St.Stephens University, St.Stephen, Canada

About St.Stephens University, St.Stephen, Canada. The St.Stephens University history, programs and tuition fees for international students are as below.,

About St.Stephens University

St.Stephens university is an institution established in the year 1971 at the town of St.Stephen New Brunswick. The first students of the institution were enrolled in the year 1975. The institution began granting undergraduate and graduate degree in Liberal arts and ministry studies in the year 1998.

About St.Stephen, New Brunswick

St. Stephen is the town where the St.Stephens University is located. St.Stephen is a town in New Brunswick which has a population of  4,415 inhabitants as at 2016. The town is located along the St. Croix River. this river mars the part between Canada and United States border.  Its economy is based on lumber and ship building industry. the town celebrates the chocolate festival every August which gives it the name Canada’s Chocolate Town. The people of the Passamaquoddy were the first to reside along the St. Croix River before the Europeans who dragged them out.

Programs Offered At The St. Stephens University

Below are the programs offered at the St. Stephens University

Undergraduate Programs

  • English
  • Arts
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Education
  • Psychology

Graduate Programs

Master of ministry

Diploma In Ministry

Tuition Fees By International Students at The St. Stephens University

Below are the tuition fees details for international students at the St.Stephens University

Undergraduate Tuition Fees

  • Tuition                                  $5,700
  • Double room in residence   $1,525
  • Home-cooked meal service $1,525
  • Student service fee              $250
  • Total                                     $9000


The students service fee includes Laundry, wifi, paring and five courses in 15 credit hours.

Graduate Tuition Fees

  • Tuition                                  $3,000
  • Accommodations                 $150
  • Home-cooked meal service $150
  • Student Fee                          $150
  • Total                                     $3,450


All graduate students should note that they do not have to bother about accommodation as the St. Stephens university provides accommodation for all graduate students on campus and within the community.

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