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Acadia University Awards and Bursaries

Acadia University is the first-ever undergraduate university to be instituted in Nova Scotia. Asides from its rich history and culture, Acadia University has a reputation for granting students financial aid through scholarships, awards, bursaries, and loans.

This article has highlighted some of the popular scholarships, awards, and bursaries at Acadia University and the eligibility criteria for benefiting from them.

Entrance Scholarships at Acadia University

Local and international students are automatically considered for entrance scholarships when they apply to study at Acadia University for an undergraduate program.

Students should submit a letter of application to the school and accept their letter of offer if accepted.

The acceptance letter will indicate if students have been considered for the entrance scholarships or not.

Those considered for the entrance scholarships can submit a proper scholarship application before the deadline.

The information attributed in the application form will determine which entrance scholarship(s) a student can receive.

Note that the application procedure for entrance scholarships at Acadia University differs from that of other specialized scholarships and requires the submission of separate application forms.

Eligibility Requirements for Entrance Scholarships at Acadia University

  • As transfer students, students must be entering Acadia University from a high school, secondary school, or another institution.
  • International students must have a minimum of 80% in the courses required for admission into their desired program. The scholarship average will be determined using students’ final semester Grade 11 and first semester Grade 12 performance in the required courses.
  • Transfer students must be in their first undergraduate degree program and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 or 80% from their previous institution.

Acadia University Entrance Scholar Bursaries

Entrance students into Acadia University can benefit from entrance bursaries if they demonstrate financial need.

The eligibility criteria for the bursaries are similar to that of the entrance scholarships, except that students must be able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance when applying for bursaries.

Acadia University recognizes applying for a student loan as a simple way to show the need for financial assistance.

This is, however, not compulsory if students can make their claim for financial assistance known through other means, such as submitting line 150 of their income tax return.

Interested students are to apply for the scholarship by filling out the form in the Status Portal before the application deadline.

Some entrance bursaries at Acadia University require a separate application, such as:

The Harrison McCain Scholar-Bursary

The Harrison McCain Scholar-Bursary is available for students entering Acadia University from a Canadian high school.

Students selected will benefit from a total o $16,000, payable throughout a four-year program at the university. That is, qualified students will receive $4,000 every academic year.

Eligibility criteria for the Harrison McCain Scholar-Bursary at Acadia University are:

  • A minimum average of 80% in a student’s senior year at high school.
  • A demonstration of financial need that is capable of qualifying the student for a student loan.
  • Commendable leadership qualities
  • A proactive and innovative step already taken by the student to fund their education at the university.
  • Students must meet the criteria for maintaining a renewable scholarship at Acadia University to continue benefiting from the award in subsequent academic years.

Students can fill out the application form by visiting Acadia University’s website.

The Spicer Hennessey Scholar Bursary

This entrance bursary awards students in the Manning School of Business and students taking specified programs in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science.

Such programs are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Geology, and Statistics.

Candidates will be chosen based on their high school performance and a demonstration of financial need.

Students chosen for the award will receive financial aid equivalent to the full cost of tuition for that program. In addition, the university will also provide qualified students with a residential room for every academic year they receive the award.

Eligibility Requirements for the Spicer Hennessey Scholar Bursary at Acadia University are:

  • Students should have been born in Nova Scotia
  • International students should be able to demonstrate financial need
  • Students must have finished high school in Nova Scotia with a minimum average of 85%. Preference will be given to students who are graduates of Hants North Rural High School, Kennetcook, and Colchester Academy, Brookfield. Recipients of the award are, however, not limited to these schools.
  • Recipients of the award in any of the specified programs will be deemed qualified for a renewal of the award in subsequent academic sessions if they can maintain a GPA of 3.5 or more or an average of 80% in their previous year. The students must also continue their studies full-time and should still be able to demonstrate financial need.

The VEMCO Entrance Scholarships in Business 

Two students entering the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program are selected for the VEMCO Entrance Scholarship every year.

The students to be awarded will be recommended by the Director of the Fred C. Manning School of Business. In addition, they must have actively participated in extra-curricular activities while in high school.

At least one student benefiting from the award must be a resident of Nova Scotia. Preference will also be given to children of VEMCO/AMRIX Systems Inc. employees. Students who display an entrepreneurial mindset will also be primarily considered.

The award is valued at $1,250.

Other Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries at Acadia University

AIL Acadia Scholarship

This is a $60,000 worth renewable scholarship given to a student entering Acadia University from Amherst Regional High School or Tantramar Regional High School.

The student must be enrolled in a degree program in Applied Science, Pure Science, or Business Administration.

Students studying pure science courses will be given preference for the scholarship.

The eligibility criteria for the AIL Acadia Scholarship are an entrepreneurial mindset and involvement in community activities in the Sackville area of New Brunswick.

An international student must also make an average of 80% in all university preparatory courses, including grades 10, 11, and 12.

The student selected for the award will receive $38,000 as a scholarship and $22,000 as a residence scholarship. This totals $60,000, which will be shared evenly throughout the student’s four-year program at the university.

Arthur Irving Academy Scholarships in Environmental Studies

The Arthur Irving Academy Scholarship is recognized as one of the best scholarships at Acadia University. It is valued at $60,000 and is paid to eligible students at $15,000 per year throughout their four-year study at the university.

The scholarship provides financial assistance for students in Environment Studies who will need substantial money to cover academic research and other study expenses.

Students who benefit from the scholarship will also be placed under a mentorship program and exposed to relevant career opportunities at the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre and the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens.

To be considered for this award, students must have a minimum average of 90% in academics. They must also be able to sustain this feat to be eligible for renewal of the scholarship in subsequent academic sessions.

Edwin Borden Awards

Edwin Borden Awards is given in honor of Edwin Borden, an alumnus of Acadia University. He became one of the first black persons in Canada to be granted both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

The award is therefore given to Black Nova Scotian students of Acadia University to recognize their leadership prowess and engagement among other blacks in the Acadia community.

Students who are selected for the award will receive $3,500 annually all through their period of study at the university.

The Acadia Alumni Tuition Discount

The Acadia Alumni Tuition Discount is for children and grandchildren of Acadia University Alumni who are entering the institution for a program. Those selected will receive a $500 discount against their first-year tuition at the university.

The Port Williams Jam Scholastic Award

The $1,500 award is given annually to a student of Acadia University who is a Canadian citizen and is entering newly a program at the institution.

Such a student must have been a Village of Port Williams resident for under five years and have a minimum average of 75% in grades 11 and 12 courses.

Such a student must also be able to demonstrate financial need and must have contributed significantly to their community and church.

The Rotatory Club of Wolfville Acadia University Award

This award is granted to one student who is a graduate of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and is entering a program at Acadia University.

Applicants for this award are expected to possess a ‘Rotatory Spirit’ demonstrated by active community service and leadership initiatives that help to improve the lives of others.

Students must also have a record of academic excellence at the Regional School and should be able to demonstrate financial need. The award is a renewable one valued at $2,000 annually.

For further inquiries on Scholarships and financial aid at Acadia University, students can contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid office at:

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Box 78, 15 University Ave,


Nova Scotia B4P 2R6,


Telephone: (902) 585-1543

Fax: (902) 585-1081

Email: [email protected]

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