Advice About How To Interpret Residency Obligation

About how to Interpret Residency Obligation. Canadian permanent residents must accomplish certain residency obligations else they may lose their permanent resident status. At least two years of “residency days” must be accumulated in each five-year period. Residency days does not require to be consecutive and may be accumulated inside or even outside Canada

In the case of Kamran who is located outside Canada, he has got his PR card which is expected to expire 01-Dec-2023, he intends to delay his move to Canada as farthest as he can.

He wants to be guided on how late it could be since somebody had told him he must re-enter Canada by 30-Nov-2021 and live there for at least two years so as to meet his residency obligations.

Responding to Kamran, we are not sure about the reasons people apply for PR if they don’t want to move anytime soon. Kamran’s family must meet the Residence Obligation of 2 out of 5 years from the landing date to remain in good status. If he leaves it to the last minute but then needs to travel for family or work he will be having some tough choices to make so we advise Kamran should not leave it to the last minute. He can only sponsor children if he is current with his PR.

Moreover, Nov 30, 2021, isn’t Karam’s appropriate date, it should have been earlier. Since Karam’s landing date to become a PR was 8th October 2018, the latest he should plan to come back would be 7th October 2021 and even then if he would have to be away all that time he should be prepared for the possibility of a secondary review at the border. That might happen and may not. If Kamran had been away for this long then once back he will, of course, need to stay put for at least 2 years without leaving at all.

Please note that after the initial 5 years from landing, in order to meet your residency obligations. Keep this in mind that you need to show 2 years residency in the 5 years preceding each new entry to the country.