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Albanian Embassy in Canada – Getting help in Canada

Embassies including the Albanian embassy in Canada play a big role in making sure that they offer assistance to their national citizens abroad. However, the type and level of assistance given differ from the country. For instance, in times of conflict, they may offer only limited assistance.

However, you must also know that there are certain things that your embassy cannot do. For example, when you lose your luggage or maybe encounter some transport delays, it is not within the consular services that an embassy can provide.

Moreover, this can be handled by your travel insurance company. Therefore, there is a need to have travel insurance when travelling. 

One of the reasons that you may contact the Albanian embassy in Canada is the issue of lost passports.

In such cases, you must contact the embassy for help. Meanwhile, the embassy will not issue a new passport to you, rather, they will make preparations for you to travel.  

Therefore, you must know where the Albanian embassy in Canada is located. In addition, you must know the kind of services it can offer you. 

What an Embassy means?

An embassy is a headquarters for a country’s government in a host country usually headed by an ambassador. Therefore, an embassy means Government representatives serving in a foreign country thereby representing the interest of the parent country. 

Generally, an embassy is located in the capital city of the host country. Meanwhile, it can sometimes have branches in other major cities known as consulates.

Therefore, the Albanian embassy in Canada is also the seat of the Albanian government in Canada with the Albanian ambassador to Canada as the head. 

About Albania

Albania is a country known for the natural beauties surrounding it. However, one wonders why much has not been heard about this country until recently. The reason is simple, Albania suffered a long period of closure during the communist regime. Therefore, until 199 it was not very popular. However, that period is long gone and Albania is finally getting recognition and the world is seeing its hidden features. 

Meanwhile, Albania is located in Southeastern Europe, West of the Balkan Peninsula. It has an area of ​​28,748 km2, borderline length of 1,094 km, of which 657 km is a land border, 316 km coastline, 48 km demarcation of rivers and 73 km demarcation of lakes.

In the South and Southeast, Albania is bordered by Greece, by Montenegro to the North and Italy to the West. Furthermore, it is divided by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, Macedonia to the East and Kosovo to the Northeast. Also, Albania is the second largest state in the Balkan region. 

The capital of Albania is Tirana which is also the most important city in this small but country of hope. The city inspires hopes and dreams to its residents.

This can be seen from the kind of life the city offers. Not minding the fact that the city is full of ruins of the communist regime. Still, it has a lot of skyscrapers and old painted buildings. In addition, the boulevards are adorned with the Ottoman ruins and bunkers of the communist regime.

Albanian Embassy in Canada   

The Albanian Embassy in Canada serves as the headquarters of the Albanian government in Canada. Therefore, any Albanian citizen in Canada who is in need of consular services must consult the embassy.

Also, Canadian citizens can still make use of the embassy if they are planning to go to Albania for any reason at all. Therefore, it is necessary to get enough information about what you can do at the Albanian embassy in Canada. 

Address of Albanian Embassy in Canada

Generally, there are two offices for the Albanian embassy in Canada. While one is located in Ottawa, the other is located in Toronto.

Meanwhile, the one located in Toronto is only a consulate, that is, it offers assistance to Albanians and Canadians who find it hard to make use of the embassy in Ottawa. The addresses of the embassies are below: 

Embassy of Albania

130 Albert Street, suite

302 Ottawa, ON, KIP 5G4


Tel. +1 613 236 3053

Tel: +1 613 236 3053

Fax. +1 613 236 0804

Only Emergency Cases! Tel: 001 613 864 75 75


[email protected]

Operating hours

Monday to Friday

09:00 – 17:00

Albanian Consulate in Toronto, Canada

ADDRESS26 Six Point Road, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 2W9, Canada

FAX(+1) (416) 236-1879

PHONE(+1) (416) 236-1879

Iraqi Embassy in Canada

Consular services provided by Albanian Embassy in Canada

The Albanian Embassy in Canada provides the following consular services to both Albanian and Canadian citizens alike. Therefore, once you need any of the services mentioned below, you can contact the embassy.

  • Legalization/translation of DL for Albanian citizens                             
  • Legalization of documents for Albanian citizens         
  • Certificate issued by Embassy for Albanian citizens                 
  • Legalization of documents for foreign citizens                                       
  • Legalization of death certificate               
  • Certification of the true copy
  • Laisser Passer (Travel Document ONLY for Albanian Citizens)           
  • Laisser Passer for shipping human remains (Only for Albanian Citizens)        

Procedure for legalization

First of all, you must know that the legalization must be done online. Otherwise, it won’t be valid. Moreover, the steps below are the process you can take for legalization. 

Step 1.  First of all, you have to apply online for the legalization service. 

Step 2. Secondly, get all the necessary documents ready. All these must be contained in an envelope and mailed to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development  

Documents for legalization

You will need the following documents for your legalization. 

  1. the original documents you want to legalize
  2. the form selecting the option of submitting documents to the Embassy after authentication
  3. a fee of CAD 25 for Albanian citizens and CAD 30 for Canadian citizens;
  4. a pre-paid envelope to be used to mail back your documents. 
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