A Typical US And Canadian Resume Format

Foreign persons seeking or anticipating to migrate to Canada or the US to work and live essentially needs to understand how to write a typical US and Canadian resume format in order to foster quick job employment. Below are recommended contents of a typical US and Canadian resume format that can attract quick job employment:

1. Your Name

2. Your Address

It is necessary to put down a telephone and Fax number (you should ensure to include the telephone code from North America which for the UK is 011 44 and then remove the first zero of the area code and leave the rest as the same). It is important to put down an e-mail address.

3. Don’t include nationality, gender or date of birth. Ensure to keep Resume brief, perhaps to one page if possible.

4. Education (with last dates)

5. Qualification obtained at the latest University, College, or School (be brief and straight to the point and also carefully explain qualifications that are likely not to be understood in North America.

6. Previous Dates.

Previous Education obtained with qualifications (should there be any other places you have attended, please be notified to continue in reverse date order below)

7. Career.

  • Date started – Current Date
  • Current employment with a brief description of Job Duties.
  • Previous dates of employment
  • Previous employment with a brief Job Description (if there has been any previous employment to this you should please include details below)

8. Achievements

  • Briefly include Skills, any awards or significant achievements.

9. Interests

  • Include any hobbies, Interests, Sports and also Skills not covered elsewhere

10. References available based on a request. (But do not usually include References).

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