5 Easy Ways To Immigrate To Canada From India

Are you searching for the easiest way to immigrate to Canada from India? Or do you want to start a new life in Canada with your family? Then, this article can be of great benefit to realizing your dreams! Here we are going to enlighten you on the easiest and most reliable way of moving to Canada from India.

Canada is one of the widely popular immigration destinations in the world. For Indians in particular, Canada is a Country with so much possibilities where dreams can be achieved.

With tremendous infrastructure facilities, quality lifestyle, multi-cultural society and so on, Canada will continue be a promise land to many India immigrant aspirants.

Canada also acknowledges the role and contribution of immigrants in its growth and development and hence, gives them the desired credit and recognition. In the latest world happiness report, Canada has been ranked as the 6th happiest country in the world.

Thus, now, if you are an Indian nationals, the question on your mind must be what are the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada from India? Read on to find out how.

What are the ways to immigrate to Canada from India?

If you are living in India, you have several ways to migrate to Canada from this part of the world to work, study, business, or visit as tourist.

All you have to do is to choose the best option, the one which suits your qualification, work experience, skills, and purpose of visit.

Now let’s take a look on the Five easiest ways to move to Canada from India:

1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)

It’s one among the three main permanent resident programs of the Canadian Government. It allows the international skilled workers to submit EOI in Express Entry Program and nominate the best among them based on their profile criteria and their ability to contribute to the economy of Canada.

2. The Canadian Experience Class 

This immigration program is for those individuals, who have already got an experience in Canada through student visa or temporary work visa.

These applicants are already familiar with the Canadian job market, language (French and English), and society and now ready for the permanent residency in Canada. It’s another federal economic class permanent residence program of Canada.

3. The QSWP and other PNP Programs

Every year, various provinces in Canada select candidates for immigration based on their on own parameters and requirements. For example, the Quebec province of Canada has its separate immigration program different from Federal Express Entry and PNPs.

Aside from Quebec, the other provinces, such as, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Ontario, etc. also have their immigration programs often known as, PNP (Provincial nominee program).

4. Start-up visa  

This is a business Immigration program which was designed by federal government to allow the immigrant entrepreneurs to establish a business in Canada in coordination with the experienced private organizations, having the expertise and experience in working with start-ups.

5. Canada Student Visa  

The Canada student visa lures thousands of international students every year in view of its world class facilities for education, top ranked universities, and reasonable school fees structures.

The good thing with the student visa is it allow foreign students permanent residency through the experience class and also allows them to work while studying.

All the above Canada immigration programs have got their own eligibility requirements and procedural guidelines, which you can interpret and understand in coordination with an accredited and reliable immigration Consultant.