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An Open Work Permit: Who Can Apply

An Open Work Permit: Who Can Apply. Individuals who wish to apply for the Openwork Permit should see the details below.,

The Canadian government has the interest of the citizens at heart introduced the open work permit so as to allow spouses and students of the citizens seek for job opportunities in the country.

Meaning Of An Open Work Permit

An open work permit is that which allows one (the Holder) to work for any Canadian employer without having an offer of employment. The Open Work Permit is not job-specific and most of the time you do not have to pay for the holder fee.

Those Eligible For An Open Work Permit

You can only be eligible for the open work permit if you are

  • A student who is no longer able to foot his study bills
  • An international student eligible for the Post-graduation work permit program
  • Have applied for your Canada’s permanent residence
  • A family member (dependent family) of one who already applied for the permanent residence
  • The spouse to a skilled worker or international student
  • Under an obligation or law that can’t be removed at that time
  • a worker who participates in a special program like athletes

Items That Are Not Needed In Your Open Work Permit Application

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Proof to show that the employer has submitted an employment offer

An open work permit can be restricted or unrestricted. The work permit is unrestricted if the foreign nationals are allowed to work from any location and in any occupation and it is restricted only if you are restricted to a particular occupation and location.

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