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Antigua and Barbuda Business Visa – Application and Requirements

It is no longer something new that for you to conduct business in Antigua and Barbuda, you need an Antigua and Barbuda business visa. Ordinarily, engaging in any business activity in the country is not a big deal. However, without an Antigua and Barbuda business visa, you cannot enter its territory not to talk of doing business within it.

It is not a daunting task for some citizens of foreign nationals, particularly in the USA and Schengen Areas or citizens holding visas from these countries. However, foreign nationals who do not have visas from the US and Schengen member countries find it very challenging. So, before you go on to request a business visa from Antigua and Barbuda, you need to know what to expect before starting the process.

Since the business culture in Antigua and Barbuda is encouraging, you need to know the necessary documents for the application. You also need to know the cost of the visa and how to proceed with your application. And that is what this article talks about.

Antigua and Barbuda Business visa

The Antigua and Barbuda business visa is a document that permits the holders to enter the Caribbean island country for business only. This means that if you intend to do something other than business on the island, you need to apply for another visa, probably a visitor visa.

The Antigua and Barbuda business visa is available to nationals of different countries of the world. One can also apply for this visa online as the country also operates an online visa application system. This is one of the features of the Antigua and Barbuda business visa that makes it unique, unlike some countries that require a business visa applicant to conduct a physical registration at the embassy.

Furthermore, this business visa allows for multiple entries and is valid for two years maximum.

However, if you intend to visit the country for purposes other than business, You must apply for the appropriate form of long-term visa at an Antigua and Barbuda consulate.

Who is eligible to hold an Antigua and Barbuda business visa?

Generally, every citizen of non-visa-exempt countries must have an Antigua and Barbuda business visa before entering its territory. However, there are conditions and qualities that you must meet before the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department can issue you a business visa.

These conditions include;

  • Your travel purpose must be genuine and valid too. It must be good because the company you are willing to do business with must be located in Antigua and Barbuda. Also, you must have a valid invitation letter the company sent you. The invitation letter is part of your application requirements.
  • You or the business that invited you must be financially sufficient and capable of catering for your stay throughout the business.
  • You must be willing to return to your home country after the conclusion and negotiations or once your business activities in the country are over. To that, you should have strong ties to your home country. These ties must be strong enough to make you return home.
  • It would be best if you were of good reputation and character. Your criminal track record must be clean. To do this, you may have to provide a Police Clearance Certificate.
  • You must not have an underlying health condition. It would help if you were in good health and met at least the minimum health requirements stipulated by the government and immigration.

For most European Union citizens,

Although they do not need a visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda territory for business, they must meet the general requirements stated above.

Also, they are permitted to stay in the country’s territory for business, provided they satisfy the requirements below;

  • Their stay in the country will not go beyond six months.
  • They hold a valid passport at least six months from their departure date.
  • They have in their possession an onward or return ticket.
  • They have confirmed accommodation.
  • They can cater to themselves throughout their stay.

For the last two requirements, they must provide proof.

Requirements for an Antigua and Barbuda business visa application

As earlier mentioned, the Antigua and Barbuda business visa application is an online process. Like every other Antigua and Barbuda visa, you register your application online, upload the required documents and submit your application.

Below are the required documents for the application.

#1. A copy of the international passport

This passport must have a validity of at least six months from the day of application. It must include a clear scan of your information page and bear your signature.

#2. Two copies of digital passport photographs

The digital passport photographs must be taken within the last six months. Your face and facial features must be clear and visible. No covering or headgear is allowed. If there should be any, it must not cover the face. The passport should be taken against a white background and must meet all other passport requirements stipulated by the immigration.

#3. Proof of Travel purpose

This can be a letter of invitation from the company inviting you or any other document. Whatever document you provide must prove your purpose of travel. It must also include your information and other important details about your travel.

#4. Proof of accommodation

For the proof of accommodation, a copy of the hotel reservation ticket (with the hotel information and that of the applicant included) or a letter from your host ( including their information and that of the applicant).

#5. Proof of negative criminal record

The applicant must submit a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to this effect. This certificate must be signed and stamped by the national police unit of their country.

#6. Proof of financial sufficiency

A Bank statement of the applicant or host within the past three months is accepted. This statement must clearly show the applicant’s name or their sponsor’s name as the account holder. In addition, it must include the bank balance and the date the statement was Issued.

#7. Travel Itinerary

The applicant’s flight reservation tickets are both. Both their entry and return tickets must be indicated and submitted. The only good itinerary has the applicant’s information fully represented.

#8. A receipt for visa fee payment

A confirmation of your visa fee payment must be submitted too. It is one of the most important requirements for processing a travel visa.

#9. Travel Health Insurance Certificate

Must include insurance coverage of a minimum of €30,000. The certificate accepted is one issued by a recognized international insurance company.

#10. Birth certificate

This is proof and confirmation of the applicant’s citizenship and nationality.

Note: Ensure to use a valid electronic contact address (email) because it is the means through which the embassy will keep in touch with you.

Applying for an Antigua and Barbuda business visa

While the process has been made easier through an online application system, there are processes you must follow to make sure your application is approved and not delayed too.

#1. Contact the Antigua and Barbuda embassy.

Unlike some countries visa applications where you have to visit the embassy, you contact the Antigua and Barbuda embassy to request the requirements specific to the visa you intend to apply for.

#2. Register and submit the necessary documentation.

Once you are certain about the documents that you need for the visa application, gather these documents and proceed to apply. During the application, make sure that the information you are entering is correct and also resonates with those contained in your certificates and documents.

After you have registered and uploaded the required documents, go on and hit the submit button.

#3. Pay the required visa application fee.

Once you submit your application, proceed to the fee payment interface and make your payment. Then submit the receipt of payment to the embassy. Mind you that the payment will vary depending on the country and type of business endeavor.

#4. Wait for your application approval.

The embassy will communicate with you through the email you submitted. Whether your application is approved or rejected, the embassy will inform you through email.

The embassy will contact you should there be any need for supplementary documents in case of an incomplete application or unclear document.

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Frequently Asked Question

How long does processing an Antigua and Barbuda business visa take?

Processing an Antigua and Barbuda business visa takes a maximum of 15 days to complete. However, this can take more than 15 days to process. But happens in cases where the applicant submitted an incomplete application or in situations where the embassy has difficulty verifying the applicant’s identification.

Asides from that, the visa processing doesn’t take time.

How much does acquiring an Antigua and Barbuda business visa cost?

The Antigua and Barbuda 24-month business visa costs about $350. But this cost depends on whether the visa entry is single or multiple. However, this cost is subject to change. So, before you begin your business visa application process, you should contact the Antigua and Barbuda embassy to avoid mistakes.

Can I request an Antigua and Barbuda visa extension if need be?

Yes, it is possible. However, the visa extension can be requested only when the original two years visa duration expires. The visa can be extended for about two years or more.

Can I switch between visas, from business to visitor visas?

Yes, you can switch visa types both for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. But before you undertake a visa switch, you must contact the embassy for inquiries and requirements. Mind you, switching visa types costs more than applying for the same visa.


Applying for an Antigua and Barbuda business visa is a quick and simple application to make. The streamlined and user-friendly online application system put in place by the country’s government made the process easier too.

It takes a matter of minutes to enter and submit your information on the registration portal. With the information from this article, you have nothing to worry about sending in your application today!

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