AINP – What To Do After You Are Nominated

If you have applied the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) and have received an approval letter from the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) that contains your nomination package, this article is for you.

Your Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) nomination will be forwarded to you by email. If you have an authorized representative and/or applied through your employer, your nomination documents will be sent by email to them as well.

This article will show you what to do after you are nominated by the AINP. You will learn how to apply for your permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). And also know what to do while waiting for CIC approval.

Apply for your permanent residence to CIC

1. First, make a copy of your Nomination

Make a copy of your original nomination letter with your application for permanent residence in Canada when you send your application to the visa office named on your Nomination. You should note that your nomination will be valid on for Six months.

So, make sure you apply for permanent residence within that timeframe or CIC will not accept your application.

2. Review your AINP Nomination

Carefully review your application and be sure the information on it is up to date and correct. If you find mistakes on your Nomination, quickly notify the AINP.

3. Fill your CIC forms, gather your supporting official documents and apply to CIC quickly

Ensure that all forms are completely and correctly filled before sending it to CIC. If the forms sent to you are not the most current, you must then update and complete the newest version of the CIC forms.

4. Submit your application to the CIC visa office before nomination date expires

Ensure you submit your application by registered mail to make sure that it is received by the immigration office. Place the AINP sticker included in your Nomination package on the bottom right-hand corner of the envelope you send to the CIC visa office.

Include your original AINP Nomination, supporting documents, police clearances reports, medical report and pay your visa fees. If your fees are not fully paid, CIC will reject your application.

5. CIC will send you a file number after they receive your application and tell you what to do next

After you have a file number or have received one, you can check the status of your CIC application online.

6. You and your dependents must pass criminal, medical, and security checks to receive Permanent Residence

To get Permanent residence, you must pass all criminal, security and medical checks. You may not need to have a medical check until you are requested to do so by CIC. Instructions on how to take your medical test will be sent to you after you submit your application to the visa office.

What to do while waiting for approval from CIC

There are things you may want to do while waiting for CIC approval. You may want to know about your visa status or processing time. You may contact the Canadian embassy or consulate for your region.

If you have a change address, phone number, email or marital status, you should download the AINP Change of Address and Contact Information Form and fax to the AINP at (780) 427-6560. Do the same for marital or family status.

Finally, inform the AINP the moment you receive CIC approval and become a Permanent Resident. It is a requirement to inform AINP once you have become a Permanent Resident in Alberta.