Admission Requirements At Alexander College Burnaby, Canada

Alexander College BC may consider you for admission temporarily and conditionally even if your CGPA was not up to 1.50.

It is impossible to secure admission into a university or college, including Alexander College BC without meeting specific admission requirements. Therefore, it is mandatory that satisfy all the admission requirements at Alexander College Burnaby, Canada in order to be worthy of being chosen as an admitted student.

Alexander College is a private higher education institution launched in 2006.  Besides, two (2) Alexander College campuses are located in Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Moreover, Alexander College is a commemoration of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, a Scottish author and fur trade adventurer.

In addition, you have a vast selection of study programs to pick your choice from and apply. This includes undergraduate degrees, the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, as well as University Transfer program.

Furthermore, Alexander College BC offers an extensive range of programs across several subject areas, including Economics, Film Studies, Asian Studies, University Preparation, History, Mathematics, Commerce, Biology, English, French, Spanish, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Computer Science, International Studies, as well as Communications.

Why choose Alexander College BC?

  • City-like location of Alexander College campuses in Burnaby and Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Small classes of 35 students
  • Costless tutoring to students regardless of your course or program of study
  • Affordable tuition to both Canadian students, as well as international students
  • Huge amount set aside for financial aids like scholarships
  • Access to expert advising through Alexander College academic advisors
  • Alexander College course credits can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions in British Columbia Transfer System
  • Expert training from Alexander College staff and professors
  • Vast support and encouragement from Alexander College Writing and Learning Centre
  • Attainment of comprehensive fun from Alexander College clubs, events, etc
  • Assistance in getting provincial health insurance through Alexander College Office of the Registrar
  • Access to student support and services, including Alexander College medical insurance, peer mentorship, etc

Alexander College academic terms

September – December: Fall Term

January – April: Winter Term

May – July: Spring Term

July – August: Summer Intensive Term

Programs and courses at Alexander College

Below are the programs and courses available to students who want to study at Alexander College BC.

  • Web-based Learning (online)
  • Pathways and Block Transfers
  • Associate degree programs in Business, Sociology, Arts, Science, Psychology, and Economics
  • BC Transfer Guide
  • Course Delivery Models
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • University Transfer program
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program

Admission requirements at Alexander College Burnaby, Canada

As an international student, you are expected to satisfy the following admission requirements at Alexander College Burnaby, Canada.

  1. Firstly, you must be at least sixteen (16) years old
  2. Secondly, you need to provide a Secondary School certificate and transcript of study or its equivalent. Besides, academic admission requirements vary on the country you are applying from to Alexander College.

Thus, it is necessary that you satisfy Alexander College academic requirements for international students based on your country of origin.

  1. Thirdly, you are required to provide the test results of proof of English language proficiency.

Moreover, Alexander College recognizes a number of proof of English proficiency tests as indicated below;  

Full list of a number of proof of English proficiency tests

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) University Transfer and Associate Degree program applicants
Proof of English proficiency ENGLISH 098+ 2 University Courses ENGL 099+ 3 University Courses ENGL 100
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Paper-Based Test Not below 510 530; Not below 3.5 in Essay 550; Not below 4.0 in Essay
TOEFL Computer-Based Test (CBT) At least out of 180 197; Minimum score of 3.5 in Essay 213; Essay not below 4.0
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-Based Test (iBT) 64 overall; Not less than 14 in listening, 14 in speaking, 15 in writing, as well as 15 in reading 71 overall; Least score of 16 in speaking, 16 in listening, 17 in writing, as well as 17 in reading Overall score not below 80; Minimum score of 18 in speaking, 18 in listening, 19 in writing, as well as 19 in reading
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.0 overall, writing not below 5.0, as well as a minimum of 4.5 in each band Overall not below 5.5, writing score not less than 5.5; No band less than 5.0 6.0; Not less than 6.0 in writing
Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Test 40 overall, not below 45 in writing 50 overall, minimum of 50 in writing 60 overall; not below 60 in writing
Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Overall of 50, minimum of 50 in writing 55 overall, not less than 55 in writing Overall not less than 60; writing score not below 60
Language Proficiency Index (LPI) 3, essay 20, as well as 50% in any of its components 3, essay 20 and 50% per component 4 and Essay 24

University Transfer programs admission requirements at Alexander College Burnaby, Canada

If you wish to transfer course credits to Alexander College,

  • You are expected to have completed not less than nine (9) transferable university/college credits, and attain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 1.50.

Moreover, Alexander College BC may consider you for admission temporarily and conditionally even if your CGPA was not up to 1.50.

