Algerian Embassy in Canada – Popular Consular Services

Get all the consular services you need as an Algerian in Canada from the Enbassy of Algeria in Canada.

The Algerian embassy in Canada provides services equivalent to the job of the Algerian government in Algeria. The only difference is that this time it is done outside Algeria.

Moreover, the embassy only acts as a representative of the Algerian government. However, this doesn’t limit its power to act in the best interest of all Algerians in Canada.

Therefore, as an Algerian in Canada, you can contact your embassy for any issue you have. For this reason, it is advised that you have all the necessary information you need about the Algerian embassy in Canada. 

In fact, that is the general purpose of this article. Moreover, you can contact the embassy with the contact information below for further enquiries. 

What an embassy means

Embassies are the headquarters of a foreign government in another country. Therefore, virtually all countries of the world have embassies in other countries. If on the contrary, there is no embassy, the country will have a consulate where their citizens resident in the host country go for consular services.

Therefore, the Algerian embassy in Canada is the administrative headquarters of the Algerian government in Canada. Therefore, it is there to serve Algerian citizens in Canada, especially in times of serious needs. 

About Algeria

Algeria is a country of about 40.4 million inhabitants located in Africa. Formerly, it was once a strategic crossroads and a country of choice for the various civilizations which conquered it. And these have remained in the country as a permanent marker.

Thus, these various peoples when intruded into Algeria tampered with their traditions and thought, especially in the area of architecture.

In fact, till today, some Algerian cities still keep traces of the ancient Punic, Numidian or Roman cities. Nonetheless, Algeria had a long history even before the conquest by the Romans, however, this his was unrecognized.

To show the importance of Algeria in Mediterranean history, one could still see the traces of the Numidian period in the country today. Therefore, you can see a collection of these in cities like Tipaza, Cherchell, Djemila, Ténès or even Timgad. 

Algerian Embassy in Canada   

 Just like every other embassy, the Algerian embassy in Canada performs certain consular services for Algerian and Canadian citizens. This means that whatever problem you have in Canada, you can contact the embassy for help.

Moreover, the embassy serves as the Algerian government in Canada. In other words, it represents the Algerian government in Canada. 

Address of Algerian Embassy in Canada

There are two places where you can get consular services as an Algerian in Canada. However, this doesn’t mean that Algeria had two embassies in Canada.

Rather, the other one is known as a consulate. Therefore, it serves as a branch of the main embassy. Hence, you can get consular services in any of the offices below:

Embassy of Algeria

435 Daly avenue 

Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6H3

Opening days and hours

Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Visa service: The Visa service is closed on Saturdays. 

Filing of files: from 9 am to 12 noon. 

Visa collection : from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tél: (613) 789-5823 | (613) 789-9592

Fax: (613) 789-7022

Email: [email protected]

Algerian Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Address: 3405-3415 Saint-Urbaine Street, Montreal , Quebec H2X 2N2, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (+1) 514 846 8127

Phone: (+1) 514 846 0442


Popular consular services provided by Algerian Embassy in Canada

The Algerian embassy in Canada provides the following consular services. 

#1: Entry visa to Algeria 

The Algerian embassy in Canada can help you to obtain an Algerian visa from Canada. However, you have to meet the minimum requirements as well as the eligibility criteria. In addition to that, you must fill the application form correctly. You must as well pay the application fee. 

Generally, the embassy serves candidates in Ontario, the Outaouais and the provinces located there.

Therefore, applicants from QuebecVisas for residents of Quebec and the provinces of eastern Canada are supposed to contact the Consulate General of Algeria in Montreal. 

As a journalist, you must complete a specific journalist visa application form.

Meanwhile, anyone can withdraw a visa once authorised by the owner. 

#2: Passport

Among the services that the Algerian embassy in Canada provides to Algerian citizens in Canada is to process their application for passports. All applicants must come in person to submit their applications. This will allow the workers at the embassy to collect identical photographs and biometrics of the applicant. 

