All You Should Know About Quebec Immigration During COVID-19

Quebec province is still process applications for temporary and permanent selection, though many services for immigrants have changed due to coronavirus. Immigrants holding study or work permits in Quebec may wonder how COVID-19 is going to impact on their application for a selection from the province. Quebec immigration ministry has provided answers to some of these questions. Here is everything you should know about Quebec Immigration during COVID-19.

Can a candidate with CSQ still apply for permanent residence?

Yes, Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) holders can still apply for Canadian immigration. Canada is still accepting applications for Canadian permanent residence, and will not be denied because of missing documents. Instead, applicants will be given an extra Ninety (90) days to complete the application.

What if I can’t work due to COVID-19?

Both the federal government and Quebec governments have put in place welfare programs to assist residents who have lost their jobs, or who can not work because of coronavirus outbreak.

Quebec province is offering the Temporary Aid for Workers stream, which helps those who are unable to work because they either have COVID-19, or should self isolate because they are at risk. They may also be receiving Employment Insurance or any other government welfare program or private insurance. This funding can last from two (2) weeks to twenty-eight (28) days.

Those who lost their jobs may be qualified for the Canada Emergency Response Benefits. This funding is for workers age eighteen (15) and older who are living in Canada and will be without work for at least fourteen (14) consecutive days. They are required to have made at least $5,000 in the twelve (12) months preceding their date of application.

Can I submit an application for CSQ under the PEQ if I lost my job due to COVID-19?

The answer is no.

Having a valid job is a requirement to apply for permanent selection via the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) as a foreign worker.

However, the twelve (12) months of full-time work experience required to qualify for the PEQ does not have to be done consecutively. You have twenty-four (24) months to accumulate the required work experiences.

Once you have resumed work and acquired twelve (12) months of full-time work experience, you can lodge your application under the PEQ.

How do foreign students submit an application through the PEQ while waiting for their diploma?

MIFI will take official transcripts and attestations of successful completion of study programs.

Foreign students can apply for permanent residence via the PEQ if they finished from a Quebec higher institution. The programme of study must have been atleast twenty-four months in duration.

After submitting your diploma, official transcripts, or attestations, you have three years to file for a CSQ. During this period you can get a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) that will permit you to work in Quebec for up to three (3) years. In this time you can acquire work experience to apply as either a temporary foreign worker or a graduate.

Is it possible to submit documents in person?

It is possible to lodge the documents that are intended for the Registraire de la francization in the deposit box situated on the ground floor of the Immigration department office in Montreal.

At this time, all other files or documents must be sent by mail.