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Albania Residence Permit – How to become an Albanian citizen

Are you looking for how to get an Albania Residence Permit? The good news is, there are many chances you’re qualified for it.

Albania is one of the not-so-rich countries in Europe. And it is relatively easy to get a residence permit. However, this does not mean that anybody can get a residence permit in Albania.

To get a permit in Albania, you must satisfy some basic requirements. Such as a valid passport and sufficient funds, among other vital things. This article has carefully explained everything you need to do to obtain a residence permit in Albania.

This includes how you can become a permanent resident, the cost, the processing time, and country nationals that do not need a permit to stay in Albania.

What Is Albania Residence Permit?

Albania residence permit allows foreigners to stay in Albania for a long time. It is issued to foreign citizens who wish to stay in Albania for more than three months within six months. You can not work in Albania if you do not have a residence permit.

However, some country nationals do not need to have a permit to stay in Albania. For example, according to the Albanian law on Foreigners, citizens of the United States, the European Union, and the Schengen Area countries have the same work and self-employment rights as citizens of Albania. Therefore, they do not need a residence permit to stay in Albania. However, all the foreign nationals that can enter Albania without a visa, are allowed to remain in the country for ninety days within one-hundred and eighty days from their first entry.

Basically, the Albanian law governs:

  • The procedures for entering and leaving the Republic of Albania
  • The foreigners’ place of abode
  • Work permits for foreign nationals and
  • How they are treated in the nation

Types of Albania Residence Permit

Various permits are given to foreign nationals who wish to stay in Albania. It can be for ordinary or special reasons. Whichever way, the following types of permits are available:

Residence Permit for ordinary purposes ;

  • Type A– this type of residence permit is not renewable.
  • Type B – This residence permit is renewable.
  • Type C – This residence permit is given for an indefinite time.
  • Blue Card AL-C– This residence permit is given for an indefinite time. It is typically for highly qualified people.
  • Residence permit issued following the terms of a work visa for employment.
  • Blue Card AL– The Blue Card AL residence permit is renewable and is given for a specific time frame to highly skilled workers.
  •  Type S– The type S residence permit is renewable after six months of break.
  •  Residence permit for self-employed– The permit is issued to self-employed individuals following the terms of their work permit.

Residence Permit for Special purposes:

Albania gives residence permits for special purposes such as:

  • Youth exchange
  • Voluntary services
  • Family reunion
  • Freelancers
  • Academic purposes
  • Students and pupils
  • Humanitarian grounds
  • Those harmed by human trafficking
  • Seasonal employment
  • Career developments
  • Retirees

Duration of Residence Permit

There are four main time frames that you can be issued a residence permit:

  • For three months, six months, or one year, with a maximum of five consecutive renewals.
  • For two year period, to be renewed just once
  • For five years
  • Permanently, if you have maintained consistent activity or relationships in Albania for five years in a row

N/B: Within 30 days of entering the Republic of Albania’s territory, you must apply for a residency permit with the regional authorities in charge of border and migration services.

Who Needs an Albania Residence Permit?

You must obtain a residence permit to stay in Albania if you are a third-world citizen. This is because your country does not have a visa agreement with Albania. However, in terms of work and self-employment, citizens of the United States, the European Union, and the Schengen countries do not need a permit to stay in Albania. They enjoy equal rights with Albanian citizens.

N/B: As a third-world national, you cannot enter Albania with only a residence permit. You must, however, obtain your Albanian visa at the consular office in your country.

Documents Required for Albania Residence Permit

Below documents are what you must present to obtain a residence permit in Albania:

  • Fill up the application form.
  • Provide a valid passport – To enter Albania, you must present a valid passport. Or a photocopy of other valid travel documents. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of three months after you enter Albania.
  • Have sufficient Money – You must have enough money in your account. To show this, present a bank statement or pay slip.
  • Provide reasons why you want to stay long in Albania.
  • Passport size photograph (47×36) – The pictures must be current. Not later than six months.
  • Provide proof of place of stay – You must provide evidence that you have where to stay when you arrive in Albania. It might be a hotel, rented apartment, or with a host.
  • If you’re staying with a host, you must provide a certificate of host identification papers.
  • Pay the required fee – You must pay around 80 Euros to obtain your residence permit card. Ensure you pay yours.
  • Provide proof of health insurance – Like every other country, you must have health insurance coverage before you move to Albania. This is very important in case of illness, accident, or even death.
  • Provide evidence of status – Tender your marriage certificate If you’re married( That is, for family reunification) or other evidence that shows your connection with the Albanian resident.

