5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Applying Canada PR Visa

5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Applying Canada PR Visa

The pattern of Immigration has changed a lot from what it was Ten (10) years ago. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you first must be informed about the new immigration scenario and avoid the common mistakes to become a winner of Visa approval at the end of the day.

Find out more about the mistakes you must avoid as a Canadian visa applicant.

1. Immigration abroad is impossible these days

Shocked by the tightening immigration rules and procedures in USA, UK, etc. countries, migrants usually make a general opinion that migration and PR have now become extremely difficult to get in advanced countries.

But, it is absolutely not true about Canada, which it now has the most relaxed immigration rules and procedures.

2. PR Visa process takes ages

Some of the immigrant aspirants believe that the permanent residency process takes years to accomplish and hence, they are reluctant to enter in the same thinking about the consequences and scenarios in the future.

However, as per Canada, you can obtain permanent residence visa approval as early as within 6 months’ period. On the other hand, there are some migrants who think it’s just the process of a week or two, which is also a misconception.

3. Documents I have are sufficient & don’t need to prepare anything

This is again a misconception on the part of some people who think that they don’t need to prepare documents in advance, as they have acquired all educational and experience documents ready.

Well, the fact is you have to get all your documents well before actually applying as you will require some documents additional to what you have right now.

For example, the Canadian authorities want the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from an approved body to validate your qualification obtained in your home country.

Additionally, to verify your English language skill, you need to provide IELTS test with a required level of proficiency, i.e. Minimum CLB 7.

4. Only one doorway to get Canadian PR

Applicants who think that there is only one pathway to process Canada PR are wrong. The Canadian authority has designed multiple ways to issue permanent residency to the deserving applicants.