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About Booth College In Manitoba, Canada!!

Booth College was established in 1982 as Catherine Booth Bible College located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of Canada’s ten provinces, and the easternmost of the Prairie Provinces. The college was renamed William and Catherine Booth College in 1997 in honor of The Salvation Army’s cofounders, William Booth and Catherine Booth. It is a liberal arts university college affiliated with the Salvation Army, a Christian organization presently operating in more than 125 countries. However, the college officially became Booth University College on 17 June 2010 . Also, Marjory Kerr became Booth University College’s fifth president in July 2016. The Winnipeg Campus enrolls 350 students (September to April). In terms of classrooms, office space and a chapel, the main building on Webb Place contains a gymnasium, cafeteria and residential accommodation for more than 200 students.


The college is located in downtown Winnipeg at 447 Webb Place and 290 Vaughan Street.

Programs Offered At Booth College

Degree Programs

  • Behavioural Sciences Bachelor Degree (BA)
  • Business Administration Bachelor Degree (BBA)
  • English and Film Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)
  • General Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)
  • Psychology Bachelor Degree (BA)
  • Religion Bachelor Degree (BA)
  • Social Work Bachelor Degree (BSW)

Certificate Programs

  • Certificate of Christian Studies
  • Certificate in Liberal Arts

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Business Administration

Tuition Offered

USA/International Students

$874.00 USD per online or hybrid course (3 credit hours)
$583.00 USD per MGT 281, MGT 283, MGT 285 (2 credit hours)

Application Fee (applied to tuition, non-refundable if no tuition paid)
Canada/Bermuda Territory: $100.00
USA/International Students: $100.00 USD

Late Registration Fee
$25.00 per course

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