Queens University Kingston, Canada

Queens University Kingston is a higher education institution that was founded in the year 1841 and located in the city of Kingston in Canada. It was the first university to form a student government. This institution was formed by the effort of the Presbyterians. It began answering the name “Queens University” in 1912 when it detached from the presbyterian church. During the second world war, graduates of the institution joined the force and suffered injuries. Queens university offers a wide range of courses across many programs for both local and international students. The school has a well equipped library as well as great professors. Queens university is one of the top best universities in Canada. See below for details on the university as well as tuition offered.

About Kingston

Kingston is the town where the Queens University is located. Many buildings in Kingston were constructed using the local limestone which makes it the limestone city. In 1841, the city was named the first capital of the united Province of Canada but this ended in 1844. The Wyandot people were the first to occupy the city before the arrival of the French. Kingston was a major military centre during the 1812 war. This city was the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. In the 20th century, the town grew through a series of annexations of lands in adjacent Kingston Township. After the second world war, the city’s economy grew from an industrial to an institutional base.

Programs offered At Queens University Kingston

Below are the available programs offered at the Queens University

  • Education
  • Business
  • Creative Arts
  • Computing
  • Humanities
  • Engineering and Applied sciences
  • Languages
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Life and Physical Sciences

Tuition Fees For International Students At The Queens University Kingston

The table below shows the tuition fees to be paid by international students at the Queens University.

Undergraduate Fees

Course and Level of study 2017-18 (£ GBP)
2017-18 ($ US Dollars)  
FR1 (classroom)


FR2 (laboratory)


FR3 (pre-clinical)


FR4 (clinical)



Postgraduate Fees

Programme New students Payment Amount
MSc Accounting and Finance 17,100
MSc Human Resource Management 16,000
MSc Finance 16,600
MSc Computational Finance 17,000
MSc International Business 15,000
MSc Management 16,000
MSc Marketing 16,500
MSc Risk Management and Financial Regulation 16,000
MSc Economics 16,000
International MBA 19,500

Please note: Tuition fee can be changed at anytime.

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Queens University is a higher Education institution founded in the year 1841. It was the first university to form a student government