University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

About The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a higher institution established in 1908 an located in the city of Vancouver. It is the oldest city in British Columbia. The institution’s first degree was awarded in 1916. The institution has only three faculties as at 1920 with the males students being more than the females. As at 1944, the institution had a population of 2,974 and rose to 9,374 in 1947 and this made the university facility not enough for the students so the management had to use the army and Airforce camps as classrooms.

About Vancouver

Vancouver is the city where the University of British Columbia is located. It is located in the mainland city of British Columbia. It has the highest population in Canada. It is one of the cities with livable qualities. About 10,000 years ago, the aboriginal people were the main inhabitants of the city. Its name was given in honour of George Vancouver. In same year the city was created (1886), fire invaded the city and burnt everywhere.Mary Ellen Smith,  was the first elected legislature in Canada who made a law on alcohol prohibition until there was control on the sales of alcohol.

Programs Offered At The University of British Columbia

Below are the programs offered at The University of British Columbia

  • Media and Fine Arts
  • language and Linguistics
  • Engineering education
  • People Culture and Society
  • History Law and Politics
  • Health

Tuition Fees By International Students At The University Of British Columbia

Program Credits in first-year full course load International students
Applied Science – Engineering 35 $44,462.95
Architecture – Environmental Design 30 $36,657.60
Arts 30 $36,588.30
Commerce 30 $47,343.60
Computer Science 30 $37,689.90
Dental Hygiene 33 $41,458.89
Dentistry (DMD) N/A N/A
Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism 30 $38,700.00
Education 30 N/A
BEd teacher education 60 $48,958.20
Fine Arts 30 $36,588.30
Forestry – Forest Operations 35 $43,971.55
Forestry – Forest Science 34 $42,715.22
Forestry – Natural Resources Conservation 31 $38,946.23
Forestry – Resources Management 30 $37,689.90
Forestry – Wood Products Processing 32 $40,202.56
International Economics 30 $44,261.10
Kinesiology 30 $37,689.90
Land & Food Systems – Applied Biology 32 $40,202.56
Land & Food Systems – Food, Nutrition and Health 32 $40,202.56
Land & Food Systems – Global Resource Systems 32 $40,202.56
Law 32 $34,541.76
Master of Management Dual Degree N/A $43,266.53
Media Studies 30 $36,588.30
Medical Laboratory Science 38 $47,740.54
Medicine (MD) N/A N/A
Midwifery 35 $43,971.55
Music 34 $34,635.12
Nursing 30 $36,657.60
Pharmacy 39 N/A
Science 30 $37,689.90
Social Work 30 $36,588.30
Urban Forestry 30 $37,689.90

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