Alberta PNP Draw Invites Candidates with CRS Scores of 303

Alberta PNP Draw Invites immigration candidates With CRS Scores As Low As 303. More candidates in Alberta are one step closer to Canadian permanent residency following a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw on 17 June.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) sent out 187 invitations to candidates who may be qualified via the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

Invited candidates in the Express Entry pool required a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) requirement of at least 303.

Express Entry is the system that manages applications for three main federal immigration streams: Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

Candidates are then ranked according to the CRS score, which awards points for human capital factors such as age, work experience, educational qualification, and language proficiency in English or French.

The highest-scoring applicants are then issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian immigration through regular Express Entry draws.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

Immigration candidates can be invited to apply for a provincial nomination from Alberta and other provinces with Express Entry-linked PNPs.

A provincial nomination awards candidates an extra 600 CRS points toward their overall score, which boosts them to the top of the pool to be selected in upcoming Express Entry draws.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected operations at the AINP. Therefore, for the time being, only individuals within Alberta are being invited for a nomination.

Candidates need work experience in an eligible occupation that agrees with the province’s economic development and diversification plans.

Alberta immigration does not provide a list of eligible occupations; they rather provide a list of occupations that they will not consider. Ineligible occupations include those in the government’s low-wage and high-wage occupations in Alberta province and the Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations list.

With special coronavirus measures in place, Alberta immigration now needs candidates to meet the following criteria in order to obtain a nomination:

  • Be currently working in Alberta province, even if they are working from home;
  • Possess a work permit authorizing them to work in their current job;
  • Have a full-time, paid job, meets the provincial minimum wages, surpasses Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirements, and they should work in an eligible occupation.

Candidates who were working full-time before COVID-19 and those who are working in a regulated occupation and who cannot meet licensure requirements will have their applications on hold for sixty (60) calendar days.

If candidates have no prior employment history in Alberta, their applications will not be processed until further notice.

How to become eligible for the Alberta Express Entry Stream?

The province of Alberta regularly checks the Federal Express Entry pool to know candidates whose profiles meet the eligibility criteria for the Alberta Express Entry system. Therefore, the first step in becoming eligible is to have an active profile in the Express Entry pool. You must provide the necessary information in the profile, which will be examined by the province to determine whether the applicant has met the eligibility criteria. Candidates may receive an NOI from Alberta if they:

  • Have an active Express Entry profile
  • Have stated interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta
  • Are you working in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification
  • Have a minimum CRS score of 300

Candidates may increase their chances of being included if they have one or more of the following factors:

  • Holding an Alberta job offer or work experience
  • Being a graduate of a Canadian post-secondary school
  • Having a relative that is living in Alberta: parent, child, brother, or sister

What is the best time to receive an Invitation?

According to the express entry system, the province of Alberta can nominate more than 6,000 candidates since 2019.

With the current CRS cut-off for Alberta sitting at just 303, now is the best time to take advantage of immigration to the province. So, you have a higher chance now since the CRS score is now as low as 303.

Alberta PNP draw 2021

On 8 January 2021, the province of Alberta held its first draw of the 2021 Provincial Nominee Program under the Express Entry System. As a result, 50 Canada Immigration candidates have received invitations – Notification of Interest [NOI] letters – from the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program [AINP] through the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

The AINP’s Express Entry Stream depends on the federal Express Entry system; therefore, the ranking score or the Comprehensive Ranking System [CRS] score of the candidate is one of the requirements that determine which candidates receive NOIs. The minimum CRS requirement in the 8 January AINP draw was that of CRS 406.

S.No. Date Of Draw Number Of Invitation CRS Score Of Lowest Ranked Candidate Who Received A NOI Letter
9 May 05, 2021 250 300
8 April 20, 2021 200 301
7 April 6, 2021 200 302
6 March 26, 2021 300 301
5 March 2, 2021 200 301
4 February 16, 2021 159 352
3 February 10, 2021 200 301
2 January 28, 2021 100 360
1 January 8, 2021 50 406

The minimum score for AlNP

The minimum score for the Alberta Express Entry stream is normally from 300 to 400 CRS score.

