Are Virtual University Programs Evaluated By WES and HEC?

Many people may know little about WES and HEC’s recognition of Virtual University Programs. A Virtual University provides higher education programs via electronic media, especially the internet. Virtual Universities are recognized and located all over the world.

Ahmed plans on doing a 1 year Post graduate diploma from Virtual University in his country. He is aware that it is recognized by the HEC (Higher Education Council) and WES. But isn’t sure if PGD from a VU. is equivalent to a 1-year PGD by Canadian standards.  “Yes!” we replied Ahmed. It is confirmed that PGD will be accepted as “two or more degrees” for the CRS score.

Also, Umar has graduated as an Industrial Engineer from NED University in Karachi. He went for 4 months diploma in Supply Chain Management from Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) but WES didn’t recognize 4 months diploma from PIM. However, WES recognized his NED Bachelors in Engineering Degree as being equivalent to a Canadian 4-year bachelors degree.

To boost his score further, Umar is considering getting a 1-year diploma from the Virtual University of Pakistan in Business Administration. The Virtual University of Pakistan is recognized by WES as authentic institute according to WES Canada website at Documents Required Section. He is not sure if the postgraduate diploma is equivalent to a diploma in Canada.

Should anyone be in a similar situation, VU is accredited by HEC. However, AIOU is distant learning, VU is not distant learning. Its mode of teaching is different. That is through the computer. You will need a Masters or a diploma to boost your scores. If anyone is planning on taking admission in order to boost the CRS score, please do so, I am sure it will help you to gain marks.