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ABM College Of Business And Technology Calgary, Canada

ABM College of Business and Technology is a Canadian vocational college with main campuses in Calgary, Alberta, and North York, Ontario. The college ministry of Career Colleges and Universities in Alberta and Ontario has accredited the college.

Since its establishment in 2010, ABM College has provided students with professional training, academic knowledge, and the right skill set to meet employment market demand.

Most graduates from the institution have become gainfully employed in different positions relevant to their field of study.

ABM College Of Business And Technology Courses

ABM offers programs in healthcare, beauty, business, and technology. The college displays a well-developed curriculum and an operative educating style that includes frequent industry consultations.

Students receive in-class training, laboratory activities, fieldwork, and practicum experience. In addition, the Calgary campus features computer and healthcare labs, massage therapy and esthetics studios, a student lounge, and a large kitchen.

Graduates of ABM College have become very successful in meeting the needs of industry employers. This success is a product of ABM College’s highly improved teaching method and the incorporation of technological innovation and individual creativity.

Some of the features that make ABM College highly preferred for vocational learning are:

  • Online programs with virtual classrooms
  • Small classes
  • Flexible class timetables that include morning, evening, and weekend classes
  • On-site childcare facilities for nursing mothers who are students of the school
  • Free career counseling for students
  • Provision of program grants for students

ABM College Of Business And Technology Location 

ABM has campuses in two different locations. One is in North York, Ontario, while the other is in Calgary, Alberta. ABM’s Calgary Campus, the focus of this content, is strategically located at 37 Avenue and 29 Street NE, close to the Whitehorn C-Train station. The college is just about a 5-minute walk from the train station.

ABM College of Business And Technology Programs

The college focuses on healthcare, business, beauty, and technology vocational training. Students who have been successfully trained are either granted a diploma or a certificate depending on the nature of the program.

According to the major sectors, programs made available for students in the college are:

  • Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Diploma
  • Pharmacy Assistant Diploma
  • Health Care Aide Certificate
  • Addictions & Community Support Worker Diploma
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Business Administration Diploma
  • Digital Marketing Diploma
  • Account & Payroll Diploma
  • Personal Support Worker Diploma
  • Legal Assistant Diploma, etc.
  • Administrative Assistant Diploma
  • Education Assistant Diploma
  • Massage Therapy Diploma
  • Web design and Development Diploma
  • Mobile App Developer Diploma
  • Graphic Design Diploma
  • Network Administrator Diploma
  • Help Desk Analyst Diploma
  • Tekla Structures Software Training Course

ABM College Of Business And Technology Tuition Fees

Depending on the nature of the program and the duration of spending, tuition fee for programs in ABM College are not unified.However, beloww is an approximate estimate of the fees for some of the institution’s programs in Canadian dollars.

Program Duration Tuition Fees Approx. Total Cost
Accounting And Payroll Administration 51 weeks $13,000 $13,750
Business Administration Diploma 22 weeks $13,000 $13,750
Healthcare Aide Certificate 22 weeks $8,000 $8,245
Hospitality Business Management 36 weeks $11,985 $13,585
Legal Assistant 31 weeks $10,500 $12,000
Massage Therapy Diploma 44 weeks $11,765 $13,495
Advanced Massage Therapy 46 weeks $12,000 $13,650
Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk 34 weeks $10,000 $10,300
Pharmacy Assistant 43 weeks $13,500 $14,250

ABM College Tuition Fees for International Students

The estimates already given above will also apply to international students who enroll in any program at ABM College.

However, the college, the Canadian government, and other private organizations offer scholarship opportunities that both foreign and indigenous students can benefit from.

Students can easily reach out to any of the financial aid institutions for tips on available payment plans and scholarship opportunities.

ABM College Program for International Students

All programs currently offered at ABM College are considered Designate Learning Programs (DLP) and open to all interested international students with a study permit in Canada.

The only program not available for international students in the college is the Personal Worker Support Program.

