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How to Apply for Russia Visa in Six Steps

Do you wish to enter Russia and need to know how to apply for a Russian visa? Have you considered several factors and concluded that Russia is your best destination? Are you at a loss over what it takes you to visit this unique country as a tourist? Worry not; we have figured out everything for you!

Russia is one of the top economies in the world. Further, it is the largest country in terms of population. Moreover, the country is transcontinental across North Asia and Eastern Europe. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is one of the leading cities in the world.

With all this and more, it is not surprising that you choose to tour Russia, which over 3 million tourists visit yearly. In this article, we will not just help you with the steps to apply for a Russian visa but the meaning and types of visa you can choose. Let’s go!

What is a Russian visa?

A Russian visa is a sticker attached to your traveling passport as permission to visit the country. With the visa, you can enter, remain, and leave Russia at a particular time. It contains specific information that will guide the officers to accept or decline your request. Here is the basic information a typical Russia visa has: 

  1. Entry and exit dates
  2. Passport details
  3. Your personal information 
  4. Information about your would-be Russian host

Do you need a Visa to visit Russia?

Before we supply the answer, it is essential to understand that the Russian visa policy is quite strict. Therefore, to visit the country as a tourist, you will probably need a visa, regardless of your country. That said, there are countries whose nationals do not need a visa when visiting Russia. Therefore, you will need to find out if your country is among the Russian visa-free countries. 

Furthermore, suppose you are traveling on a cruise ship with passengers. In that case, Russia can offer you up to 72 hours to enter through any port. You do not need a visa to make this trip. In some cases, if you are a holder of diplomatic from a specific country, you can enter Russia visa-free. In addition, you click here for more reasons to enter Russia.

What is the Russia Visa Types?

You have several choices if you want to apply for a Russian visa. Besides, each of them has its conditions and processes for application. Therefore, your reason for traveling to Russia will determine the type of visa to apply for. Below are the types of Russian visas:

#1 Russia Diplomatic Visa

You can apply for this Russian visa if you are a foreign national with a diplomatic passport. In this case, you must be a head of government, head of state, or an official assignment member.

#2 Russia Service Visa

You can apply for this visa if you are a foreign citizen having a service passport. You must belong to an official assignment, technical, service, or administrative personnel on a diplomatic mission.

#3 Russia Ordinary Visas

Several kinds of visas fall under this category. They include:

  •  Russia Business Visa: You can apply for this visa if you are on a business trip to Russia
  • Russia Private Visa: If you are on a short visit to Russia for a personal issue, this visa is for you. Your host must be the one to invite you through this medium, and they must be your family or friend. 
  • Russia Tourist Visa: You can visit Russia through a tourist visa if you want to explore the country. However, you must hold a letter of invitation from a Russian tour operator to qualify. 
  • Russia Work Visa: You can apply for this Russian visa through a letter of employment from a Russian employer. It is for a specific period, not more than one year, although susceptible to renewal.
  • Russian Student Visa: If you are traveling to Russia for study purposes, you need a student visa to achieve that.
  • Russia Humanitarian Visa: If you are visiting Russia for political, scientific, cultural, religious, or sports purposes, you can apply for this visa. Besides, if you are going for delivery humanitarian or charity purposes, you can apply for this Russian visa. 

#4 Russia Transit Visa

If you travel to another country but need to go through Russia, you need a Russia transit visa.

#5 Russia Exit Visa

If your visa expires while in Russia, you may apply for an exit visa to enable you to leave the country.

#6 Russia eVisa

Only citizens of Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, China, India, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates can apply for this visa. If you qualify, you can visit Russian Far East for less than eight days. 

Aside from the above types of Russian visas, there are other kinds of visas, which can depend on the number of times you wish to visit Russia with one visa. These visa types could be single-, double-, or multiple entries.

How do you apply for Russia Visa?

Apply for a Russia visa requires the simple steps below:

#1 receive an invitation

The first step to applying for a Russian visa is to get an invitation. If you are a tourist, you will receive an invitation from a travel agency or hotel. If not, your inviter is to get the invitation from the General Directorate for Migration for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Once you receive the invitation, you proceed to the next step.

#2 Complete your online application form

You can access this form at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website. Before completing the form, you need to check the requirements for your country. Then, input the correct details to avoid the declination of your application.

