Alberta Health Care Card and Insurance for New Settlers

Having an Alberta health care card is mandatory before you can get free health services, dentistry, surgeries, etc.

Through Alberta health care card, all of the province residents, new immigrants, as well as international students are able to get quality medical attention at a free cost.

Indeed, you need to register for the health card before you can benefit from any of the comprehensive health services provided in Alberta province.

Furthermore, Alberta health card does not only allow you to get free nursing services and medications but also offers costless laboratory, diagnostic, radiotherapy, physiotherapy and ambulance services.

However, this article narrows down on how you can apply, replace, make changes & update your Alberta health card.

What is Alberta health card?

Alberta health card is an identity card issued by the Government of Alberta to residents in order to provide them with a wide range of healthcare services at no cost.

On one hand, you are required to hold your Alberta health card with a form of identification whenever you want to visit an accredited hospital or healthcare provider.

On the other hand, you may not get free healthcare services if you visit a hospital or healthcare provider without your Alberta health card.

Furthermore, applying for an Alberta health card as a new immigrant will avail you with wide-ranging medical services regardless of the city you live in.

You can also check the top cities to live in Alberta in order to get more during your stay.

What does Alberta health care cover?

Alberta health card covers its holders in several situations as stated below.

  • With an Alberta health card, you will be opportune to get free medical attention from a physician. You can also perform free tests at a medical laboratory.
  • Moreover, you have free consultations and treatments from a dentist, psychiatrist, foot doctor and optometrist.
  • Alberta health card also helps to get free ambulance services from a medical facility to another within Alberta.
  • Obviously, Alberta health offers access to x-ray, radiotherapy, anesthetic, physiotherapy, among other medical facilities.

How to apply for Alberta healthCare Card

Certainly, you need to follow the steps below in order to complete your Alberta health care card application.

  1. Download and fill out Alberta health care card form
  2. Prepare required documents
  3. Send application to AHCIP

Download and fill out the Alberta health care card form

To begin with, it is required that you download and complete the Alberta health care card form.

For this reason, you can also obtain the application form in any of AHCIP accredited registry agents throughout Alberta province.

Prepare required documents

Of course, Alberta health card application process requires the submission of some documents.

Besides, these documents help to proof your identity, residential address, as well as your authorization to stay in Canada.

Basically, documents accepted to proof your Alberta residential address for AHCIP includes provincial driver’s license, utility bills (phone, cable TV or gas), vehicle registration, rental agreement, etc.

Moreover, the documents must bear your full name, as well as your current residential address in Alberta.

If you intend using a utility bill for your Alberta health care card application, you must ensure that it carries a date not more than the previous six (6) months.

In fact, the name and residential address must be the same with the one on your Alberta health care card application form.

Similarly, proofing your identity is crucial using your Canadian permanent resident or citizenship card, provincial driver’s license, and more.

Additionally, you can use your PR card or Canadian citizenship card to proof your authorization to stay in Canada.

Without delay, you need to photocopy both sides of each of the above documents as they must be submitted at the end.

Send application to AHCIP

For the most part, you must send your application with the required documents stated above.

However, you can do this via two (2) ways, that is, by submitting to an accredited registry agent or by sending to AHCIP mailing address. Also keep in mind that submitting your application through a registry agent will not cost you any fee.

In addition, your Alberta health care card will be mailed to you within five (5) days if you submitted your application through an accredited registry agent.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan mailing address: PO Box 1360, Station Main

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2N3

Undoubtedly, it might take up to 6 weeks before you get your Alberta health care card when you submit it via mail.

How do I get a replacement Alberta health care card?

Indeed, you can get a replacement for your misplaced or damaged Alberta health care card. This process requires you to provide your identity card in order to apply for a new Alberta health care card.

To that end, the accredited registry agent will request information such as your full name, phone number, personal health care number, date of birth, as well as your mailing address.

Making changes or updating your Alberta Health Care Card

Surprisingly, there are various reasons why you may want to request an Alberta health care card name change, address change or update existing information on your card.

Hence, you need to make changes and update your Alberta health care card in the following situations.

  • Firstly, you need to update the card when you want to include new names such as your new baby, spouse or common-law partner, among others.
  • Secondly, update is required when you want to remove a name because he/she is deceased or has left Alberta.
  • Thirdly, you must reregister for Alberta health care card after being away for some time.
  • Fourthly, you need to initiate changes when you want to cancel the coverage because you are relocating from Alberta.
  • Besides, you need to update your health card to confirm studentship.
  • Moreover, update is necessary when you want to support your Alberta health insurance by enrolling for non-group Blue Cross coverage.
  • In addition, you need to request for change if you want to prove your age for Seniors Blue Cross coverage after clocking 65 years old.

