Admission At Conestoga College, Canada

As an international student applying to Conestoga College, you must be able to prove proficiency in the English Language as part of the admission requirements.

Admission at Conestoga College is quite easy when students apply on time. The college continues to accept applications until the deadline for each program is closed.

Conestoga College is a fast-growing higher institution of learning in Canada; it ranks among the first 100 colleges and exposes students to many academic qualification options. Although only a college, students can enroll to earn any of the following qualifications:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • Post Graduation
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Continuous Learning
  • Trade and Apprenticeship

Eligibility for Admissions at Conestoga College

Conestoga College requires you to meet the following criteria to be offered admission to study at the institution;

  • You must meet up with the admission requirements for your chosen program
  • You must provide proof of proficiency in the English Language
  • You must upload all needed documents before the application deadline for each program

Program Requirements for Admissions at Conestoga College

The requirements for each program include prerequisite subject requirements and supplementary requirements, and further applicant assessments such as interviews or submission of resumes. Some programs may also have specific English Language proficiency and medical requirements attached to them.

Your scores in prerequisite subjects as found in the transcripts you submit will be used to determine your academic strength. Meeting the minimum admission requirements for a program does not guarantee admission. You must be able to satisfy the admissions board by also satisfying other admission requirements.

After looking up the subjects’ requirements for the certificate or diploma program of your choice and you do not meet up, Conestoga College allows you to write pre-admission assessments. This offers you another chance to prove your understanding of the subjects needed for admission.

Students can take pre-admission tests for Biology, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics. The assessment is not available for students who want to take degree programs.

You can contact 519-748-5220 to discuss how your assessment can be handled remotely. Some of the available pre-admission assessments for international students are:

  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Conestoga English Language Test (CELT)
  • General Education Development (GED) Pre-Test
  • Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) (This is compulsory for admission into the Practical Nursing program)
  • Pre-Admission and Mature Student Assessments (available for Biology, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics)
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Documents Required for Admission at Conestoga College

When applying for admission at Conestoga College, you are to provide evidence of graduation from a high school or other post-secondary schools attended, as well as transcripts that show your academic performance.

You are expected to upload the original version of your documents. The college may also request that your transcripts be sent officially by the school you attended or the examination board.

Conestoga College accepts academic documents based on how they are considered equivalent to the educational standards in Ontario.

Not all school qualifications and terminal exams are taken in your country may be recognized for admission at the College. Some of the countries where students attend Conestoga College from and the academic documents accepted are:

Country Certificate/Diploma and Degree Programs Graduate Certificate Programs
Algeria Baccalaureat Releve denotes Diplome Releve de notes
Australia Secondary School graduation certificate and examination results Diploma Transcript
China Senior Middle School Diploma Transcript of study Graduation/Degree Certificate Transcript of Study
Cyprus Apolytirion Diploma Transcript of Study
Egypt Certificate of General Secondary Education Diploma Transcript of Study
Ethiopia Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Diploma Transcript of Study
France Baccalaureat Releve denotes Diplome Releve de notes
Ghana West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE). The WAEC results must be verifiable online. Students are to therefore provide their scratch card information. Diploma Transcript of Study
Greece Apolytirion/Secondary School Leaving Certificate Transcript of Study Diploma Transcript of Study
Hong Kong Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination/Hong Kong Advanced/Advanced Supplementary Level Examination Results Diploma Transcript of Study
India Higher Secondary Certificate/Intermediate Certificate/Pre-University Certificate Statement of Marks/Transcript of Study Diploma/Degree Certificate Mark Sheets/Transcript of Study
Korea High School Diploma Transcript of Study Diploma Transcript of Study
Nigeria WAEC/NECO Senior School Certificate Examinations. Results must be verifiable online and students are to provide the scratch card information for whatever exam type they provide. Diploma Transcript
Pakistan Higher Secondary Certificate/Intermediate Certificate Transcript of Study Diploma/Degree Certificate Transcript of study
United Kingdom General Certificate of Education/General Certificate of Secondary Education/Certificate of Secondary Education/Scottish Certificate of Education/Scottish Qualifications Certificate Diploma Transcript of Study
United States High School Diploma Transcript of Study Diploma Transcript of Study

Other documents you are required to provide include an affidavit if you have changed your name from what appears in your documents. You may also provide other evidence such as a marriage certificate or a copy of your passport.

