Alberta Minimum Wage – How much can you earn?

Alberta’s minimum wage is amongst the highest in the whole of Canada. In addition, the province makes significant efforts to ensure Albertans are the highest-paid workers in Canada.

Alberta’s minimum wage ranks high through legislation and workers’ employment standards. Therefore, if you intend to immigrate or settle anywhere in Canada, you might want to make Alberta your choice province of residence.

A minimum wage, by definition, is the lowest sum an employer can pay an employee as set out in the legislation of the province or jurisdiction, and it’s often expressed in the hourly rate.

In addition, constituted in the legislation set out by each province are usually some exemptions. These exceptions are different in every province and are often quite extensive.

Therefore, employers are advised to always look into the regulation to ensure that their operations stay within the legislation while making their employees’ minimum wage decisions.

Check out Alberta minimum wages for various classes of workers

The table below gives the minimum wages in effect for the province of Alberta:



Effective Date


(Canada Labor Code, Part III)

Aligned with provincial/ territorial minimum wage in each jurisdiction

December 1, 1996


December 29, 2021





October 1, 2018



June 26, 2019

Alberta Minimum Wages Basic Rules

  • It is mandated that employers must pay at least the minimum wage.
  • Present federal Alberta minimum wage applies to every employee except for students under 18.
  • Employers must familiarize themselves with the new job creation student wage, implemented on June 26, 2019, and the applicable Restrictions.
  • Tips or expense money are not counted as wages.
  • Weekly and monthly minimum wages apply to some workers, such as salespersons and domestic employees.
  • Employees are entitled to be paid a minimum of 3 hours at the minimum wage rate each time they resume work, even if they are sent home after less than 3 hours unless the employee is not available to work the 3 hours.
  • The maximum amount that can be deducted from minimum wage for meals provided and accommodation for workers are CAD3.35 per consumed meal and CAD4.41 per day’s lodging, respectively.

Alberta Minimum Wage Rate for 2018-2019

The minimum wage rates tabulated below are set out in the Employment Standards Regulation.

View table for details Alberta Minimum Wage Rate for 2018-2019

The Employment Standards Regulation establishes the minimum wage rates listed below:

Type of Employee

October 1, 2018

June 26, 2019

Most employees (general minimum wage)



Students under 18


CAD13/hour (restrictions apply)

Salespersons (including land agents and certain professionals)



Domestic employees (living in their employer’s home)



Alberta Minimum Wage for under 18 years

Basic rules

  • The jobs individuals under 18 years of age can do have restrictions.
    • Jobs for individuals 14 years old or younger require a government permit. This is different for each age group and type of work.
    • Individuals aged 14 years and under must get a parent or guardian’s permission to work.
  • Similarly, restrictions are also applicable on the number of hours people under 18 years are permitted to work.
  • However, some critical exceptions are involved:
    • Regulations for youth employment can only apply to employees and not self-employed contractors or volunteers.
    • In addition, some separate rules apply to students in approved training courses or integrated learning programs.
    • Furthermore, the rules here do not apply to working on farms or ranches. Youth under 18 years follow the same rules as farm and ranch employees.
  • Therefore, every employee, including those under 18 years of age, is entitled to minimum employment standards like general holidays, vacations, minimum wage, and termination notice or pay.
  • Regarding employees in Alberta, employers of individuals under 18 years of age must perform hazard assessments and control workplace hazards.

Self-employed and Contractors

Like every other worker, similarly, people under 18 years old are only covered by Employment Standards rules if they are employees. Therefore, the rules don’t apply to people under 18 years old who are self-employed, working as independent contractors or volunteering.

This may include but is certainly not limited to, casual work such as:

  • Babysitting
  • Snow shoveling
  • Lawn mowing

Meanwhile, some workers may be considered true employees for the same type of work, such as refereeing, whereas others may be doing it casually or as self-employed contractors. However, the important thing is not the type of job; but whether the worker is a genuine employee or not.

Average Alberta Minimum Wage

Regardless of the declines, Albertans still earn more money than any other province in Canada, with a median after-tax income of CAD72, 700 in 2018 when counting individuals and families.

  • This is 18.4 percent higher than the Canadian average of CAD61, 400.
  • In 2015, Alberta’s average income was pegged at 27.5 percent higher than the nationwide average.
  • The average income for individuals was CAD35, 800 in Alberta in 2018. Meanwhile, for families, it placed CAD98, 400.
  • Compared to CAD30, 700 for individuals across Canada and CAD84, 900 for families.

Alberta Minimum Wage for Teachers

Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers teach and administer the learning of children with an age range from 4 to 12 years of age (i.e., Kindergarten to Grade 6)

  • Average Salary: CAD77, 661
  • Average Wage: CAD44.68
  • Minimum Education: 4 years post-secondary
  • Level: Below average

High School Teacher 

High school teachers are also referred to as secondary school teachers. These provide instruction to students in one or more areas of study in a public or private high school.

  • Average Salary: CAD68, 244

Alberta Minimum Wage for Dentists

October 6, 2021, the average annual pay for a Dentist in Alberta is CAD153, 374/ year. Therefore, a simple salary calculator that works will give approximately CAD73.74/hour. This is equivalent to CAD2, 950/week or CAD12, 781/month.