Each program may have peculiar admission conditions, and unless students meet those conditions, they will not be offered admission.

International students who wish to study in the school also need to meet the individual program admission criteria, and other international student qualifications demanded.

ABM College International Students Requirements

As you consider schooling in ABM College as an international student, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old at the time of applying for admission
  • and have a minimum of a secondary school graduate certification or a Grade 12 equivalent.
  • You must not be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; you will not be considered an international student.
  • Have obtained a student visa from the government of Canada

You do not need to have your student visa ready to be offered admission by ABM College. However, once you receive your acceptance letter, you should begin your Canadian student visa application process, which may take months to complete.

ABM College International Students Application Process

If you have met all ABM College International Students Requirements for admission, you may begin the application process, which involves the following steps:

#Step 1: Apply to the College by Filling out the Application Form

Please fill out the ABM College International Student Form online and submit it.

#Step 2: Obtain your Letter of Acceptance

If you meet all requirements and ABM College has deemed you fit for admission, you will receive a letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance is critical as you will need it to obtain your study permit, student visa, and any other travel document you need to arrive in Canada.

#Step 3: Obtain your Student Visa/Study Permit

Visit the Canadian Embassy in your area with your letter of acceptance and complete the processes required for obtaining a study permit or a student visa.

#Step 4: Sort out your Arrival in Canada

Make provisions for your transportation to Canada, accommodation, accommodation within Canada, and other essential logistics.

Accommodation For International Students At ABM College

ABM College at both campuses does not provide any on-campus accommodation facility for indigenous or international students. Therefore, international students will have to look for housing options that are most comfortable for them.

ABM College Accreditation

The College campus in Calgary is accredited and licensed by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education.

The school is a welcoming and friendly campus with a variety of helpful resources available to all international students. It also provides support for all foreign students and their families while studying at ABM College.

ABM College Campus

The school campus has a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive space that offers a wide range of resources to make student’s life easier and as stress-free as possible. The aim is to keep the learning environment equipped with the services and tools needed for students to be successful in their studies and career.

The school has a large student lounge that boasts a wide range of comfortable seating options like TV, telephone, and more for their studies and relaxation.

There is also a vending machine at the lounge with a variety of snacks if you want a treat while you relax. In addition, there is a second student lounge located in the ABM College Massage School, on the main level of the building, with a similar setup for students to use.

The College student lounge also has an ample kitchen space with access to a sink, filtered hot and cold water, microwaves, and a refrigerator for students. You can also purchase a cup of coffee from the coffee machine whenever you want one.

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ABM College Financial Aid

As an international student at ABM College, you have access to financial aid. These Aids can go a long way in helping you invest in quality education that will lead to a more successful career.

You may contact the school financial aid team if you require assistance funding your education.

You could access a private loan from a banking institution or a government student loan. The school also offers scholarships, awards, and payment plans to international students. Do not let a lack of funding hold you back from pursuing your academic goals in life.

Our financial aid department is easily accessible to help you through every step of the financial assistance process.

ABM College’s financial advisors are up-to-date on the latest program scholarships and other financial awards available to international students. They will help determine your eligibility, help you with your applications, and work with you every step in securing funds before starting your program.

FAQ about ABM College Of Business And Technology

What does ABM College stand for? 

Ans. ABM College stands for ABM College of Business and Technology. It is a Canadian career college with campuses in Calgary, Alberta, and North York, Ontario. ABM offers virtual classroom learning as an alternative to in-class instruction.

Is ABM College accredited?

Ans. Yes, ABM college is fully accredited by the Ministry of Career Colleges and Universities in Alberta and Ontario. In addition, ABM College offers Health Care, Business, and Technology programs, which lead to certification or a diploma upon graduation.


In conclusion, ABM College of Business and Technology, Calgary, is an excellent choice for students seeking accounting, Business, and management skills. With programs available in both English and French, the school offers a variety of options for students seeking to increase their career prospects.

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