Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

About Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. The Saint Marys’s University history, programs and tuition fees by international students is as below.,

About saint Mary’s University

It is a higher education institution founded in the year 1802 at the Glebe House in the city of Halifax. It is the first Roman Catholic University in Canada. Its aim of establishment was to train youths who have the intention of becoming clergy’s. This institution functioned well until 1883 when it collapsed but with the assistance of an Archbishop of Halifax, Cornelius O’Brien it was restored back. After been restored, the university flourished as an institution of Liberal Arts and began more undergraduate programs. The institution change its orientation week name to a welcome wee in 2014 because of the chant which students were seen participating in 2013.

About Halifax

Halifax is the city where the Saint Mary’s University is located. It is the Capital city of Nova Scotia with a population of  403,131. This city is located in the lands of the Mi’kmaq people. The  government and private sector companies are highly concentrated in the city. The Halifax Peninsula is the first place for the European settlement in the year 1749. zone of the greatest disasters in Canadian history occurred in the city in 1917 when a Cargo ship carrying munitions exploded killing thousands of people.This city is usually very cold in the summer and mild during the winter period.

Programs Offered At The Saint Mary’s University

Below are the programs offered at the Saint Marys University

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Sobey School of Business

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate of Arts
  • Graduate of Business
  • Graduate of Science
  • Graduate of Education

Certificate and Diploma Programs

  • Certificate in Arts
  • Certificate In Science
  • Certificate in Education
  • Certificate in Business

Tuition Fees By International Students At saint Mary’s University

Below are the tuition fees details by international students at the Saint Mary’s University

Arts                                              $1,633.00

Commerce                                   $1,780.00

Science and Engineering             $1,730.00

Co-Op                                          $618.00

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