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Alabama High Demand Jobs WITHOUT A DEGREE: Manufacturing

Although there are many occupations that require advanced degrees and years of preparation work, that’s not the only way to earn a living in Alabama. There are high demand jobs in Alabama that do not require any 4-year degree.

The jobs on this list can be done with an associate’s degree or less, and they’re projected to grow by at least 10 percent or by 1,000 total jobs by 2024. Alabama high demand jobs are separated into various categories, such as; construction, healthcare, office jobs, and jobs in the food/restaurant industry. However, we will give an overview of Alabama high demand jobs from the manufacturing Category.

Listed below are Alabama high demand jobs in the US that do not require a four-year degree, along with the average salary each job pays in Alabama.

Manufacturing Jobs:

This category includes machinists, industrial machinery mechanics, welders, testers and others involved in manufacturing new products.

  1. Industrial Machinery Mechanic
    Job Description is to: Repair, install, adjust, or manage industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems.

Estimated 2014 employment in Alabama: 10,120
Projected 2024 employment in Alabama: 12,570
Projected 10-year increase: 24.21 percent
Average salary: $51,054

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