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Argentina Business Visa – Documentation, Requirements, and Fees

It is no longer news that Argentina is a blooming ground for businesses and investments. As such, making discussions about the Argentina business visa inevitable. Speaking of business in Argentina, the world bank recorded in its 2020 business review that Argentina is most favorable to small businesses. Categorically, its business policies focus on protecting minority investors and enforcing contracts.

Historically, Argentina’s economy hasn’t been the most stable; however, it is one of the largest economies in South America. Moreover, not only is it one of the largest economies in South America, but Argentina is also one of the countries in the world witnessing positive economic evolution.

Furthermore, the business culture in Argentina encourages networking, socialization, and building meaningful relationships. At the core of the business, Argentina also values relationships and respect.

Not minding the type of business that you are up to in Argentina, there are things that you need to have at the tips of your finger. Particularly a fully established knowledge as regards obtaining the Argentina business visa, fees, and requirements, their business culture, cost of living, and transportation in Argentina. Also, you need to know about Argentina’s business hierarchy and respect for seniority. Therefore, this article will teach you about Argentina’s business visa and requirements.

Argentina Business visa

An Argentina business visa is issued to foreign nationals whose purpose of visiting Argentina is just for business. The government of Argentina is charged with the sole role of issuing business visas to foreign citizens. However, this must be after an interview is conducted to ascertain that their business intention in the country is genuine and will benefit it.

Although, there are a lot of business-related activities that a holder of an Argentina business visa can engage in. However, all these business activities must align with the regulations outlined in the business regulation policy. Please permit me to mention that Argentina is not solely business-oriented; it has other unique features that can serve tourism purposes.

Argentina business visa is also issued to foreign employees of Argentina-owned businesses with branches outside the country. Therefore, in applying for Argentina business visas in this Scenario, the commercial entities established in or outside Argentina are the sponsors.

Furthermore, this type of visa is obtained at an Argentina embassy or consulate in the foreign employee’s country of residence. But this is only if the applicant is not from a visa waiver country. However, if the applicant is a citizen of a visa waiver country, the business visa is obtained at the Immigration Office in Argentina.

In addition, the individual holding this type of visa is authorized to stay in the country for a maximum period of 60 days. They must leave the country’s territory at the expiration of the authorized duration.

Who is eligible to hold an Argentina business visa?

You need an Argentina business visa if you are a foreign business person or an employee of an Argentina-owned company traveling to Argentina for any of the purposes;

  • Attending business meetings with your company headquarters.
  • Building a network or partnership with other businesses located in Argentina.
  • Conceiving business contacts. However, the business contact must be a professional one.
  • Attending conferences as well as professional examinations.
  • Government business visits.
  • Negotiating business contracts.
  • Establishing a new business within Argentina.
  • Expanding a business in Argentina.

Documents and requirements for an Argentina business visa

As mentioned earlier, an Argentina business visa is issued solely for business purposes. If a foreign national is willing to visit the territory of Argentina for a short duration for business, then there are document requirements for that to happen.

Once you acquire the visa, you are entitled to every benefit of doing business in Argentina. But before acquiring the business visa, here are the documents you need to put in place.

#1. An Argentina business visa application form.

Filling out the Argentina visa application form is the first ever thing that you need to do. This is after researching the location you are traveling to, the air flight you will fly with, and the hotels and lodgings in that location.

Unlike other countries’ visa application forms that are first filled online before downloading, you first download the Argentina visa application form.

Even though the form is downloaded first before filling in, it is still preferable to fill in the form in electronic format.

Fill in block letters and append your signature.

#2. A copy of an international passport.

The international passport you have must contain the correct personal information and biodata. In addition, it must have a minimum of two (2) blank pages and be valid for at least six months when entering Argentina.

The passport must be one issued in the past ten years too. You can as well submit previous passports if you have any.

#3. Two copies of civil passport photographs.

The passport copies must be 35 x 45mm each in size and a recently taken image. It must be printed in color and on a white background, making the applicant’s facial features visible.

#4. A copy of an invitation letter.

The invitation letter must be an original copy and certified as well. The Argentina Public Notaries must approve all invitation letters for every visa requiring an invitation.

