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Albania Visa Fees – Who can apply and process duration

Do you intend to travel to Albania to view its luxurious destination? Then you would need to get an Albanian visa. It would help if you found out about the different Albania Visa Fees as early as possible. It will give you adequate knowledge of the amount you would need, especially if you are on a budget.

The Republic of Albania is a country found in Southeastern Europe, situated at the Mediterranean Sea. The government has two official languages Gheg and Tosk, and a population of 2.838m. Albania is a charming destination for tourists that can visit, live and work in it

to settle in swiftly in this country; then you must have your Albania Visa. This is why it is essential to have good knowledge about Albania visa fees, who can apply, and the processing time. This post will furnish you with all the information you would need about Albania Visa Fees.

Albania Visa Fees

When you need to enter Albania for whatever reason, you must have your visa. You would need to pay for this visa which comes in different amounts according to your country. The purpose of going to Albania needs to be known so that the correct visa will be given to you. Getting an Albania visa comes at a cost which will are called Albania Visa Fee. The applicant will need to pay to get the visa approved by the home consulate.

Albania has reviewed its Albania Visa Fees payment since March 2020. So a new rule applies now for the Albania Visa Fees. Foreign nationals are to pay the same visa fees that Albanians are requested to in their home country. This simply means that if an Albanian is to pay about 70 Euros in Canada as visa fees, then a Canadian will pay the same in Albania.

Types of Albania Visas

As earlier stated, if you are a foreign national and you need to visit the country, you would need to get a visa. The visa you would need would depend on the duration of your stay. So depending on your duration you can request the below visas:

Short term visa:

The short-term visa, otherwise known as a Type C Visa, will be issued if you intend to stay for 90 days. This visa will be given to people for tourism, medical reasons, official visits, sports, cultural and humanitarian reasons.

Long-term visa:

 The long-term visa, otherwise called Type D, is issued to you if you intend to stay up to 12 months in the country. But if you want to prolong your stay with a long-term visa, you must apply for a residence permit. The Type D visa can be issued to students, workers, a family reunion, diplomats, and religious activities.

Requirements for Albania Visa Fees

Before you can pay for your Albania Visa, you must submit some requested documents. You can’t make any payment without submitting the below documents for review at the embassy. The documents are:

  • A valid passport: A valid passport must be for about three months. It should be in good condition at submission. If you have a past passport, you can add to it
  • Passport-sized photo: you would need to submit a passport-style photo. The image should be with both blank and colors background
  • Completed application form; fill out the visa application form and submit it alongside other documents. Do not leave a space on the application form.
  • Proof of funds; you need to get your bank statements to show your income or source of funds. The bank statement should be the one for the previous six months. The information should prove that you are financially sound and can finance your stay in Albania.
  • Proof of travel health insurance: this is a must to show at the embassy. It would be best if your travel health insurance covered 30,000 Euros. This is needed in case you would need health help in the country.
  • Letter issued by a family member in Albania: This is known as the invitation letter; this letter is often written by someone already living in Albania. It can be a friend, a colleague, or a relative. The letter needs to show information about the writer and the agreement to host you as an applicant.
  • Accommodation proof: you would need to show proof of your accommodation reservations. It can be a house by a known person or a rented one. But show that you have a place to stay in
  • Flight itinerary document: This is another document you must submit alongside other documents. You need to establish a document of booked flight itinerary like the air flight, date, and time of departure.

Documents needed by those exempted from getting Albania visa?

Some countries don’t need to get an Albania visa before getting into the country, but you must have the following documents:

  • A passport that is valid for about six months
  • Have proof of both onward and return flights
  • Have evidence of all the documents required for one’s next destination
  • Show proof or documents for the claim of travel reasons (if its business, there should be a support or business cover letter)
  • Show proof of sufficient amount to cater for your intended stay in Albania
  • Confirmation proof from your air flight that boarding is possible without an Albania visa

Steps to take in making your Albania Visa Fees payment

To make your Albania Visa Fees payments is straightforward. you need to take the following steps:

  • You have first to create an account here
  • Then fill out the application form for Albania Visa on the site
  • Then get the above-listed documents that are required to submit. You can submit the site. All the papers should be in PDF format.
  • The Application/documents will then be processed by the embassy consulate. If the application meets all the requirements, then a message will be sent out to you to pay your Albania Visa Fee
  • Next is to deliver your Albania Visa Fees; you can make the payment at the designated bank. Then you attached the recipe of the cost to the demanded documents.
  • Lastly, it is to wait for your response from the consulate. You would get the answer via email or text. This is to show whether your visa has been honored or not.

Albania Visa Fees dos and don’ts

  • You need to know the following when you intend to pay your Albania Visa Fees
  • You need to have your budget up to $150 in cash; this will help you to deal effortlessly with unexpected charges
  • Always try to local the closest ATM center nearest to you
  • Avoid planning to pay for your Albania Visa Fees with a credit card
  • Don’t think you would change back as you make a cash payment
  • Don’t expect to make your Albania Visa Fees with a traveler’s check or with even a check
  • Never expect to get a refund after paying your Albania Visa Fees. There’s no refund even when your application has been rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to process Albania Visa after payment of fees?

After payment of fees, it takes about 15 days for one’s visa to be processed and approved. But in some cases, it might take up to 30 days.

When can my application be rejected without refunds of Albania Visa Fees?

 A visa application can be denied for different reasons and with the via fees refund because of the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient proof of financial stability
  2. Invalid travel health insurance
  3. Lack of proper accommodation proof
  4. Invalid or incorrect information on the application form

What can I do if my Albania Visa is denied?

Applicants are always allowed to appeal their rejection. So you apply again if your application is denied.

Who can apply for an Albanian visa?

The countries that need to apply and pay for Albania visa fees are Liberia, Libya, Mali, marshal islands, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nauru, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Papua, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Russia, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, and Thailand.

What is the best time to apply for an Albanian visa?

The right time you need to apply for your Albania visa should at least be a month or two before your departure time. This will help you get your visa processed on time, and you get it before your intended travel time.

Is it right to send in my passport to obtain Albania visa?

Yes, you would need to forward your original passport to the consul. The Albania visa that will be approved will be stamped on your passport. The stamped visa will become your passport pages. So you need to know that your Albania visa can’t be approved without an original passport.


Albania is a great destination with diverse attractions that lure people to live and work. If you are among the countries needing a visa before accessing the country, you have to get one. All you need do is to apply for the visa and make payment of your Albania visa fees. You would be issued a visa to either stay short or long terms. The above information will keep you informed on all that you need to know about the Albania visa fees.

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