About The Immigration And Refugee Protection Act

About The Immigration And Refugee Protection Act. You can see details about the immigration and refugee protection act below.,

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is the act passed in 2001 which replaces that of 1976. This act creates a high level of frame work which gives details of the guidelines the government of Canada has put in play with regards to the immigration of foreigners into Canada. This act shows how IRPA’s are to be applied.

Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, applicants must ensure that.,

  • the applications must be in writing and the form provided by the department must be used
  • The applications must be signed
  • All information and documentation required by the act must be included in the application
  • Evidence of payment
  • The principal applicant accompanying the spouse must be identified.
  • Applications must contain the details of the applicant including his nationality and immigration status
  • Application must indicate if the applicant is applying for a visa, permit etc.
  • Indicate the class of the application
  • Applications must be accompanied with a declaration which shows that the information provided on the application is true.

Family Members Application

This application is considered as that made for the applicant and his family members

Application By Sponsors

The sponsorship application must come with the application made by a member of the family class

Multiple Applications

A sponsorship application cannot be filled in respect of a person, in other words, another application should not be filled in respect of a particular person.

The Invalid Sponsorship Application

At times, some applications are not made in accordance with the provisions provided by the act and if the authorities come across such, it will be considered an application not filled in the prescribed manner.

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