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How to obtain an Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization

The Argentina electronic travel authorization ​​has eased the stress of going to the Argentina local consulate. However, not every country is eligible to use this visa application system.

The hassles that citizens of foreign nationals experience in their visa processing are alarming.

Ordinarily, applying for visas is supposed to be stress-free. But a situation where individuals have to travel greater distances within and outside their countries to process their traveling documents defies the odds.

So, in a bid to conquer/bypass the stress associated with the traditional way of visa application for citizens of other countries, many countries plugged into the online alternative; electronic travel authorization. Here, citizens of authorized countries, instead of going through the traditional way of submitting their visa application, apply and submit their visa online.

After verification, the ETA would be sent to them through their email. So, no extra expenses incurred, no stress undergone.

Argentina was not left out as well. It is plugged into this electronic system of visa application and issuance.

If you want to acquire an Argentina travel visa, it is possible to do that online. This visa, notwithstanding, is mainly for travels involving tourism. For an Argentina work visa, visit visa, medical visa, family reunion visa, or business visa, you need to apply for a stamped visa instead.

This blog post contains everything you need to know before applying for an electronic travel authorization.

What is an Argentina electronic travel authorization (ETA)?

The Argentina electronic travel authorization is an entry document required for citizens of visa-exempt foreign countries to enter Argentina.

Citizens of certain nations that the Argentina government exempted from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa must apply for electronic travel authorization.

The Argentina electronic travel authorization replaces the traditional visas for Argentina in the passports of foreign immigrants.

All you need to do as an applicant planning to enter the territories of Argentina is to fill out some information online. You will also fill out the Argentina affidavit. But this will be 48 hours before your flight commences.

The Argentina electronic travel authorization is an automated system. It determines the eligibility of a citizen of visa-exempt states to travel to Argentina. However, it does not guarantee entry into the country.

Documents required for the Argentina electronic travel (ETA) application

Applying for an Argentina electronic travel authorization does not require so many documents, unlike the traditional visa application.

#1. The main document that is needed is the applicant’s international passport.

This international passport must be valid and contain the applicant’s information and biodata.

#2. The applicant’s travel details.

Mind you that the Argentina electronic travel authorization is just for tourism purposes. Therefore, as part of the application, the applicant should make available their travel details.

These details include; proof of accommodation, health travel insurance, and itinerary schedule.

#3. A valid email address.

The email address is required because it is where the electronic travel authorization will be sent for the applicant to print. Therefore, the applicant must ensure that they provide a functional, valid email address with clarity.

#4. A valid credit or debit card.

The applicant should provide a valid credit or debit card for payments. Because the eTA is an electronic system, all processes attached to it are carried out online.

How to apply for an Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Applying for the Argentina electronic travel authorization is not challenging because it is performed online. The applicants need a valid passport for identification, a credit card for payment, and an email address through which their application is approved.

#1. Go to the Argentina visa application website. Click on the electronic travel authorization.

#2. When the interface opens, fill out the Argentina electronic travel authorization application form. The application is online, so there will be no need to go through paperwork. The system will present several fields to fill depending on your nationality.

The information you need to fill in the form includes;

  • Your name. It would help if you filled in your name according to the instructions on the form.
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Contact address
  • Information regarding your nationality and citizenship
  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Background and Eligibility questions. This section will inquire about your medical condition and criminal records.

After filling out the form, you are required to pay the application fee and then submit it. But before you submit your form, cross-check the information you supplied to make sure that they are all correct.

Note: Some applicants are asked to submit extra documents after the online submission. This may be because the information they submitted online is insufficient to verify them.

Upon discovering this, the embassy gives the applicant a list of additional documents to submit through the registered email. The applicant should send the documents at most ten days after receiving them.

Some essential instructions about Argentina’s electronic travel authorization (ETA)

The Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA);

#1. allows for multiple entries into the territory of Argentina. However, this lasts within three subsequent months. In addition, it also allows for one possible travel authorization three months afterward.

#2. This travel authorization is issued for only tourism purposes. It can not be issued for work, study, business, family reunion, or any other visa purpose.

#3. This travel visa is only issued to holders of B1, B2, or Schengen category C visas. After the Argentina government has issued the validity, its validity is for 90 days.

#4. Travelers holding the Argentina electronic travel authorization must have a passport that is at least six months valid from the day of their arrival. In addition, at least one blank page must be available for stamping on the passport.

#5. Also, when you arrive in Argentina, you must present your ETA along with your passport, payment receipt form confirmation, and identification. All these must be printed copies.

#6. Holding the Argentina electronic travel visa does not provide automatic authorization to enter its borders and territory. The immigration officer at the port of entry is charged with the duty of either allowing or refusing entry.

#7. When you arrive in Argentina, you must present your passport along with your electronic travel authorization, Argentina affidavit, and a payment confirmation receipt.

Can an ETA application be denied?

Yes, the Argentina embassy can deny an applicant the ETA visa based on any of the following;

  • Using and submitting travel documents is not their own.
  • If the applicant is seen as someone threatening the security of other citizens and travelers.
  • When the applicant did not honor the request for extra information or documentation as requested by the embassy.
  • If the applicant fails to show up for an interview on the scheduled date and does not reschedule.
  • When there is a series of doubts surrounding the applicant’s information and documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Argentina electronic travel authorization take to complete?

Applying for an Argentina electronic authorization is hassle-free and does not take time at all. This is because the application form can be found and filled out online. Moreover, the principal document that is needed for the application is the application form which can be found online and the international passport.

Like the ETIAS application, the electronic travel authorization application is a quick and easy process and doesn’t take more than 2o minutes to complete.

How much does the Argentina electronic travel authorization cost?

The Argentina electronic travel authorization costs about $200. But mind you, it is stress-free compared to the traditional visa application.

Do I need an Argentina electronic travel authorization if I have a Schengen Visa?

You do not need the Argentina electronic travel authorization if you have a Schengen visa. Having a Schengen visa means your country is not part of the visa-exempt countries. What this means, therefore, is that you will not need an Argentina electronic travel authorization because your country is eligible.

If your Schengen visa expires, you have to renew it.

How long is the electronic travel authorization valid in Argentina?

If approved, your Argentina electronic travel authorization is valid for three months only. That is to say, a total period of 90 days, and you must use it within that time frame. Also, it is a multiple entry visa, which means you can use it to enter and re-enter Argentina within 90 days.

Can I enter any EU country with the Argentina electronic travel authorization?

Foreign citizens holding an Argentina electronic travel authorization can only use it in Argentina. The ETA is a replacement for only a tourism visa. However, foreign citizens holding Argentina passports can travel to any Schengen Area member country without applying for a visa. This is so because Argentine is in a visa-waiver agreement with Europe.


Argentina is a country filled with lots of natural resources and a home to cultural diversity. As such, it is a growing hub for tourism offering breathtaking sights and views to people who flock to its territory for tourism—overflowing with a rich and diverse culture.

Argentina presents countless opportunities for tourists to make and create memories. However, the challenges of visa application made a lot of people stay away for a while. But with the ETA application, it is easier, particularly as people who want to visit the country for tourism can now apply from anywhere in the world.

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