Proof of Proficiency in English Language at Conestoga College

As an international student applying to Conestoga College, you must be able to prove proficiency in the English Language as part of the admission requirements. Depending on what qualification you want to study for at Conestoga College, the following are the English proficiency requirements:

Study Type English Language Requirements Other Information
Certificate/Diploma Duolingo English Test: 105

CAEL: 70 with a minimum of 60 in writing 30 in other sub-test bands)

Conestoga English Language Test (CELT): Band 5

IELTS: 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each band)

PTE Academic: 51


The following diploma programs are excluded: Business Administration Marketing, Business Marketing, Business Marketing Accelerated, Food Processing, Journalism, Practical Nursing, Public Relations, and Respiratory Therapy
Degree Duolingo English Test: 115

CAEL: 70 (with a minimum of 60 in each band)

CELT: Band 6

IELTS: 6.5 (with a minimum of 6.0 in each band)

PTE Academic: 58


Includes the diploma programs excluded above.
Graduate Certificate IELTS: 6.5 (with a minimum of 6.0 in each band)


Some IT and engineering programs may have their language requirements.


Conestoga College accepts the Duolingo English Test only temporarily due to the challenges students may face as a result of COVID-19 while attempting to write English Language tests.

If you cannot prove proficiency in the English Language through any of the tests recognized by Conestoga College, you may apply for Conestoga’s English for Academic Studies program (EAS).

This is a one-year full-time program that will help you to master the use of English as suitable for Canadian Institutions. Irrespective of your level of comprehension of the English Language, the program is able to take you through the rudimentary skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. By the end of the program, you will also earn a certificate in the English Language for Academic Studies.

How to Apply for Admissions at Conestoga College

Applications for admission into Conestoga College are made through the Ontario Colleges website. The website contains an application portal for international students who wish to study in any of the colleges in Ontario. Below are the steps you should take when applying to study at Conestoga College:

  • Visit the Ontario Colleges website and create an account for international students
  • Make an application to Conestoga College
  • Pay the required application fee of $100
  • Upload all of the required documents

Ensure that you use the submit button after you have made payment and uploaded all documents. If the college requires more supporting documents from you, you may be informed by email.

However, the documents needed for admission have already been listed on the school’s website. Endeavor to have all of them uploaded when you apply. You may revisit your application and make changes as long as the application deadline for a program is still open. After the deadline, no changes can be made to your application.

After your application details have been assessed by the admissions board, you may receive an offer of acceptance by mail if you have been admitted. The offer of acceptance also called an acceptance letter will be displayed in your Ontario colleges’ application portal. You must then send a confirmation of acceptance before the deadline stipulated in your offer of acceptance. If you don’t, your admission may be forfeited. You can make confirmation through the Ontario colleges’ application portal or by contacting customer support at 1-888-892-2228.

If you have not yet completed the prerequisite subjects for a program or your transcripts are not ready, you may receive a conditional offer of acceptance. This offer comes in a deadline for which all of your transcripts and other admission requirements must be met. If you do not meet up with the deadline, you may forfeit the admission. You may also be placed on a waitlist if the stipulated number of applicants needed for a program has been met. Programs with an exceeded number of applicants are referred to as Oversubscribed Programs at Conestoga College.

Since not all applicants will be offered admission, you stand a chance to be moved from the waitlist into the list of applicants as some persons are being denied admission. It is best for you to apply early so you will never have to be placed on a waitlist.

Begin application for a study visa immediately you are granted admission. You may also begin to apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries that are available for international students at Conestoga College.


Q. Is it Easy to get Admission to Conestoga College Canada?

Ans. The admission requirements at Conestoga College are fairly easy to meet up with. Once students are able to provide all documents and meet other admission requirements, including program-specific ones, they have a high chance of admission. Although Conestoga is a fast-growing college in Ontario, admission at the institution is not competitive.

Q. How do I Contact Conestoga College on Admission Processes?

Ans. You may email Conestoga College’s admission office for international students via [email protected] You can also contact for login and other application issues through [email protected]

Q. What is the Application Fee at Conestoga College?

Ans. When students apply for admission to Conestoga through, they are required to pay an application fee of $100.