Documents for application of passport 

You must provide the following documents whenever you are submitting your application for a passport to the Algerian embassy in Canada. They include:

  • The consular card
  • The 12S birth certificate 
  • Extract of marriage certificate 
  • The biometric passport application form duly filled 
  • 2 recent and identical biometric identity photos. Size: 35mm wide by 45mm high. 
  • Proof of stay in Canada permanent residence card, confirmation 
  • Proof of address 
  • Paternal or guardianship authorization for minor children
  • Chancery fees: CAN $ 100;

#3: Consular registration  

Every citizen of Algeria in Canada must register with the Algerian embassy in Canada. This is one the basis of consular management. Therefore, make sure to contact the embassy and register. Once you register, you can get the following benefits. They include:

  • consular protection,
  • to be issued any administrative document, identity, travel, civil status, etc.
  • exemption from customs duties and taxes on personal effects and vehicles imported on the occasion of their final return to Algeria
  • be registered on the electoral 

Documents constituting a first registration file

You will need the documents for your first registration. 

  • A copy of an Algerian identity document 
  • An extract of the birth certificate (original)
  • A certificate of Algerian nationality or prove you are born in Algeria by providing an extract of your father’s birth certificate (original),
  • A copy of the residence certificate in Canada
  • Proof of the profession 
  • Proof of address 
  • Four (4) recent identity photographs of the same print,
  • A prepaid envelope for the return of documents,
  • The marriage certificate if the applicant is married,
  • An extract of the birth certificate of each minor child,
  • The registration form, duly completed, dated and signed.
Chinese Embassy in Canada

#4: National Identity Card 

The Algerian Embassy in Canada helps Algerians who submit a request for a national biometric identity card either electronically or directly on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities to process their application. 

Therefore, as an Algerian in Canada, you can now obtain your National Identity Card from the Algerian embassy in Canada. 

#5: Certificate of change of residence (CCR

You can also contact the Algerian embassy in Canada for a Certificate of change of residence. However, you must fulfil the following conditions on or before the day of submission of the file. They include: 

  • be over 19 years of age;
  • be registered with the consulate as their main occupation;
  • never have benefited from CCR at a diplomatic or consular post, neither in his own name nor in that of the spouse.

#6: National service 

The Algerian embassy in Canada also provides updates and information for you concerning the National service. 

1- The census

Once you have reached 18 years old, you must register with the Algerian embassy in Canada.  

To register, you must send:

  • A birth certificate;
  • Two (02) recent photographs of the same print;
  • A certificate of schooling;
  • Copy of the consular card of the person concerned or of the legal guardian.

2- Suspension 

For suspension from national service, you must submit the following documents:

A handwritten request to the Ministry of National Defense, under cover of the Ambassador of Algeria to Canada, or under cover of the Consul General of Algeria in Montreal.  The reasons for the suspension could be for 

Suspension for studies:

 a certificate of schooling or a certificate of registration.

Postponement due to the incorporation of a brother

a certificate of incorporation of the brother within the framework of the National Service.

3- The request for exemption from National Service obligations:

for medical reasons:

the applicant must establish a complete medical file and undergo examinations by a medical commission for an aptitude for the National Service.

for social reasons:

Algerian nationals duly registered can ask to be exempted from the obligations of the National Service if they are:

  • sole breadwinner in the ascending line or collateral disabled or at a young age,
  • or over 27 years of age and employed

#7: Special Birth Certificate (12S) 

Algerian citizens in Canada can obtain their special birth certificates through the Algerian embassy in Canada. However, first of all, the applicant must submit a request online. Then, once the request has been entered, the following process must be followed carefully. 

Step 1 Obtaining the access code using the provided website. On the website, you must enter the last name, first name and e-mail address. Then, wait until you receive the access code on your e-mail.

Step 2: Request for act 12S by filling in the spaces relating to the requested information. Therefore, you must also enter the last name, first name and e-mail address. Then, click on save. 

Step 3: Monitor the changes in demand. You have to follow the process and see what level of processing is given to you. 

Step 4: Delivery of the 12S birth certificate. Once edited in Algeria and sent to the embassy, ​​your 12S birth certificate will be given to you at the consular service.