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Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals – Application and requirements

In aAlbania is one incredible country that doesn’t mind granting Albania visas for Humanitarian Goals. The country is open to foreign nationals fleeing their countries due to violence, persecution, or fears. To gain good entrance into the country, all that needs is to apply and get the Albania visa for Humanitarian Goals. The request will be granted when all the requirements are met.

The Albania visa for Humanitarian goals falls under the short-term (type C) visit for tourists. The visa is always issued for ninety days and expires in one hundred and eighty days. You will be accepted and offered an Albania visa on humanitarian grounds if you face substantial discrimination in your home country. Getting this visa is mainly based on the humanitarian status of an individual.

To get the needed protection, you need from this country, you would need to have your Albanian visa. It should show the purpose for humanitarian reasons. This is why you need to know the details on acquiring an Albanian visa for humanitarian goals, its application, and its requirements. This is a guide to lead you through to achieving this golden aim.

The grounds for Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals

To get an Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals, you must be among the following protection status. These include:

  • Children that are less than 18 years that are traveling to Albania with no parents
  • If you are a single parent that is traveling with children
  • Anyone that is traveling to Albania with a chronic disease or disability
  • Single ladies traveling alone to Albania
  • If you are in fear in your home country, if you are a victim of trafficking or if you are forced to go into prostitution or a sexual act.
  • If you are not in a mentally fit stage
  • If you are sure that you need special protection or the person, you are traveling with needs a kind of support or special care.

Conditions for applying for Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals

  1. Start by completing a new application to detail your personal information. Then go ahead to upload the information to get verified. Upload along with it the correct document for the verification exercise.
  2. If your request is accepted, you will be informed via email that the application is accepted. You would be issued a unique application code (this is to enable you to track your request progress)
  3. You will be asked to pay for this verification service to the stated bank account when the verification process is complete. You must appear at the embassy just once; all other information about this verification will be communicated to you via email.

How to apply for Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals

You would need to get to the embassy in your home country to get an Albania Visa. But before then, you would need to apply for it. You can follow the below steps to get it right:

  1. Start filling out the application form and attaching it with the required documents.
  2. Submit it with the passport and make your payment. You can now apply to the consulate
  3. When the application is approved by the embassy, you get a notification in your email
  4. You can then pick up your passport from the embassy to travel to Albania for the Albania Humanitarian Goals

Documents needed for Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals

You would need to present to the Albania embassy some documents alongside your visa application. The following documents will be required:

Completed visa application form

You would be expected to fill out an application form. This will give the embassy a good amount of information about your personal life and intentions.

Your photo

The photo should be a passport-size photo. It shouldn’t be older than six months.

Present your health document:

You need to present a document showing a negative covid 19 PCR test result. This is compulsory for foreign citizens accessing Albania. in addition, it must be conducted at least 72 hours before departure

Proof of travel itinerary

This is to show your movement and reservation in and out of Albania in your name. so it is advised not to pay for any reservation till your visa s ready. It is better not to risk time, effort, and money before you are issued a visa. You can do all these 24-48 hours after getting the visa.

Scan copy of the passport

The embassy will need a clear copy of your passport with the information pages signed by you. It would help if you also showed the present pages of your passport. It should show the details of the expiry dates, photos, and personal details. The passport should be valid for six months, and it should be above the visa expiration date.

Proof of bookings

For the Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals, you must show verifiable round trip, one-way, or multicity flight bookings. This should be a booking by an actual travel agency that will help your visa application. In addition, you would need to present that you have your flight ticket intact.

Document for vaccination proof:

There should be proof to show covid-19 vaccination that is recent. You should also be vaccinated against chickenpox, diphtheria-tetanus, flu, measles, and hepatitis B. The last dose taken shouldn’t be less than two weeks before departure.

Translation of all documents

Make sure that all your documents have been translated into Albanian before submitting them. Then, again, ensure that it has been certified by a relevant authority to get your approval immediately.

Present details

You need to provide information from your present employer showing that a grant was given. The document will show a leave of absence, the reason for leaving, and the duration of the break. If you were a business owner, you would provide documents to support this claim, like your copy of your business license.

How to appeal denied of Albania Visa for Humanitarian Goals

There is a provision for denying Albania’s Visa for Humanitarian Goals. You have to appeal to the consulate. This must be done within fifteen days of you receiving the rejection mail. For example, you might have been denied because of uncompleted information, wrong or false information, attending your visa appointment late, or the information on your document is different from your answers given during the interview. However, if you are still denied, you would need to reapply again or appeal one more time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Albania’s humanitarian visa about?

This authorization lets you seek an Albania humanitarian visa to get into the country and stay if you are persecuted in your home country.

What is the duration of Albania’s humanitarian visa?

You can stay in the country for ninety days, but the visa validity is one hundred and eighty days. So it is for a short stay. This visa is always issued with one, two, or multiple entries, depending on the one you want.

Does Albania accept foreign nationals for humanitarian goals?

You can get into Albania after presenting a valid visa for humanitarian reasons. Consular representatives of Albania or its diplomat will issue you the visa.

How can I apply for Albania humanitarian visa?

You need to fill out the application form and present the required document. When your application is approved, you can now travel to Albania.

What is the cost of an Albania humanitarian visa?

You would make a budget from $50 upward, and processing least time is 15 days but can still be longer than this.

Can I have asylum protection in Albania?

You can seek refugee and other kinds of protection status in Albania. All you need to do is to request it. Then, as your request is ongoing, you would be put under the asylum-seeking status still approved.

Who qualifies for Albania humanitarian visa?

Eligibility is mostly on victimized people, like if you have a compelling emergency to move away from discrimination. When you are of significant public benefit and need to access Albania for rescue, or you are a refugee. Travel to attend a funeral service or see an ailing relative.

How long does Albania’s humanitarian visa last?

It is for about ninety days out the one hundred and eighty days a year.


If you are seeking a visa to gain entry to Albania and protection from any discrimination or persecution, you would need the Albania humanitarian visa. The Albania humanitarian visa is a short-term visa, and one can use it for ninety days. You would need to gather your required documents to get the approval for this visa. In addition, you will also pay your visa fees, translate your documents then submit your documents. You would then wait to get the required response from the embassy.

The above guide will give you all the details you need to apply for and get your Albania humanitarian visa approved. But, first, you need to follow the process as stated above.

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