Albania Work Visa: Documentation, Validity, and Duration

Some years back, Albania was ranked one of the best countries to work in the world. Hence, it is suitable and convenient for all workers from far and near. However, if you plan to work in Albania, you may have to consider obtaining an Albania work visa.

The Albania work visa is a visa that authorizes you to take a job in Albania. So, in this article, we will discuss the visa’s duration, validity, and how to apply. Stay with us!.

Working in Albania

The Albania work visa is a document that permits you to work in Albania. Suppose you’re not a citizen of Albania. In that case, you will need a permit from the ministry of finance and economy to work in Albania. After applying, you will get a response to your application within ten days to know the status of your application.

Knowing that these work permits can be with or without restriction is essential. This is based on your nationality and the type of work you are applying for. Usually, the permit can expire if you do not start work after three months from the date you got the permit. Again, you may lose the status if you exceed the deadline or leave Albania for a long time (let’s say six months).

To renew, you must submit the renewal request before your current work permit expires (at least 30 days before it expires). Then, the right authority will review it and consider you for the renewal.

It is noteworthy that citizens of the Schengen countries and the European Union have equal employment rights as citizens of Albania (except if there are other requirements from the legislation). Hence, they don’t need a visa. Also, citizens of the United States can reside in Albania for at least 12 months with no residence permit. During this time, they will enjoy maximum benefits and employment opportunities.

Requirements for the Albania work visa

To be eligible for the work visa, you must prepare to submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirement for the application. Check below for more information.

#1. Application form

To apply for the Albania work visa, you need to obtain the standard visa application form, appending your signature on it.

#2. Proof of registration

You must submit evidence from the National registration center confirming that you are an employee.

#3. Copy of passport

Your passport must be valid at the time of your application. Also, the front page must be intact, having your correct details. If you submit an expired passport, your application might not be successful.

#4. Photo

You will need at least five identical passport-size photographs for your work visa application. The photograph must be recently taken under a good background, showing all your facial features and characteristics, with your face occupying about 80% of the photo.

#5. Proof of accommodation

You will need evidence of where you will stay in Albania to obtain the work visa. It could be a hostel, hotel, or with a family who lives in Albania. If you are staying with your family in Albania, you must provide a letter of invitation from your host.

#6. Police record

Also, you need a police criminal clearance record that certifies that you are not a threat to the home country you’re coming from. Hence, it won’t be a threat to Albania.

#7. Document of registration

The registrar documents could be your marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate of your spouse, etc. Either of it, it must verify that you are a citizen of the home country you claim to be.

#8. Result Transcript

Since you’re going to work in Albania, you will have to tender your results transcripts to verify your claimed degree certificate.

#9. Work license

Assuredly, suppose you will be going for licensed work in Albania. In that case, you must provide your professional certificate license or other proof of work experience.

#10. Travel health insurance

Travel health insurance is vital for your application. However, the insurance must be in force in Albania.

How to apply for a work visa in Albania

Undoubtedly, the application for a work visa in European countries is somewhat similar. Therefore, Albania has a similar work permit to other countries in Europe. Thus, starting with obtaining a work permit, and then an application for the Albanian work visa, after which you have to make a petition for a resident permit.

For more details, check the step-by-step instructions given below:

Step one: Obtain a work permit from an employer in Albania.

The first step to your application is to arrange employment with an Albania employer. The list of employment opportunities that foreigners can take up is often online. Therefore, you can check in for these opportunities and get hired.

And yes, you must submit your credentials to the employer, proving that you are the best person for the position. Once hired, your employer would make the correct documentation to demonstrate that they have a legal registration in Albania. Then, they will submit the document to the local labor office, where it will be evaluated within two weeks. Finally, upon a successful application, you and your employer will receive a work permit document.

Step two: Apply for a work visa online

The next step after receiving the work permit is to apply for a work visa. There are two phases for this application. The first phase is to apply online, while the second person is to apply in person.

You can obtain the visa application online at the Albanian website. First, fill out your personal information, and upload all requested documents in the form. Then submit.

Upon successful application, you will get a verification code to the mail you submit. This code will be used to track your application for subsequent times. You will be directed to the payment service after your verification process. Then follow the prompts to make payment for the work visa fee.

Step three: Attend the visa appointment

Without a doubt, you will receive the time and date of appointment after completing your online application. Although, you will have to meet up with the Albanian embassy consulate or diplomatic mission in your home country, you will receive the details of your meeting in your email account.

Note that you must be physically present on your appointment date to tender the copies of your application documents. However, you may have to submit additional documents and undergo a short interview.

After this is set, you can get your Albania work visa between two weeks to four weeks (that is, if your application is successful).

Step four: Apply for a residence permit

You must apply for a residence permit after 30 days of entrance into Albania. After that, you can access the electronic service at e-Albania, complete the form online and upload documents likewise. So, once you finish your application, it will get to the local migration office, then they will process it and get back to you in about thirty days.

Step five: Receive your residence permit card

You can only receive a residence permit card if your application is successful. After that, it will take about 90 to 180 days before it expires. Some will even take up to five years (depending on your work permit).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is D type visa in Albania?

The D type visa is a visa for family members of an Albanian citizen or a foreigner with permanent residence in Albania. The visa allows family members to stay in Albania for up to 90 days.

Can a foreigner get a job in Albania?

A foreigner can get a job in Albania, but it cannot be easy. The best way to find work is through an online job portal or networking with locals. There are also some English-language teaching opportunities available.

Can I live and work in Albania?

You can live and work in Albania with the Albania work visa. The country has a thriving economy and a low cost of living. Also, English is widely spoken, and the people are friendly and welcoming. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities for ex-pats in Albania, from teaching English to starting a business.

What is the average salary in Albania?

The average salary in Albania is $1,500 per month. This is relatively low compared to other countries in the region, but it is slowly rising. Many people in Albania still work in the informal sector, so the exact average salary is likely higher than this figure.

Is Albania cheap to live in?

Yes, Albania is a relatively cheap place to live. Tirana’s cost of living in the capital city is affordable compared to other European cities. Many budget-friendly restaurants, cafes, and cheap apartments and houses exist.


The Albania work visa has been a major pathway for foreign nationals obtaining a job in Albania. We have provided all that it takes to have a successful application. Ensure that you follow succinctly. Check back if you need more clarification.

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