Actions Against Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan is among the several provinces supporting nominees and applicants amid coronavirus disruptions.

Provincial nomination applications for Saskatchewan are currently being processed. Since the federal government implemented special coronavirus containment measures on March 18, restricting most travels from abroad, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has conducted two draws.

Saskatchewan has implemented special measures to help provincial nominees avoid losing their chances at obtaining Canadian permanent residence due to coronavirus-related closures.

SINP nominees can ask for an additional six months to apply for permanent residence by emailing the government of Saskatchewan.

Provincial nominees and individuals applying for the provincial nomination may get a conditional nomination if the terms of the job offer from their original SINP application has changed due to coronavirus-pandemic.

If people no longer meet the minimum requirements of the SINP category through which they received their nominations, it may be changed to a “conditional” nomination. The condition will need to be removed in order for the nominees to get Canadian permanent residence.

The SINP needs to be immediately informed if applicants and nominees have had any job change. That might include being relieved of their job. Keeping back this information will be interpreted as misrepresentation.

The following temporary measures apply to provincial nomination applicants and nominees who had a valid job offer and met the criteria for their work permit:

  • Nominees will have six months to get another, eligible employment if the original job offer from their application no longer exists. Their nominations will become conditional until they have received a new full-time job offer.
  • If the nominee receives a new job offer it must be from an “allowable business.” These occupations are highly essential and needed to provide critical public services. If the new employment offer is for one of these businesses then the occupation may not need to match the worker’s education, or previous work experience provided that the employer confirms the worker has the skills and abilities to perform the work.
  • Nominees who have had their full-time hours lessen will be allowed to continue working for their approved employers, without changing their employment if the employer commits to resuming full-time job within six months. If the worker had a provincial nomination before the hours were lessened, it will become a conditional nomination while their employment is for less than thirty (30) hours per week. Applicants must be working full-time in one or more jobs and fulfil all applicable SINP requirements in order to be nominated.
  • Workers who do not hold open work permits must get a new permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Saskatchewan immigration will issue them a new work permit support letter. Foreign nationals in Canada need a work permit in order to work legally in Canada.

If an applicant, nominee, or potential applicant receives short-term support during the coronavirus pandemic they will not be penalized.