Similarly, salaries range are as high as CAD274, 500 and as low as CAD54 500. Notwithstanding, the vast majority of Dentist salaries presently range between CAD130, 000 (25th percentile) to CAD194, 000 (75th percentile), while the top earners occupy the (90th percentile) making CAD237, 000 every year in Alberta.

Nevertheless, the average pay range for a Dentist is enormous (about CAD64, 000), thus, implying that there may be opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of work experience.

Meanwhile, Alberta currently ranks 50 out of 50 in Canada for Dentist salaries.

Top 10 Cities in Alberta Minimum Wage for Dentists

The top ten cities in Alberta with the highest minimum salary for dentists are highlighted below.

Check out top 10 cities for Alberta minimum wage for dentists

The top ten cities in Alberta province are listed below with high minimum wage for dentists.


Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage

Spruce Grove

$178,749 $14,896 $3,437 $85.94

Grande Prairie

$167,474 $13,956 $3,221 $80.52

Edmonton $167,269 $13,939 $3,217 $80.42

Fort McMurray $156,074 $13,006 $3,001 $75.04


$155,498 $12,958 $2,990 $74.76


$155,173 $12,931 $2,984 $74.60

Sherwood Park

$154,925 $12,910 $2,979 $74.48

Red Deer $154,645 $12,887 $2,974 $74.35

Airdrie $153,671 $12,806 $2,955 $73.88

St. Albert

$151,788 $12,649 $2,919 $72.98

EMT Salary in Alberta

Firstly, the average pay for an EMT is CAD49, 425 per year and CAD24 per hour in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Similarly, the average salary difference for an EMT varies between CAD37, 208, and CAD59, 583.

Averagely, a High School Degree is often the highest level of education for an EMT.

  • The average salary for EMT in Alberta: is CAD49, 425
  • Hourly Rate: CAD 24
  • Average Bonus: CAD628

View EMT Salary by City in Alberta



Vegreville, Alberta

CAD 48, 000

Edmonton, Alberta CAD 49, 000

Strathmore, Alberta

CAD 46, 000

Chestermere, Alberta

CAD 46, 000

Drayton Valley, Alberta CAD 49, 000

Alberta Minimum Wage for Psychologists

  • Average Salary: CAD85, 499
  • Hourly Wage: CAD 48.97
  • Average Hours of work/Week: 33.8

See Table for minimum wage for Psychologist


Low (5th percentile) High (95th percentile) Average Median


$29.20 $46.27 $36.64 $35.48


$32.88 $62.01 $48.97 $48.36

Top $36.22 $66.63 $54.07 $53.36

Alberta Minimum Wage for Welder

A Welder in his early career with 1-4 years of work experience earns, on average, a total compensation (including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay) of CAD27.01 based on 16 salaries.

  • In addition, a mid-career Welder with 5-9 years of work experience earns a minimum compensation of CAD29.38 based on 17 salaries.
  • Meanwhile, an experienced Welder with 10-19 years of work experience earns an average compensation of CAD33.50 based on 21 salaries.
  • Furthermore, in their later career (20 years or higher), welders earn an average compensation of CAD38.
    • Therefore, the average hourly pay for a welder is: CAD30.71
    • Hourly rate: CAD 22 – 44
    • Total Pay: CAD 47,000 – 93, 00

Alberta Minimum Wage for Civil Engineers

The job of civil engineers is to plan, design, and supervise the construction, maintenance, and decommissioning of a wide array of public and private facilities and structures.

  • Average Salary: CAD100, 575
  • Average Wage: CAD51.38
  • Minimum Education: 4 years post-secondary
  • In-demand: Medium

Job Creation Student Wage Rates in Alberta

Importantly, the Alberta minimum wage for students who are under 18 is pegged at CAD13/hour as of June 26, 2019. However, employers can still pay students above this minimum wage benchmark.

Furthermore, this new rate applies to the first 28 hours of work weekly when school is in session. After that, students must be paid the general minimum wage of $15/hour for work exceeding 28 hours in one week.

Weekly minimum wage rates in Alberta

Employees entitled to the weekly minimum wage rate do earn CAD598 per week. Eligible employees include the following:

  • Direct salesperson
  • Commission salesperson (other than a route salesperson) selling goods that will be delivered later
  • Car, truck, recreational vehicle, or bus salesperson
  • Manufactured home salesperson
  • Farm machinery salesperson
  • Heavy-duty construction equipment or road construction equipment salesperson
  • Residential home salesperson employed by a builder
  • Land agent
  • Architect
  • Accountant
  • Chiropractor
  • dentist
  • Engineers or other geoscientists
  • Lawyer
  • Optometrist
  • Podiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Agrologist
  • Denturist
  • Information systems professional

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Welding is the Highest Paid Welding Job?

Highest-paying welding jobs include the following:

  • Welder helper national average salary: CAD13.53 per hour
  • MIG welder national average salary: CAD16.24 per hour
  • Fabricator/welder national average salary: CAD17.76 per hour
  • Welder’s national average salary: is CAD17.90 per hour
  • Welder/fitter national average salary: CAD19.25 per hour
  • Structural welder national average salaryCAD20.55 per hour
  • Pipe welder national average salary: CAD24.50 per hour

What is the Minimum Wage for Domestic Employees?

  • For domestic employees who live in their employer’s homes: CAD2,848 per month.
  • For domestic employees who don’t live in their employer’s home: CAD15 per hour.

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