Application For A Canada Citizenship Certificate For A Minor

Parents who are Canadian citizens can apply for citizenship certificate for their child born outside Canada. If your child is born outside of Canada and you are looking for the most proper way to apply for Citizenship certificate for the child, then you are on the right page.

Basically, Canadian citizenship is obtained through birth in Canada on the principle of jus soli (or birth abroad) when at least one parent is a Canadian citizen.

It can also be issued to a Canadian permanent resident who has lived in Canada for a certain period of time (often a period of 3- 5 years) through naturalization.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the department of the federal government that determine who gets Canadian Citizenship and also responsible for citizenship-related matters, including confirmation, grant, revocation, and renunciation of citizenship.

This article will explain to you the process of application for a Canadian citizenship certificate for a minor. The information on this page is for those Canadian parents who want to apply for citizenship certificate for their Child born out of Canada. Citizenship certificates are typically proof of Canadian citizenship.

Application for a Canada citizenship certificate for a minor 

Children born outside Canada to Canadian parents must submit an application form to get a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship to show they are Canadian citizens. If you are applying for your child, remember that all questions apply to the child or minor.

The following documents must be submitted in addition to an Application for a Citizenship Certificate from Outside Canada:

  • A legal copy of a document showing that one or both of the parents was a Canadian citizen when the child was born (Canadian birth certificate or citizenship certificate is acceptable);
  • Both parents should submit a legal copy of one piece of valid personal identification (i.e. driver’s license or a passport…);
  • Original birth certificate of the minor which list the names of the parents, with a certified translation into English or French where it was listed in native language; and
  • Two identifications of the minor (one of the identifications must include a photo)
    For minors under the age of Seven (7) years, a letter from the child’s physician containing a photo is acceptable.

Instructions and forms to get Canadian birth certificates are available at the Canadian Embassy. You may also consult the Citizenship and Immigration website to learn about the processing time for Canadian Citizenship Certificate applications.