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Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

Welcome to Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. Located in the heart of one of Canada’s most vibrant cities, Saint Mary’s is a post-secondary university focused on providing students with an exceptional level of education and engaging campus life. From its beautiful grounds to its unique academic programs, SMU offers something for everyone.

On campus, you’ll find a range of facilities, including libraries and computer labs, as well as numerous student services and organizations that cater to all interests. In addition, with over ten faculties and schools and over 50 degree programs available, you will be sure to find the perfect course for your future career goals. On top of this, SMU also offers an amazing selection of co-curricular activities that provide students with unique opportunities for growth beyond the classroom setting.

About saint Mary’s University

It is a higher education institution founded in 1802 at the Glebe House in Halifax. It is the first Roman Catholic University in Canada. The establishment aimed to train youths who have the intention of becoming clergies. This institution functioned well until 1883, when it collapsed, but with the assistance of an Archbishop of Halifax, Cornelius O’Brien, it was restored. After being restored, the university flourished as an institution of Liberal Arts and began more undergraduate programs. The institution changed its orientation week name to a welcome week in 2014 because of the chant in which students were seen participating in 2013.

About Halifax

Halifax is the city where Saint Mary’s University is located. It is the Capital city of Nova Scotia, with a population of 403,131. This city is located in the lands of the Mi’kmaq people. The government and private sector companies are highly concentrated in the city. The Halifax Peninsula is the first place for European settlement in the year 1749. zone of the greatest disasters in Canadian history occurred in the city in 1917 when a Cargo ship carrying munitions exploded, killing thousands of people. This city is usually freezing in the summer and mild during the winter period.

Programs Offered At The Saint Mary’s University

Below are the programs offered at the Saint Marys University

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Sobey School of Business

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate of Arts
  • Graduate of Business
  • Graduate of Science
  • Graduate of Education

Certificate and Diploma Programs

  • Certificate in Arts
  • Certificate In Science
  • Certificate in Education
  • Certificate in Business

Tuition Fees By International Students At Saint Mary’s University

Below are the tuition fees details by international students at Saint Mary’s University

Arts $1,633.00

Commerce $1,780.00

Science and Engineering $1,730.00

Co-Op $618.00

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Saint Mary’s University Scholarships

There is no shortage of scholarship opportunities for students who are looking to attend Saint Mary’s University. In addition, the university provides a variety of options for students wishing to pursue their educational dreams. Saint Mary’s has something for everyone, from academic excellence awards to specialized study abroad programs.

The university offers several merit-based scholarships that recognize outstanding achievements in academics and extracurricular activities.

The Academic Excellence Awards recognize the top incoming undergraduate students based on their GPA, SAT scores, and high school performance records. In addition, other awards provide financial assistance to those pursuing specialized fields such as engineering or business management.

For those looking to gain international experience in their studies, the Global Engagement Scholarship provides financial aid for studying abroad at various universities around the world.


Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada, is an excellent choice for anyone pursuing higher education. It provides a unique academic experience combining rigorous coursework, research opportunities, and vibrant student life. With its world-class faculty, diverse student body, and dedication to personal growth, Saint Mary’s provides an atmosphere where students can excel and reach their highest potential.

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