Albania Visa Requirements: Documentation and its Validity

Is visiting Albania on your list, and would you like to know the Albania visa requirements? Albania is an exciting country to visit, with lots of interesting places. Millions of people visit this Baltic region annually, especially for tourism. But before visiting this country surrounded by the Adriatic sea, you must apply for the correct visa. 

Naturally, this visa will depend on your purpose for visiting the country. Besides, one thing is familiar with all Albania visa types. That is, you must meet the Albania Visa Requirements.

There are general as well as specific requirements for Albania visas. So, you must ensure to meet these requirements. 

To this end, you will learn about the general and specific requirements for all types of Albania visas as well as their application process. 

About Albania

Albania is one of the countries in the Baltic region of Europe. It is part of southern Europe, with Tirana as its capital. Further, Tirana is a choice destination for tourists in the country. This is because of the various exciting places in the city. So, if you plan to visit Albania this year, you must not miss visiting Tirana. Of course, there are other places to visit in Albania, including cities like Berati, Gjirokaster, Shkoder, and Kruja. There is something peculiar about these cities. They are what you can call an old city with a touch of the modern era. So, you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of being in these cities.

So, you now see reasons to visit Albania at least once in your life. Now, let’s talk about Albania visa requirements. First, of course, you know that you cannot enter Albania without a valid visa.

Who is eligible for Albania Visa?

All citizens of non-Schengen countries need a visa to enter Albania. Thus, if you are not from a Schengen area, you must look for the correct type of visa to enter Albania. On the contrary, citizens of Eu and Schengen countries do not need a visa to enter Albania.

Meanwhile, the following people may not need a visa to stay in Albania for less than 90 days. They include:

  1. Holders of multiple-entry Schengen visas.
  2. If you have multiple-entry UK or USA visas.
  3. Holders of UAE residence permit, which is valid for ten years.
  4. If you have a residence permit in an EU country.

General Eligibility for Albania Visa

Before you can acquire any of the Albania visas, you must, first of all, meet the general Albania visa requirements. So, you must have all the documents below. They include:

#1. Your valid passport

The first document you have is your valid passport. This passport must be valid at least three years from your return date. Also, make sure that there is at least one blank space for your visa stamp.

#2. Application form

You must fill out an application form for the type of visa you are applying for. In the form, you will give your correct details and the reasons for the travel. You must also indicate the duration of your stay in Albania.

#3. Previous visas

If you have previous visas to Albania or a Schengen nation, you must include them. It is part of the determinations for your visa application.

#4. Photos

You will need two copies of passport-sized photos. They must be the same in size and color. In addition, the photos must equally meet the Schengen visa photo specifications.

#5. Bank statement

Before obtaining a visa in Albania, you must present a bank statement. This must be within six months of applying for the visa. It will act as means of financial sustenance while in Albania.

#6. Travel health insurance

Another Albania visa requirement is your health insurance while in Albania. So, you must present proof of your insurance from an Albanian company.

#7. Invitation letter

Suppose a friend is inviting you to Albania, you must get a letter of invitation from them. In like manner, if your family member is inviting you, make sure to get an invitation letter from them.

#8. Admission letter from an Albanian university

International students looking for Albania Student Visa must get an admission letter from their university. Without it, you cannot obtain your visa.

#9. Proof of accommodation

You must present your proof of accommodation while in Albania. This can be a hotel reservation or a letter from a friend. It can also be proof of payment for the hostel if you are a student.

#10. Travel plan

You must present your travel plan to get an Albania visa of any type. It must not be an actual flight ticket but can be a flight reservation. Inclusive is your travel plan to all the Schengen countries you would like to visit.

Specific Albania Visa Requirements for types of visas

In addition to the general Albania visa requirements, there are also specific requirements for all types of Albania visas. 

Visa requirements for Albania Tourist Visa

Albania Tourist Visa allows you to visit the country for only tourist purposes. So, you must have the following documents while applying for it. they include:

  1. Albania Tourist Visa application form
  2. Proof of financial means
  3. Albania travel insurance
  4. Proof of duration

Albania visa requirements for business visa

With a business visa, you can enter Albania for business purposes. Therefore, in addition to the general requirements, you must have the following documents:

  1. A passport
  2. Application form
  3. Your photos
  4. A letter from your employer
  5. An invitation letter from an Albanian company
  6. Flight ticket

Albania visa requirements for family visa

For a family unification visa, you will need the following additional documents. They include:

  1. An invitation from the family member
  2. Proof of relationship with the family member
  3. Proof of sufficient financial means from your host
  4. Notarized documents of the source of income of the host
  5. Evidence that you have a relative with Albanian

Albania visa requirements for a student visa

International students will need the following documents and the general Albania visa requirements. They include;

  1. Letter of admission from an Albanian university
  2. Proof of financial means
  3. Academic credentials
  4. Proof of accommodation in Albania
  5. Evidence of knowledge of the Albanian language

Albania visa requirements for working holiday visa

For a working holiday visa, you will need the following documents. they include:

  1. Letter of invitation from your host
  2. Offer letter from an Albanian employer
  3. Your work permit
  4. Police clearance certificate

Steps to apply for Albania Visa

You can follow the steps below to apply for any Albania visa. They include:

Step one. Fill out an online application for the type of Albania visa you want.

Step two. Contact the Albanian embassy in your country to book an appointment.

Step three. Gather all your documents. The documents prove that you meet the Albania visa requirement for the visa type.

Step four. Pay your fee for the type of visa you are applying for.

Step five. Attend your visa interview.

Step six. Wait for your visa processing. Then, get a notification to collect your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for an Albania visa?

Generally, it takes about fifteen days to process a visa in Albania. However, it can take longer if you have a missing document.

How long is Albania visa valid?

Albania visa is valid for 180- days. However, you can only stay in Albania for only 90 days. If you plan to stay longer than this, you must apply for a residence permit if applicable. You can also apply for a long-stay visa valid for a year. However, it is renewable.

How much is an Albania visa?

There is no standard fee for an Albania visa. Instead, you will have to pay the amount Albanians pay to enter your country. For instance, if you are an Egyptian and An Albanian pays €80 to enter Egypt, you will also pay €80 for an Albanian visa.

Is Albania part of the Schengen area?

Albania is not among the 26 countries that make up the Schengen area. However, citizens of Schengen nations can enter Albania without a visa. And thus, they can stay for up to 90 days in Albania.

Why will my Albania visa be rejected?

You may get a visa rejection in any of the following circumstances in Albania. They include:

  • If you have missing documents
  • When you provide false information
  • If you come late for a visa appointment
  • The information in your record differs from what you said in your interview.

Do I need a residence permit in Albania?

Yes, you will need a residence permit in Albania. However, you will not need it if you don’t plan to stay longer than 90 days.


In summary, your success in getting a visa to Albania depends on your ability to meet Albania visa requirements. Therefore, make sure that you take the information in this article seriously. Moreover, following the steps above, you can easily get your visa to Albania without problem.

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