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Academic Excellence Through Holistic Development

Academic Excellence Through Holistic Development. Loretto School was established in 1827 located in a safe and enclosed 85-acre campus on East Lothian’s coast, in Scotland. Loretto School is also home to the renown Loretto Golf Academy. It is one of UK’s leading co-educational boarding and day school, students of the school thrive so hard in an enriching environment where they can develop to their full potential. The natural surrounding of the school gives students the opportunity to enjoy exploring and discovering the outdoors so they get the ideal balance of study and play. Also, a warm and welcoming atmosphere which creates a cosy and homely environment for students, regardless of whether they are boarders or not.

Over two third of students choose to board during their School career at Loretto, thereby benefitting from a full week programme which consists of six-day lessons from Monday to Saturday, and varied activities on evenings and Sundays.

Holistic Development For An Enriching Experience

The institution strongly emphasis on the development of the whole person: spirit, mind and body. Loretto school delivers the traditional British/English curriculum, with outstanding results at GCSEs as well as A-Levels. Additionally, over nine students out of 10 receive admission to university of their choice, like Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews and Durham.

With the rigorous academic teachings at the institution, students are also encouraged and taught to think critically and also develop 22st century skills. They are taught from their early age in how to express themselves and find their own voice through ‘Philosophy for Children’ sessions, teaching them on how to think for themselves and ask questions.

Even with the strong academic programmes, students are also heavily engaged in Creative Arts such as Music, Drama, Art and Dance and a variety of sports activities such as rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket as well as physical education, as part of the focus on holistic development.

There are also extensive on-campus facilities where students can hone their personal interests. There’s a fully-equipped Sports Hall with four badminton courts, a full-sized basketball court and four full-length cricket bays.

There’s also a dance studio complete with ballet barres and dance mirrors, the Colin Thompson Hall, a complete Theatre with the capacity to seat 300 people, New field and Pinkie Fields that can be used for rugby, rounders, lacrosse, cricket and other athletics, as well as Individual Music Practice Room. There’s also a full sized hockey pitch that can also be used for tennis and other sports.

Academic Excellence Through Holistic Development

Budding young golfers get the chance to be coached by PGA professionals at one of Europe’s best golf schools because the Loretto Golf Academy is part of the school. The academy boasts state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor centres.

The major benefit of being a part of this school is the outdoor learning, and students get to enjoy spacious and leafy campus located next to the local beach and nature reserve. Younger students benefit from engagement in the Forest School led by qualified Forest School Leaders.

Small Setting For Personalised Attention

Boarders at Loretto School quickly acclimatise to the school’s warm and family-likr environment. The institution is purposely kept small a total of 600 students enrolled – spread across the Senior School, Junior School and Pre-School.

However, Loretto School maintains its British roots, with 80 percent as citizens of UK, the population also includes 25 international students from different countries so they can interact with those from different cultures.

With a staff to pupil ratio of 1:7, students here receive individualised attention where teachers can immediately notice if a student is struggling personally or academically, and has a better chance of identifying their unique, individual talents. Parents mind can be at rest knowing fully well that their child is completely taken care of during their time at Loretto school, nurtured and cared for by dedicated staff.

Students are arranged into six different boarding houses where they are been looked after by caring housemistresses and housemasters who do their best to make sure students are safe, taken care of and able to thrive in all aspects.

During holidays, the school makes arrangement for children to join a variety of camps in order to keep them busy and active, such as Golf Camp, Art Camp or Tennis Camp.

By being a part of the Loretto family, students are given outstanding opportunities for holistic development and become well-prepared for a fulfilling life at university and beyond.

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