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Focus College in Kelowna, Canada

Focus College is a post – secondary institution located at Kelowna, Canada. Focus College is known to offer industry specific courses and trainings which are tailored to prepare you for the market place and work place.

Focus College has three other campuses across Canada, aside from the Kelowna campus, these are; Surrey Campus,  Vancouver Campus, and Abbotsford Campus.


There are many reasons to choose a program at Kelowna campus or Surrey campus, Focus College at British Columbia, Canada is an amazing place to study. There are too many reasons to share, but here’s a taste:

  • Should you choose to study at the Kelowna campus, you will certainly enjoy water sports at the Okanagan Lake, take a hike on any of the scenic trails in the area, and tour the vineyards in this one-of-a-kind wine regions here in Canada.
  • You would surely love it here in the winter, because there are many mountains for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or you can simply enjoy the snowy beauty from somewhere warm, maybe even next to a campfire.
  • Studying in Surrey,  brings you so close to Vancouver, which is a vibrant, multicultural city with delicious food, lots of opportunities for entertainment, and more of that BC natural beauty in places like Stanley Park and Grouse Mountain.
  • You could take a weekend road trip to Whistler any time of year to play in the mountains, or you could jump on a ferry to Vancouver Island to spend a day or two in Victoria, BC’s capital city.

One thing  is for certain you would never run out of exciting things to do as a student in British Columbia. Think about the new friends you’ll make and the enjoyment of getting out to have fun together when you’re not studying.


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