So, in 2020, Alberta issued 1,785 NOIs to applicants under the Alberta Express Entry stream.

The PNP allocation for Alberta in 2020 was 6,250, but because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta decided to offer invitations to only 4,000 nomination certificates 2020.

The limit on the number of nominations that the AINP can issue in 2021 has not been made available as yet.

Alberta PNP Processing time

The processing time of Alberta PNP varies depending on a number of factors, including labor market information, the volume of applications received, and the date of receiving applications. Once a candidate qualifies and is approved by the Alberta authorities, he/she must get a nomination certificate. The process may take 4-6 months and vary from profile to profile.

Alberta PNP eligible Management occupations

In Alberta’s new immigration stream, skilled foreign workers have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada through the PNP system; Alberta accepts all occupations that fall under NOC codes O, A, B, C, and D. except High wages & low wages occupations.

The candidate will have more chances of qualifying if they have experienced one of the following NOC codes, which are high in demand in Alberta.

You have a golden opportunity to get NOI from Alberta PNP. However, you must also have three years of experience in the given NOC codes and a CRS score of 300 and above.

Alberta PNP Eligible Management occupations

S.No NOC Codes Title
Management Occupations
1 0213 Computer And Information Systems Managers
2 0432 Fire Chiefs And Senior Firefighting Officers
3 0821 Managers In Agriculture
Natural And Applied Sciences Related Occupations
4 2147 Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers And Designers)
5 2161 Mathematicians, Statisticians And Actuaries
6 2171 Information Systems Analysts And Consultants
7 2172 Database Analysts And Data Administrators
8 2173 Software Engineers And Designers
9 2174 Computer Programmer And Interactive Media Developers
10 2175 Web Designers And Developers
11 2271 Air Pilots, Flight Engineers And Flying Instructors
12 2281 Computer Network Technicians
13 2283 Information Systems Testing Technicians
Health Occupations
14 3111 Specialist Physicians
15 3112 General Practitioners And Family Physicians
Occupations In Education, Law And Social, Community And Government Services
16 4011 University Professors And Lecturers
17 4312 Firefighters
18 4411 Home Child Care Providers
19 4412 Home Support Workers, Housekeepers, And Related Occupations
Occupations In Art, Culture, Recreation, And Sport
20 5131 Producers, Directors, Choreographers, And Related Occupations
21 5241 Graphic Designers And Illustrators
22 5227 Support Occupations In Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, Photography And The Performing Arts
Trade, Transport And Equipment Operators And Related Occupations
23 7371 Crane Operators (Only All-Terrain Crane Operators)
Natural Resources, Agriculture And Related Production Occupations
24 8252 Agricultural Service Contractors, Farm Supervisors, And Specialized Livestock Workers
25 8431 General Farm Workers
26 8432 Nursery And Greenhouse Workers
27 8611 Harvesting Labourers
Occupations In Manufacturing And Utilities
28 9462 Industrial Butchers And Meat Cutters, Poultry Preparers, And Related Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum CRS score for Alberta Express Entry?

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score for Alberta PNP is between 300 and 400. In 2019, Alberta invited candidates with a CRS score of 303.

So, you may qualify for Alberta Provincial Nominee Program with a CRS score of between 300 and 400. However, you can still improve your CRS score to stand a chance to qualify for AINP.

What happens if my CRS score is low?

What you see as a low CRS score may eventually allow you to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent resident status. And if you are offered a job in Canada while in the pool, your CRS score may also increase enough to get an ITA for permanent residence.

You can also improve your CRS score by upgrading your Express Entry profile. This will make you score more points and have a chance of qualifying for AINP.

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In conclusion, the Alberta Provincial Police (APP) are looking for candidates with a CRS score of 303 or higher. This score indicates that the candidate has the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the APP force. If you are interested in applying to the APP and have a CRS score of 303 or higher, visit their website now to learn more about the application process.

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