How to change the name on the Alberta health care card

If you want to change your name or any other information on your card, you need to download and print the notice of change/Alberta health care card update form.

Afterward, you are required to fill out all required fields on the form, and then submit it along with your supporting documents to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan office.

Accredited Registry Agent Offices for AHCIP

Surely, Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) has hundreds of accredited registry agent offices throughout the province.

Thus, below are accredited registry agent offices where you can visit to apply for Alberta health care card.

Check out Agent Offices to apply for Alberta health care card

Airdrie Registries address:

128 Edmonton Trail NE., Airdrie,

Alberta, Canada

Phone number: (403) 948-6018

The Banff Registry address:

Unit 103, 211 Bear Street

Banff, Alberta

The Banff Registry phone number: (403) 762-2177

1039282 Alberta Ltd address:

203 10 Street,

Beaverlodge, Alberta

1039282 Alberta Ltd phone number:

(780) 354-2265

Beiseker Registries address:

314A 6 Street,

Beiseker, Alberta T0M 0G0 (Alberta health care card)

Phone number: (403) 947-3727

Bonnyville Registry Ltd address:

Bay 3, 4816 51 Avenue, Bonnyville,

Alberta T9N 1A0

Bonnyville Registry Ltd phone number: (587) 742-1800

Bragg Creek Insurance Services Inc address:

1 River Drive South,

Bragg Creek, Alberta

Insurance Services Inc phone number: (403) 949-2599

Grasslands Registry Inc address:

240 3 Street W.,

Brooks, Alberta

Grasslands Registry Inc phone number:

(403) 362-5755

A Plus Registry Services Ltd address:

114 – 3604 52 Avenue NW.,

Calgary, Alberta (Alberta health care card)

A Plus Registry Services Ltd phone number:

(403) 288-3333

Alberta Motor Association Calgary address:

220 Crowfoot Crescent NW

Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Motor Association Calgary phone number:

(866) 989-6370

Altafacts Search & Registry Inc Calgary address:

100 2417 51 Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta T2C 0A2

Altafacts Search & Registry Inc phone number: (403) 235-7899

Registry Services Ltd address: 312 – 5149 Country Hills Boulevard NW.,

Calgary, Alberta

Registry Services Ltd phone number: (403) 286-6824

Country Hills Plates Inc address: 128 – 450 Country Hills Boulevard NE.,

Calgary, Alberta

Country Hills Plates Inc phone number: (403) 531-6575

Crowfoot Plates Registry Inc address: 49 Crowfoot Way NW

Calgary, Alberta

Crowfoot Plates Registry Inc phone number: (403) 241-7951

East Calgary Registry Inc address: 244 – 1440 52 Street NE.,

Calgary, Alberta  T2A 4T8

East Calgary Registry Inc phone number: (403) 272-5513

McKnight Registry address: Unit 118, 425 Aviation Rd NE.,

Calgary, Alberta

McKnight Registry phone number: (403) 277-7777

Mojo’s Licence and Registry Services Inc address: Bay 3, 6020 1A Street SW.,

Calgary, Alberta

Mojo’s Licence and Registry Services Inc phone number: (403) 252-3333

New Urban Registry Ltd address: 1138 10 Avenue SW.,

Calgary, Alberta

New Urban Registry Ltd phone number: (403) 262-9999

North Hill Registry Express address: 1841-1632 14 Avenue NW.,

Calgary, Alberta

North Hill Registry Express phone number: (403) 282-3820

Registry Services address: 610, 19587 Seton Crescent SE.,

Calgary, Alberta T3M 2T5

Registry Services phone number: (403) 243-8935

Northeast Registry address: 2766 32 Street NE.,

Calgary, Alberta (Alberta health care card)

Northeast Registry phone number: (403) 291-9696

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get free treatment without my Alberta health care card?

No, you will be charged for healthcare services if you do not hold your Alberta health card with you to the medical facility.

What is Alberta health care card processing time when submit via an accredited registry agent?

About 6 weeks.

What is Alberta health card processing time if I submit via mail?

5 days.

Can I process Alberta health card application without supporting documents?


How do I know my Alberta health care card number?

Your Alberta health card number is a 9-digit number located above your full names on the card.