Acadia University Scholarships For International Students

The Acadia University Scholarships/Awards is open for eligible international students. Acadia university is one of the most respected library arts in Canada. It is located in the city of Wolfville in Canada. Applicants are advised to apply for this scholarships/awards before deadline. Below is how to apply for the scholarship.

To be eligible for the Acadia University scholarships/awards, candidates must have an average of at least 80% in the required courses for admission.

Candidates must be transfer students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.67 80% and must be in their first undergraduate degree program.

Available Scholarships

Acadia University Scholarships/Awards comes in different forms for eligible students who are interested. This include:

  • Acadia life Scholarships

This is awarded to students who enrolled in the Bachelors of Business Administration program. In the course of offering this scholarships, cognizance will be given to students of the Acadian community

  • Aiden R Clark Scholarships in Business Administration

This is a $1400 scholarship which was established by DR. Aiden R Clark. It is offered to students entering the school of Business Administration.

  • Alexander L Anderson Scholarship

This is a $320 scholarship. If at the end of the year no student qualify for this award, the sum may be use as bursary aid for needy and deserving students.

  • Renewable Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship ranges from $500 – $60.000

  • Merit Based Entrance Scholarships

This is offered base on students extra curricular activities

  • AIL Acadia Scholarships

This is offered to students that applied to the university’s Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor/Certificate of Applied Science or Bachelor of Science program. The scholarship recipients will be entrepreneurial, he/she will be positively involve in the community life of the Sackville New Brunswick area, and will have reasons to benefit from an Acadia University education. The scholarship also include a resident scholarship of about $22.000

  • Authur Irving Academy Scholarship in Environmental Studies

This is a scholarship of $60000 awarded for over four years. The scholarship provide some of the best students at Acadia University with financial assistance and research support they need in order to excel in their studies

Application Deadline For The Acadia University Scholarships/Awards

Deadline for this award is not started. Ensure you apply early in order not to be disappointed.

You can also see the admission requirements for international students in Acadia University, Canada.

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