5 Key Tips For Preventing Visa Scams

5 Key Tips For Preventing Visa Scams. Immigration to an advanced country is a decision that has a major impact on one’s career and life. It’s the decision that not only affects you but also impacts on the life and prosperity of your entire family.

Thus, there must be little or no margin for error and mistakes, while you are applying in an immigration program of your preferred country and subsequently, applying for visa application, etc.

The point here is, you must not leave any stone unturned when it comes to getting the visa approval for your preferred country. However, encountering any agent or agency involved in scamming can really ruin your chances of migrating abroad for better career and quality of life.

Anyone who is deceived or tricked by the immigration agency is bound to lose the hard earned money as well as a quality time that was wasted in following the wrong immigration procedure.

here are some vital tips to prevent visa scams against you.

1. Confirm the accreditation

Keep away from an agent or immigration consultancy, which can not prove its association or registration with ICCRC. The ICCRC is a regulatory body for migration agents active in Canada. Any migration agents offering assistance on Canada immigration must be accredited with ICCRC.

2. Avoid agents or Consultants making sweet promises

Issuance of Visa is beyond the power of any agent or agencies. Thus, anyone who makes sweet but spurious claims or gives a guarantee of visa approval is the one you should avoid.

3. Job or placement in foreign countries

Many consultancy services and agents trick applicants with the false promise of a job or fake work permits and placements in the foreign countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, etc. so, keep a distance from such agents and don’t fall for their promises.

4. Identify the one who is after your money

There are consultancies and individuals who claim to be authorized immigration agents and demand for money straight away, without even giving you necessary initial consultation etc. So wisely identify the consultants, who are after your hard earned money.

5. Transparency is a primary aspect

Finally, keep away from agents or consultancies who make the process confusing and don’t make things clear about the procedures and charges from the beginning. If you find anything fishy, it’s time to quit.

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