bank

You can also search for an employer in Canada by applying through Job Bank, the federal government’s job website. Visit Job Match and register as a job seeker. Go to the Job Bank website for more details.