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How to Apply for a Belgium Visa

Are you planning to Visit Belgium? if yes, then It is important you learn how to apply for Belgium Visa. Belgium is known for stuffs like chocolate, beer, fries, and artists. The country was initially part of France so it shares rich history and culture that is on display in the many museums and landmarks. The diversity of Belgium’s landscape is another thing that makes it unique – from the snow-capped mountains to the lush forests. Belgium also has a rich history with regard to music, fashion, and cuisine.

The visa application process can be a bit time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort. Generally, Belgium has different Visa types for different purposes so it important to identify the type of Visa to apply for.

However to expedite your Belgium Visa application, ensure you have all required supporting documents like Valid Passport, Proof of funds etc

What is Belgium Visa?

It is an authorization document that allows you to enter and stay in Belgium for a specific period of time. It is issued by the Belgian government through it embassies or consulates in different countries. So you can easily pick your visa at the embassy or consulates in your country when it is ready

Types of Belgium Visa

There are different types of visas available, depending on the purpose of your visit. They are classified into Long Stay Visa (Visa-D) and Short Stay Visa (Visa-C).

Short-stay visas

These are for visits of up to 90 days and can be for tourism, business, or family reasons.

Long-stay visa

These type of Visas are issued If you’re planning to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days. It includes the student Visa and Work visa

Documents required for Belgium Visa Application

Belgium visa application form: The Belgium Visa application form can be obtained from embassy or consulates; it should be fill correctly with verifiable information.

Two recent passport photographs: This should be of high quality, bold, visible, at most six months old with a dimension of 35x40mm.

International Passport: You are expected to have an international passport that should be six months active ahead of your visit to Belgium.

A cover letter: This letter should give a summary of your visit to Belgium, documents you have attached and the ones you didn’t. It should also take note of reasons why you be given visa, cover letter is mostly written by employers.

Itinerary: These documents should give detailed information about duration of your stay, activities to engage on while in Belgium. Also proof of your return ticket in the form of flight reservation in case you don’t get your visa can be attached.

Proof of Accommodation: Obviously the Belgian government won’t want you to be stranded in Belgium so you will have to provide accommodation proof.  The proof can  be in the form hotel reservation, details of friend or family member’s house that you will be visiting.

Schengen travel insurance: This a proactive health insurance plan, it expected to cover all medical emergencies you might encounter while in Belgium. The minimum Schengen travel insurance cost about $31,000, so you are expected to provide it Proof.

Proof of Funds: Belgian government doesn’t encourage immigrants that will be a burden so the need for proof of funds is very important. The document is expected to proof that you have financial strength to feed, transit and meet other needs during your stay. Proof of funds can be like recent bank statement, Credit cards, Bank Check, Prepaid transport and accommodation plan.

Additional Support Documents for Belgium Visa Application

  • Apart from the general documents, people applying for Visas like work Visa, Students and business visa will need other supporting documents. For instance:
  • Student Visa applicants will need to attach proof admission to Belgium Institutions.
  • Visa applicants have to attach business invitation from Belgium Company and other vital documents.
  • Visa applicants are expected to attach proof of employment from Belgian employer and work permit secured by employer in Belgium.
  • Applicants on marriage purpose need to attach marriage certificate as a proof of civil status.
  • Minor documents like birth certificate, parents consent form and copies of ID/passport of both parents must be attached.

How to apply for a Belgium Visa?

There are basic and important steps to follow when applying for Belgium Visa, the steps are stated below:

#1. Visit the embassy or consulates: Here you visit the embassy or consulates in your country to get application form if you haven’t download it online. Also you enquire when and where the completed application form should be submitted. In situation your Country doesn’t have Belgium Embassy or consulates; you can contact other Schengen embassy in your country. Alternatively you can contact authorized and reputable Belgium Visa Application Processing organization nearby.

#2. Schedule an appointment: At this stage you have to book an appointment date in the embassy to be able to submit your form. Advisably you should start your visa application process much earlier because appointment date can be up to 8 weeks away. The essence of the appointment scheduled is for submission of forms and reviews.

#3. Complete application form: Carefully fill out every necessary detail in the form and avoid mistakes and cancelations as much as you can. Provide information that are up to date and verifiable any time, where in doubt don’t assume.

#4. Attached all documents: Ensure all documents requested are attached to the application form both general and supporting ones including passport photographs. In a situation you don’t have any of the requested documents, provide the reasons for not having it in the cover letter.

#5. Submit application and get captured: Once you submit your application successfully, you will be booked for interview or appointment. Questions relating to your trip to Belgium will be asked then eventually your biometric capturing will be done. The next is to wait for notification from the embassy.

Who doesn’t need to apply for Belgium Visa?

Belgium is a Schengen country and visa-free entry is granted to all EU member states. Also countries like Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and San Marino are inclusive. This Visa free privilege has limitations because if Citizens exceed 90 days they will need to apply for Visa. So every country that is not Schengen member, EU, EEA or enjoy Visa waiver needs Belgium or Schengen visa to visit the country.

Processing time and Cost of Belgium Visa

It takes up to 15 days to get a Belgium Visa while it possible the duration extends to 6 weeks.  The extension is mostly due to further verification or difficulty in processing applicant visa as a result of errors. The easiest and fastest Belgium Visas to get are Tourist and Business Visa because they attract income to the country.

The cost of getting a Belgium Visa is from 80 Euros and above for adults while 40 Euros for Children. The cost depends on processing speed and type of Visa you are requesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Belgium Visa easy to get?

Yes, it is if you have all the required documents and other information doesn’t contradict.

Does Belgium need Visa to USA?

The Belgian Citizens enjoys the Visa program so Citizens can visit US for 90 days without first obtaining business/tourist visa

How to apply for UK tourist visa from Belgium?

A Belgian Citizens doesn’t need tourist visa to Visit UK for up to six months but if you need Uk study Visa .You can apply online and visit the British Embassy or Consulate in your country for further verification.

Will Belgium adopt European Travel Information and Authorization System?

Yes, come 2023 all Visa Exempt Countries will need to apply for ETIAS to travel to Belgium and other Schengen zones.

How much do I need to travel to Belgium?

The amount you need could depend on the number of days you will be spending in Belgium. Averagely, you can spend up to $130 daily on meals, transportation and other activities that demand money.

Can I Extend My Schengen Visa?

If you have a valid Schengen visa which is about to expire and you don’t want to leave the European Union, you can apply for a multiple-entry Schengen visa. This will allow you to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in total. You will need to provide proof of your passport validity, income and accommodation in the Schengen Area.

Can I apply for Belgium Visa Online?

Yes, you can apply for the Visa Online, simply by visit the site fill the application form, upload all necessary documents and print out the form. Proceed to Submission, schedule an appointment for interview and review then proceed for biometric capturing and finally expect your visa.


Conclusively, tips on how to apply for Belgium visa has discussed in detail likewise the type of visa. Belgium visas can be obtained in less than a week if due process is followed strictly. Schengen member countries, EU, EEA and some Visa waiver free countries visit and stay in Belgium up to 90 days without Visa. Hopefully you find this article helpful and worthy of sharing with friends and family in need of it.

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