Alexander College tuition for international students

As of now, the table below illustrates Alexander College tuition for international students.

  Tuition ($ Canadian Dollars)
Undergraduate tuition 550.00/credit (will be increased to 580 from Fall Term of 2021
4,980 (English 095 – English 096)
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program 4,980 (English 097)
3,750 (English 098 & English 099)
English as a Second Language (ESL) 1,500
Academic Upgrading (except EAP) 3-credit fee (Math 099)
University Preparation program 3,300 (UPRE 099)

Alexander College scholarships for international students

As an international student at Alexander College BC, you may be considered worthy of financial aid based on academic merit. More so, Alexander College awards scholarships to international students in Fall Term, Winter Term, as well as Spring Term.

The following are scholarships offered by Alexander College to its students in each term.

  1. Film Scholarship
  2. Math Scholarship
  3. EAP Scholarship
  4. History Scholarship
  5. English Scholarship
  6. Biology Scholarship
  7. Chemistry Scholarship
  8. Computing Science Scholarship
  9. Asian Studies Scholarship
  10. Commerce Scholarship
  11. Physics Scholarship
  12. French Scholarship
  13. Sociology Scholarship
  14. Psychology Scholarship
  15. Peter Kennedy Economics Scholarship
  16. Norman Swartz Philosophy Scholarship

Alexander College important dates of Academic Year, 2021

Spring Term
Dates Activities
1 June Last Day of Classes
1 July Canada Day (Alexander College closed)
2 to 9 July Final Examination Period
Summer Intensive Term (NOTE that W refers to Withdrawal)
25 June at 4:00pm to 16 July Late Registration Period
12 July First Day of Classes
16 July Last Day to Register for Courses without “W”
2 August BC Day (Alexander College campuses closed)
6 August Last Day to Withdraw from Course with a “W”
25 August  ” ” ” “Classes
26 to 28 August Final Examination Period
Fall Term
5 July to 20 August Regular Registration Period
21 August to 11 September Late Registration Period
2 September New Student Orientation
6 September Labour Day (Alexander College will be closed by then)
7 September First Day of Classes
10 September Last day to Register for Course without “W”
11 October Thanksgiving Day (Alexander College will be closed by this day)
5 November Last Day to Withdraw from a course with a “W”
11 November Remembrance Day (Alexander College will be closed by then)
8 December Last Day of Classes
9 to 17 December Final Examination Period

Alexander College careers

At Alexander College campuses, there are various career or job opportunities ranging from part-time jobs to full-time job positions such as;

  1. Director of Digital Marketing
  2. Licensed Practical Nurse
  3. Enrollment and Academic Advisor (Spanish Market)
  4. Anthropology Instructor (Sessional)
  5. Career Advisor
  6. Library Assistant – Records Management
  7. Officer, Transfer Credit and Graduation
  8. Student Ambassador Volunteer Opportunity
  9. International Studies Instructor (Sessional)
  10. Sociology Instructor (Sessional)
  11. Psychology Instructor (Sessional)
  12. Film Instructor (Sessional)
  13. Geography Instructor (Sessional)
  14. Computing Science Instructor (Sessional)
  15. Enrollment and Academic Advisor (Temporary Employment), etc

FAQ’s about admission requirements at Alexander College Burnaby, Canada

Q. Where is Alexander College located?

Ans – Alexander College Burnaby campus: 4603 Kingsway #101,

Burnaby, BC V5H 4M4, Canada.

Alexander College Vancouver campus: 602 W Hastings St #100,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1P2, Canada

Q. How much is Alexander College application fee for international students?

Ans – a non-refundable fee of $200 Canadian Dollars

Q. What is Alexander College’s phone number?

Ans –

Alexander College Burnaby phone number: (604) 435-5815

Fax: (604) 435-5895

Alexander College Vancouver phone number: (604) 681-5815

Fax: (604) 681-5819

Q. Does Alexander College require health insurance?

Ans – Yes

Q. How can I make inquiries on Alexander College bookstore?

Ans – Through [email protected]

Q. What is Alexander College institution code for TOEFL?

Ans – 3317

Q. How do I send my resume to Alexander College?

Ans – Via email, [email protected]

Q. Does Alexander College require English language proficiency?

Ans – Yes, proof of English proficiency is mandatory to all applicants of Alexander College

Q. How do I pay international tuition to Alexander College?

Ans – Online via Western Union GlobalPay

Q. What should I do without proof of English proficiency for Alexander College?

Ans – Take Alexander College internal English placement test