#3 Collect the relevant documents

After applying for a Russian visa online, you must go to the embassy/consulate or visa center in your home country to get the visa. Ensure to go with the required documents. Find out what is involved before proceeding. Besides, your visa type will also determine the documents you are to supply. 

#4 Apply for a Russia visa in person

Knowing the necessary documents to apply, you can show up at the Russian embassy or visa center. You do not need to book an appointment in this case. However, you will need to pay a token for the visa application upon submitting your documents. 

#5 Obtain the immigration card

The next step to getting your visa is to travel to Russia. Once you get to Russia, you must fill out an immigration card. The card has two parts of sameness, and you must fill out both. When you fill out the cards, the border police will keep one and offer the other to you. Then, you should proceed to your destination with the other. 

#6 Register your visa

Although you may not do this immediately after you get to Russia, you should ensure to do it seven days before your visit. You have two methods to choose from for registration. 

· The first is at the hotel you are lodging

· The second is through the property owner of your apartment, which could also be where your inviter stays.

Whichever way you choose depends on where you stay in Russia. Moreover, registering your visa will necessitate your passport and immigration card.

What are the Requirements to Apply for Russia Visa?

You must tender different documents when applying for a Russian visa. The availability of these documents will determine the decision of the Russian embassy regarding your application. Therefore, ensure to make them available to facilitate your travel. As we pointed out, each country has its list of documents to apply for a Russian visa. Therefore, here are the official documents for a visa to Russia:

1. Visa application form: You will obtain this at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

2. Valid passport: You must have a passport of six months’ legality. Additionally, it must have two blank pages to affix the visa sticker. The blank pages must not be consecutive.

3. A recent photo: You are to affix this photo on the right page of the application form

4. Proof of residence: This is only applicable if you apply from a country other than your origin. 

5. Proof of invitation: It is also called visa support, which is proof that you are eligible to visit Russia. Your family, friend, business associate, or hotel management will issue it to you.

More Requirements

In addition, there may be a need for the following documents, depending on your visa type and country.

1Bank statement: You must submit your bank statement for the last three months. Besides, it must show that you have up to 115 EURO for each day of your proposed stay in Russia.

2Health insurance: You must purchase health insurance covering the validity of your stay in Russia. It must also include the geographical areas you are to cover.

3Letter of employment: This letter is written and signed by your employer while giving full details about you. It must also indicate your destination, purpose, and date of your visit. Further, it must demonstrate the name and address of your inviting organization or person. 

4Vehicle registration certificate: If you are visiting Russia for auto tourism, you must tender your car registration certificate. 

5. Copy of your flight tickets

6HIV/AIDS test certificate: It must be taken in the last three months of your application. 

How much does it cost to apply for Russia Visa?

There is no definitive answer to this question. This is because several factors determine the fee for each visa type. These factors include your nationality, type of visa, number of entries, length of stay, and visa processing time.

What is the Average Time to apply for Russia Visa?

It takes around ten days to complete a Russian visa application. Nevertheless, in some cases, it can take as fast as seven days or even prolonged to 20 days. If you need the visa quickly, you may apply for expedited processing. It is the fastest visa application route and takes only three working days. However, you will pay a higher fee to achieve that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Russian visa?

To apply for a Russia visa, you need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Get the Invitation or Visa Support
  • Complete the online application form
  • Assemble the required documents
  • Apply in Person at a Russian Consulate / Russian Visa Processing Center
  • Obtain the immigration card
  • Register your visa.

How do I apply for a Russian visa online?

You will need the following document for your online Russia visa:

  • Completed online application form
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Payment of the E-visa application fee
  • A recent photograph in JPEG format
  • Medical insurance coverage 

How much is the Russian visa fee?

You will need to pay $160.00 to obtain your Russian visa. In addition, it does not include the administrative or letter of invitation fees. Again, your country and visa type will affect the cost.

Can I go to Russia right in 2023?

Due to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the security situation in the country is compromised. Therefore, wait for a little before you can visit.


You can apply for a Russian visa in six simple steps. First, ensure the necessary documents and apply for the proper visa. Moreover, you will need to find out if your country can enter Russia visa-free.

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