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Andorran Embassy in Canada – Popular Consular Services

Currently, there is no Andorran embassy in Canada to handle consular affairs for the Canadian government. However, it is represented in Canada by its Embassy in New York City. Therefore, all the citizens of Andorra living in Canada must visit the Andorran embassy in New York for any consular affairs.

Nevertheless, the two countries still maintain bilateral relations. However, this relation is generally based on shared values and political dialogue on major international issues.

In addition to that,  Canada and Andorra enjoy active and ongoing collaboration in the United Nations and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophone. 

The Andorran embassy in the United States represents Andorra in the following countries: 

  • The United Nations
  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • The United Mexican States

That being said, the citizens of these countries can only get consular services from the embassy in the USA.

Moreover, in this article, you will learn about the consular services offered by the Andorran embassy in New York, the address of the embassy as well as the contact information of the embassy.

What an embassy means

In general, an embassy serves as the headquarters for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad, which includes all political, cultural, and social ties.

Officially, there will be only one embassy for one country in another country, as this is where the country’s ambassador will work (and sometimes resides).

Although ambassadors may be posted to several countries, they are usually assigned to a single country for the duration of their careers.

Furthermore, the consulate is where consular services are provided. Embassies typically have a consular section.

In some cases, there will be only one embassy in the country you visit, but there may be several consulates. These are common in tourist-heavy cities such as Canada.

About Andorra

Andorra is officially known as the Principality of Andorra. It is a sovereign landlocked microstate on the Iberian Peninsula, in the eastern Pyrenees. Geographically, it is bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south. 

It is generally believed that Andorra was created by Charlemagne. Thus, it was ruled by the count of Urgell until 988, when it was transferred to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Urgell. 

However, the present principality was formed by a charter in 1278. Subsequently, it is headed by two co-princes: the Bishop of Urgell in Catalonia, Spain and the President of France. Its capital and largest city is Andorra la Vella 

Andorran Embassy in Canada

Though there is no Andorran embassy in Canada, still, the residents of Canada have access to consular services. However, this time it is not in Canada, rather, they will have to contact the Andorran embassy in New York. 

Therefore, Andorran citizens must visit the Andorran embassy in New York for any consular service.  

Address of Andorran embassy in Canada

For the fact that there is no Andorran embassy in Canada, Andorrans in need of consular services must visit the address of the Andorran embassy in New York: 


Two United Nations Plaza, 27th floor

New York, NY 10017

Tel. (+1) 212 750 8064 / 8065

Fax (+1) 212 750 6630

Email: [email protected] 

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

August: 8 am – 3 pm

From 23 December to 7 January: 8 am – 3 pm

However, in case of emergency, you can contact the embassy via phone call (+1) 646 250 8294 / (+376) 324 292

Consular services provided by Andorran Embassy in Canada

The Andorran embassy in New York on behalf of the Andorran embassy in Canada offers the following consular services to Andorran citizens living in Canada.  

#1. Visa

Generally, there is no need for a visa to visit the Principality of Andorra. In other words, you do not need to visit the Andorran embassy in Canada for any type of visa.

The reason is that the Principality of Andorra is not a member of the Schengen Area.  As a result, access to the Principality is made through France or Spain. Thus, the citizens of another country apart from Spain or France must get information from the French or Spanish Embassies or Consulates.

This totally depends on the country of the entrance.  However, whenever the Schengen visa is required, third-country nationals shall apply for a double-entry or a multiple-entry Schengen visa depending on how many times you will enter the Schengen area from Andorra.

#2. Passport 

For an Andorran passport, you will need to visit the Andorran embassy in New York with all the necessary documents. This means that you have to contact the embassy prior to your visit. This will help you to know the right documents needed for an Andorran passport. 

#3. Legalization of documents

Another important duty of the Andorran embassy in Canada is the legalization of documents. However, since there is no embassy in Canada, all documents to be legalized are sent to the embassy in New York.  

Some of the documents that you can legalize include a birth certificate, marriage certificate, police report among others.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an Andorran visa in Canada?

You do not need any type of visa to enter Andorra. However, before you can have access to Andorra, you must contact the embassy of Canada in Spain to know the procedure for having access to Andorra as a Canadian. This is because there is no Andorran embassy in Canada.  

Does Canada have an embassy in Andorra?

No, there is no Canadian embassy in Andorra, however, the Canadian embassy in Spain represents the Canadian government in Andorra.  


In Summary, the Andorran embassy in New York also represents the Andorran government in Canada. Therefore, for any kind of consular assistance or protection, Andorran citizens in Canada have to contact its embassy in New York. 

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