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Kikkawa College In Toronto, Canada

About Kikkawa College In Toronto, Canada.

Kikkawa College was established in Toronto, a capital city of the province of Ontario, southeastern Canada. It is the most populous city in Canada, a multicultural city, and the country’s financial and commercial centre. The college has been instrumental in leading the way in the growth of Massage Therapy and Shiatsu Therapy professions in Canada. The board of education at the college comprises of education experts who are dedicated to the development of curriculum that meets high academic standards and reflects an integrated and holistic approach to health care education. The quality of this curriculum depends on Kikkawa College articulation agreement with Athabasca University. Graduates of The institution Massage Therapy can transfer up to 30 Massage Therapy program credits towards a university degree.

The College facilities include academic and practical classrooms with blackboards, overhead projectors, PowerPoint, and access to TV and DVD equipment. Practical rooms are well and fully equipped with top-notch equipment. Teaching Clinic is held on site utilizing practical rooms. A student lounge, with computer access, Student Association Office, reception area and administrative offices complete the facilities.


The institution is located in the west end of Toronto where a wide variety of cultural activities and services can be seen. The location is student friendly providing access to public transportation, parking, a wide variety of stores and services and in close proximity to affordable student housing within the surrounding community.

Programs Offered At Kikkawa College In Toronto

  • Accounting, BBA
  •  Animal Biology, BSc
  •  Arts, BA
  •  Arts (Year 1), BA
  • Biology, BSc
  • Business Administration, BBA
  •  Business Administration (General), BBA
  • Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, BSc
  • Chemical Biology, BSc
  • Chemistry, BSc
  • Communication, BA
  •  Computing Science, BCS
  • Computing Science, BSc
  •  Computing Science and Mathematics, BSc
  • Ecology and Environmental Biology, BSc
  • Economic and Political Studies, BA
  • Economics, BBA
  • Economics, BA
  • Economics and Mathematics, BSc
  • Education (Secondary) STEM, BED_STEM
  •  Education, Elementary, BED
  • Engineering Transfer (Year 1 and 2), T_ENGN
  •  English, BA
  • Entrepreneurship, BBA
  • Environmental Chemistry, BSc
  • Finance, BBA
  • Fine Arts, BFA
  •  Forestry Transfer (Year 1 and 2), T_FRST
  •  General Science, BSc
  •  Geography and Environmental Studies, BA
  • Health Science, BHS
  • History, BA
  • Human Resource Management, BBA
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BIS
  • International Business, BBA
  • Journalism, BJ
  •  Marketing, BBA
  • Mathematical Sciences, BSc
  • Mathematics, BSc
  •  Mathematics, BA
  • Mathematics and Economics, BA
  • Natural Resource Science, BNR
  •  Nursing, BSN
  • Nursing, BSN
  •  Philosophy, BA
  • Physics, BSc
  • Pre-Chiropractic
  •  Pre-Dentistry, BSc
  • Pre-Education, BEd
  • Pre-Law, JD
  • Pre-Medicine, BSc
  • Pre-Naturopathic Medicine, BSc
  • Pre-Optometry, BSc
  • Pre-Pharmaceutical Sciences, BSc
  • Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences, BSc
  • Pre-Social Work, BA
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine, BSc
  •  Psychology, BA
  • Public Relations, BJour
  •  Science, BS
  • Social Work, BSW
  • Sociology, BA
  •  Software Engineering, BENG_SENG
  • Supply Chain Management, BBA
  •  Technology
  • Theatre Arts, BA
  • Tourism Management, BTM_GEN

Tuition Offered

Full-Time Students

Students taking an 80% course load or more will be considered a full-time student and will have to pay full-time fees.

Tuition fees for newly registering students attending ICT Kikkawa College full time in the 82-week or 73-week program are comprised of the following components:

Year 1
Year 2
Registration Fee
Balance of Tuition

Registration fee and tuition deposit are due upon acceptance into the Massage Therapy Diploma Program. The balance of tuition is divided into two installments that are due at registration of the first and second year. There are no-interest payment available.

Part-Time Students

Tuition fee for applicants granted admission as part-time students will be calculated at $9.00/hr at ICT Kikkawa College. A Registration fee of $100 and a tuition deposit of $100 are payable upon initial registration in the program (requires signing of an Enrollment Contract with the College) and will be applied to tuition.

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