How To Apply for Albania Residence Permit

Follow these procedures to apply for an online Albania Residence Permit:

#1: The first thing you should do is to log in to the e-Albania portal.

#2: Then, tap the “Application for a residence permit for individuals” service.

#3: Next, select the “Use button.”

#4: In step four, you are to choose the country where you want the residence permit to be filed and complete the electronic form by providing all the relevant data.

#5: Next, Upload all Pdf-formatted documents listed on the form and choose the appropriate year for which you need the residence permit.

#6: When you’re done, tap the “Send” button to send your request. You can locate it on the last page.

#7: Finally, the state police will check the documents’ accuracy after receiving the file. The migration officer may ask you to correct any inaccurate information, though.

However, if the paperwork is accurate, you’ll be informed of the day and time you need to bring your original documents to your local immigration office.

Withdraw your residence permit within 30 days at the local office where you submitted your application. Make sure you confirm your identity so you can collect your permit.

How Long does it take to process an Albania Residence Permit?

Usually, It takes about one month for your Albania Residence Permit to be processed. To collect it, go to the local migration office where you submitted your application.

What is the cost of obtaining an Albania Residence Permit?

Your pay depends on why you want to get a residence permit. In any case, expect to pay around 80euros.

Albanian Work Permit

Non-Albanians who desire to work in Albania for longer than three months must get a work permit. Before beginning employment, the work permit application must be submitted. The provincial labor office, the Albanian Embassy in the applicant’s country of origin, or the migration office is where one can obtain all the documentation needed for the application.

After submitting the required paperwork, a work visa is often granted or rejected within 30 days. Moreover, Receiving a work permit with or without time constraints is possible. However, the type of work permit determines how long it will be valid.

The work permit will end if:

  • You exceed the time limit.
  • You stay away from Albania for more than six months;
  • or three months pass after the work permit is approved before you resume work.

How to become an Albania Citizen

Becoming an Albanian citizen varies according to the individual’s circumstances. However, a few fundamental steps must be taken to apply for citizenship.

The first step is to apply for a resident permit. This can be accomplished by applying with the Albanian Ministry of Interior. In addition, applicants must provide proof of Albanian ties, such as proof of marriage or employment in the country.

Following that, applicants must pass language and knowledge tests on Albanian history and culture. Once these tests have been passed, the next step is to apply for citizenship. The Minister of Interior and the President of Albania must approve this application.

The final step is to take an oath of allegiance to Albania.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get permanent residency in Albania?

If you’re from a Visa-free country, you can get a permanent residence permit when you buy real estate. Alternatives are registering a business or getting a work contract. Also, people that have lived in Albania are granted permanent residence if they have stayed for more than five years in a row and have significant ties with the country.

How do I become a citizen of Albania?

To become a citizen of Albania, you must have lived in Albania for more than five years in a row and have significant ties and involvement in the country.

Which country gives free, permanent residence?

Paraguay is one of the countries with the most straightforward immigration laws due to its retirement program and investment visa. Both options make it relatively easy to become a permanent resident and then a citizen in Albania. Albeit, you must have ample financial ability to succeed.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Albania?

Except for agricultural land, Albania has no restrictions on foreign property ownership. However, as part of the purchasing procedure, you must sign a reservation pledge, an undertaking pledge, a preliminary agreement, and the actual sale-purchase agreement.

How much does Albanian citizenship cost?

Since 2009, Albani has been issuing biometric passports. The passport is valid for ten years and costs 7,500 lekë (50 Euros). Besides, the number of countries Albanian passport holders can visit without a visa has increased significantly since 2006, making it one of the passports with the best overall rating.

How strong is the Albanian passport?

According to the Henley Passport Index, Albanian passport holders have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 115 countries and territories as of 2 July 2019. This placed Albanian passport holders 55th in terms of travel freedom.


Finally, to become an Albanian citizen, you must have a valid residence permit and meet the requirements. If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to becoming a proud Albanian citizen.

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