Should you choose to come on up to Canada, you certainly will love it, the best part of the good news is that you can also become a permanent resident. You need only apply to an immigration program that suits your situation.

This nevertheless, can be trickier than you would expect considering that there are more than 100 different Canadian visa and immigration programs at your disposal.

Administration Jobs for US Immigrants in Canada

All the way from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, there are plentiful numbers of administration jobs up for the taking.

Theretofore, we will take a look at some of the available positions in Canada, and the amount workers are paid in these positions.

View Table for Top Business Administration Jobs in Canada
Top Business Administration Jobs in Canada
Office Administrator – $46,800 per annum Administrative Assistant – $45,000 per annum
Customer Service/Administration – $40,823 per annum Executive Assistant – $54,603 per annum
Bookkeeper – $52,000 per annum Business Administrator – $33,280 per annum
Payroll Administrator – $50,822 per annum Systems Administrator – $76,660 per annum
Financial Administrator – $44,981 per annum Property Administrator – $46,321 per annum
Administrative Coordinator – $46,786 per annum Salesforce Administrator – $60,000 per annum

If your profession is not on this list, you don’t have to worry yourself, this is just a sample of the more popular administrative positions available across Canada.

You will most certainly find a position that suits you. Going forward we have to consider what your immigration options are.

How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

Here we are going to explore three very popular economic immigration programs through which US nationals immigrate to Canada with or without job offers as administrators, which can also lead to becoming permanent residents and thereafter citizens of Canada if they so desire.

Currently speaking, permanent residency is the main goal, because this is what allows you to access social benefits and formally makes you a part of Canadian society.

Express Entry System

Canada’s top and premium economic migration vehicle are the Canada Express Entry System.

This is comprised of three programs based on a candidates’ skills and expertise, the system operates by candidates creating online portfolios and entering every relevant information such as work experience, qualifications, language abilities references, proof of funding, and so on.

As a US citizen vying for the position of an administrator and holding a post-secondary qualification, you may qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

With the information you supplied, a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will be calculated and you will be passed into the Federal Skilled Worker Programs pool of applicants.

Two times a month draws are held and the applicants with the highest CRS scores in their pool are given an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency. Maximizing your CRS score is the trick to receiving an ITA.

Another path under Express Entry is the Canada Experience Class Program (CEC). If you were to work in Canada for a year as a US immigrant, under a valid work permit of course, or already have a year of experience working in Canada as an administrator, you can apply for this program, applicants this program receive preference in the draws over the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Provincial Nominee Program

All Canadian provinces, except Quebec and Nunavut, have their own Provincial Nominee Programs. These programs are operated by the provincial governments, therefore, US immigrants can apply through the PNP to obtain a permanent residency in Canada.

There are at least two streams for professional workers in every province. One is connected to the Express Entry System, and upon been successful to secure a provincial nomination, you will create an Express Entry portfolio, thereafter, your nomination will be added to your score.

The worth of a provincial nomination is a huge 600 points, which would be gained out of the total 1,200 required for Express Entry, thus you are guaranteed an ITA as long as you fulfill the eligibility or criteria.

The second stream, you can avail yourself of as a US immigrant is the in-demand labor stream. This is particularly aimed at labor shortages within the provinces, and as you guessed it, administrators are on top of most of them.

Once you have decided on which province you would like to live and work in, it is advised that you investigate the particular immigration streams available in that province so that you can apply for a provincial nomination. This is a fast-track way of becoming a permanent resident of Canada as soon as possible.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is another popular pathway, by which you can become a permanent resident in Canada quickly.

If you have graduated from a university, and maybe hold a master’s degree in administration, or better still have secured a job offer in one of the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, or Nova Scotia, you will qualify for a permanent residency.

These scintillating provinces are on the quest of attracting more immigrants to the region by making the process a lot easier for foreigners.

All that is required of you in this province is to have a job offer and you are good to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada as a foreign graduate, skilled or semi-skilled worker.

Employers in these Atlantic provinces do not require Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA’s) in order to hire foreign workers, this makes it way easier for everyone.

How Can You Immigrate to Canada

As a US citizen, you are well aware of how confusing and complex the US immigration policies and programs can be, Canada is nothing different.

Foreigners are encouraged to immigrate to Canada, we welcome them, because of the skills they bring and the standard of life they are offered here to live, however, we want them to do it the right way.

Which route do you think will be best for you? And do you know how to maximize your CRS score in every possible way?

There are several opportunities to land jobs in Canada as a US immigrant, nevertheless, there is only one opportunity to make an application for permanent residency.

Choosing to use immigration experts and government-approved and trusted services, will not only improve the chances of you succeeding with your visa application process, but will also get you expert advice on what particular program is best for your specific needs.


As a US immigrant, what do i need to enter Canada?
All American nationals, as well as American-Canadian citizens, are required to carry proper identification and fulfill the basic entry requirements to Canada. However, you do not need a Canadian passport, Canadian visa, or an eTA to enter Canada once you are traveling with a valid U.S. passport.
On what grounds can a US immigrant be denied entry to Canada?
Past Criminal Conviction, Involved in human rights violations, Involved in organized crime, Endangerment to Public Health or Safety, Potential to Cause Excessive Demands on Health or Social Services, Financial Reasons, Misrepresentation, Failure to Comply with Any Provision of IRPA, Possible Overstays, Having an Inadmissible Family Member.
Which is the best pathway for US immigrants to Canada?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a program that is targeted at foreign workers of all skill levels and types who want to come to Canada.

Also just as the RNIP, the AIP is about the best immigration pathways to Canada, not just for US immigrants but also for other foreign nationals in 2021, this is because the participating provinces are actively attempting to entice and lure immigrants to their provinces so as to also reap the benefits of the economic migration.