The applicant’s business partner, client, or employer that requests their presence is burdened with writing the letter and getting it certified before sending a copy to them.

The application letter must contain the “RENURE Registration Number.” When the institution or client submits their details to the National Migration Office in Argentina, this registration number is assigned to the applicant.

#5. Proof of purpose of travel.

This is a document indicating your reason for traveling to Argentina. It can be a document (i.e., registration document of the company) or a cover letter. The cover letter must contain a passport number, hotel reservation, location, and details of the host or person making the invitation.

#6. Trip reservation tickets.

This involves flight tickets and hotel reservation tickets or proof of accommodation. It is recommended that you do not purchase a ticket before you obtain your visa.

#7. Health travel insurance.

This is required as it offers protection against travel and health risks. However, it must include a minimum coverage of €30,000.

#8. A receipt for visa fee payment.

This is to confirm your visa fee payment. Without the receipt, your visa application will not be processed.

#9. Proof of financial means.

This confirms that you can care for yourself throughout your stay in Argentina. It includes your bank statement from the bank or your sponsor’s bank statement for the past six months. The bank statement must contain the bank seal and signatures.

Note: All documents must be presented in original copies and accompanied by their photocopies. They must be submitted in both English and Spanish.

Applying for an Argentina business visa

Application for an Argentina business visa is an offline process. Hence, the business visa application form is downloaded and filled offline (preferably electronically). You can get the visa application form from the diplomatic mission of Argentina in your country.

The application procedure is as follows;

#1. Schedule an appointment with the Argentinian embassy in your country.

This is the very first thing you need to do. Next, you need to contact your country’s consulate.

Sometimes if no Argentinian representative exists in your country, you will have to travel to neighboring countries to make your application.

#2. Collect the visa form and pay the required fee.

After the appointment, collect a visa application form. You may need to download it from the country’s website too. Then, find out the nitty-gritty of Argentina business visa application, the requirements, as well as the Argentina business policy.

After collecting the visa application form, you will pay a visa fee. Mind you; this visa fee payment is non-refundable.

#3. Fill out the form as well as make available the required documents.

Fill out the form in block letters and gather the required documents to avoid forgetting any.

#4. Submit the application form together with other documents.

After completing your application form, submit the form together with the documents and the receipt of payment for the visa application fee. You are to present it in person on the day of the appointment. Make sure to review your application and ensure the information supplied is correct.

It is best to submit your visa application form a minimum of three weeks before your travel date.

#5. Attend the interview conducted by the embassy.

The embassy, verifying the application form information, invites the applicant for an interview.

This interview is part of the processing process; therefore, attendance is mandatory per the law.

It takes up to five days for the embassy to grant the visa. However, this comes after conducting a personal interview.

#6. Wait for a response from the embassy.

After the interview, the embassy will send a message for your visa collection if your visa is accepted. However, if the message you got read visa rejection, you can go on and reapply.

What does it cost to acquire an Argentina business visa?

The Argentina business visa fee can vary depending on the region of the embassy, the countries involved, the duration of stay, and the entry type.

The consular visa fee is about $200 or Euros, depending on the location of the consulate.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to get a business visa from Argentina?

It takes between three weeks and one month to process the Argentina business visa. However, the processing time also depends on the verification documents. The Argentina Business Visa Processing time depends mainly on the verification of the documents.

Is Argentina part of the Schengen Area?

No, Argentina is not part of the Schengen Area. However, any foreign citizen holding a Schengen or European Union member visa can enter Argentina. This is because Argentina, despite being a country in Europe, is not also a member country of the European Union.

Can I get an Argentina business visa without an interview?

No, without the interview, you cannot get your Argentina business visa. The reason is that the interview forms part of the significant process of acquiring an Argentina visa.

How do I track my Argentina business visa status?

The Argentina government did not make provisions for tracking the Argentina business visa. Therefore, after your visa is approved and the interview is conducted, the embassy you message on when to collect your visa.

So, it would help if you waited for a response from the embassy. The embassy must send you a message whether your visa application is accepted or rejected.


Traveling to Argentina is fun because of the beauty the country is made of. But, most importantly, the country is favorable to young investors as the business policies its government makes are meant to protect these young investors.

Argentina is the right choice if you are considering doing business and making some investments.

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