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Angolan Embassy in Canada – Citizen Services

Are you searching for information whether there is any Angolan Embassy in Canada or not? If yes, then you are surely at a right source of workstudyvisa information regarding Canada.

It is without doubt that Angola has just one embassy in Canada, which is located in the country’s capital, Ottawa. Besides, Ottawa is a Canadian city located in southeastern Ontario.

Of course, the Angolan Embassy in Canada offers a range of exclusive services to Angola citizens who are presently touring, working, studying or residing in Canada.

You can definitely contact the Angolan Embassy in Ottawa, Canada for assistance at anytime you need to replace your expired, lost or damaged Angolan passport without returning to Angola.

Thus, this post will provide you with information about the Angolan embassy in Ottawa, Canada, services offered, location & contact information, and more.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is a diplomatic mission that provides its citizens in foreign countries with a broad spectrum of services, which include visa & passport services and consular services.

Indeed, you can visit the Angolan Embassy in Ottawa when you seek replacement of your lost, outdated or nullified Angolan passport.

The Angolan Embassy in Canada will definitely serve you regardless of if you’re an Angolan citizen who is studying, touring, working or has immigrated to Canada.

About Angola

Angola is also referred to as the Republic of Angola. Of course, Angola is a country situated on Southern Africa’s west coast.

Besides, Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa. Based on population and total land area, Angola ranks as the 2nd largest country that speaks Portuguese (Lusophone) in the world.

In year 2020, it was estimated that Angola population was 32.87 million. As a matter of fact, Angola shares border with Zambia, Namibia, DR Congo, and with the Atlantic Ocean.

Address of Angolan Embassy in Canada

As has been noted, Angola has only one (1) embassy in Canada that serves the whole of Angolan citizens in Canada.

Therefore, here is the address of the Angolan Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario province, Canada.

  • Embassy of Angola in Ottawa, Canada address: 189 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa,

Ontario K1N 6P1, Canada

Angolan embassy in Canada contact details

You can surely reach out to the Angolan embassy in Canada through their email, phone number, fax or website.

Address of Canadian consular in Angola

Undoubtedly, Canada has one (1) consular for the benefit of her citizens throughout the Republic of Angola.

As a matter of fact, the consular is watched and directed by the Canadian embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Here is the full contact information of the Canadian consular in Angola.

  • Canadian Consular in Angola office address: 113 Rua Rei Katyavala, P.O. box 3350,

Luanda, Angola

Phone numbers: (244) 222 448-371, (244) 222 448-366, as well as (244) 222 448-377

Fax: (244) 222 449-494

Email: [email protected]

  • Canadian Consular in Angola office opening hours: On Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 12:30om. Take note that you can only visit the Canadian consular in Angola if you’ve previously booked an appointment.

Additionally, Canadian citizens in Angola are able to get consular services from the Embassy of Canada in Harare, Zimbabwe.

  • Embassy of Canada, Harare office address: 45 Baines Avenue, P.O. Box 1430,

Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone number: + 263 86 7700 8600

Fax: + 263 86 7700 8624


Email: [email protected]

Top 2 services provided by Angolan embassy in Canada

Without doubt, the Angolan embassy in Ottawa, Canada makes provision of various services to Angola citizens in Canada.

These include consular services, as well as visa & passport services, which are accessible by getting in touch with the Angolan embassy in Canada.

1. Consular services

At the Angolan embassy in Ottawa, Canada, you will be opportune to benefit from a number of consular services, which are open to both Angolans and Canadians.

Besides, this Angolan embassy provides selectable consular services to citizens of Canada who intend to apply for an Angolan visa or seeks for a particular type of information.

Such information include on the eligibility criteria and process of becoming an Angolan citizen, Angola’s economy, education, sports, culture, among others.

2. Visa & passport services

By visiting the Angolan embassy in Canada, you can apply and procure an Angolan visa in order to travel to Angola.

Citizens of Angola can also find solutions to their passport issues through this embassy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about the most common inquiries with answers as regard to the Angolan embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

Is there an Angolan embassy in Canada?

Of course, yes. Angola has an embassy located in Ottawa, ON, which is the capital city of Canada.

Can I submit my visa application to the Canadian consular in Angola?

No, the Canadian consular in Angola does not accept or process visa applications for Canada’s citizens.

Does the Angolan embassy in Canada open on public holidays?

No, the Angolan embassy in Ottawa is usually closed on public holidays for both Angolan and Canadian citizens.

What do I need to apply for visa at the Angolan embassy in Canada?

  • Valid means of identification
  • Photograph with white background
  • Confirmation of assets
  • Proof of accommodation booking or evidence that you have a family member or friend to stay with in Angola
  • Round-trip flight ticket to Angola
  • Credit or debit card for online payment of processing fee

What are the types of visa available to foreign nationals to enter Angola?

  • Normal Visa: For business persons, and some other foreigners who want to visit their loved ones or friends in Angola for a maximum period of 30 days
  • Understudy Visa: This type of visa allows you to study in Angola for a renewable period of one year
  • Work Visa: This type of Angolan visa gives you one-year authorization to work in Angola
  • Brief Duration Visa: This visa is valid for 7 days for foreigners who intend to enter Angola for business purpose or for an emergency or crisis
  • Resident Visa


All things considered, we hope you don’t experience difficulty in locating the Angolan embassy in Canada or in replacing your nullified or lost Angolan passport. Without doubt, this Angolan embassy avails all of the services needed for you to travel to Angola for any reason best known to you.

Thanks for reading!

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