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Argentina long-term visa: Application, Types, and Requirements

Are you looking forward to spending quality time in any of the cities in Argentina for more than 90 days? Then, you can consider obtaining an Argentina long-term visa.

The Argentina long-term visa is a visa that permits foreign nationals to carry out different activities for about a year in Argentina. It is a visa type you can obtain for various activities such as work, study, family reunion, investment, retirement, or digital Nomad in Argentina.

In this article, you are set to learn about the types, requirements, and steps to apply for a long-term visa. So, let’s get you started!

About Argentina

Argentina is a large, diverse country located in South America. The country has a rich history and culture and is known for its beautiful landscape and delicious food. Also, it is home to several famous landmarks, including the Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Argentina is a great place to visit for q long term! The people are friendly and welcoming, and there is plenty to see and do. Interestingly, it is home to some of the best steak in the world, so make sure to indulge while you’re there!

Types of Argentina Long-Term Visa

Without a doubt, the Argentina long-term visa is specifically for individuals who want to reside in Argentina. The most common types of this visa are as follows:

#1. Argentina work visa

This is a specific visa type that is issued to foreign individuals who want to move to Argentina on a long-term basis for work purposes. In addition to this work visa, you must obtain a work permit arranged by your employer in Argentina. At the same time, you process the work visa in your home country.

To be eligible for this visa type, you must have gotten an offer from an employer in Argentina. In turn, your employer must prove that no Argentine citizens or residents can take up the job you’re you got.

#2. Argentina student visa

The Argentina student visa is a type of long-term visa for individuals of foreign nationals for study purposes. Suppose you want to earn a degree or carry out a short course in any of the institutions in Argentina. In that case, you will need to meet the requirements for this visa and apply likewise.

One of the essential requirements is to gain admission from any of the registered institutions in Argentina before you apply for the visa.

#3. Argentina family visa

This is a specified visa that aims to reunite families of Argentinian citizens or permanent residents. Usually, it is issued to very close family members of the nationals of Argentina. To be eligible for this visa type, you will need brief evidence of your relationship with the residents of Argentina.

#4. Argentina investment visa

Argentina investment visa is a visa type specific for foreign individuals who are willing and capable of investing in the economy of Argentina. It is a long-term visa for millionaires that can invest about 1.5 million Argentine Pesos into Argentina’s service or trade sector.

#5. Argentina retirement visa

This specific visa is for individuals who can financially support themselves without having to work in Argentina. It is for senior citizens that have retired from work but have a monthly stream income or pension of not less than 30,000 Argentine Pesos.

#6. Argentina digital nomad visa

This newly launched visa is dedicated to individuals who want to work remotely for any company in Argentina. In addition, it allows digital nomads to work for either international or Argentinian companies from anywhere around the world.

Argentina Long-Term Visa Requirements

When applying for a Long term visa, you need to gather several supporting documents. Naturally, the documents you tender may change based on the purpose of travel. However, the standard set of documents for all Argentina long-term visa applications includes:

  • Visa application form: The long-term visa application form is online and can be obtained from the Argentinian embassy’s website or consulate. You can choose to complete the form online or simply download it and complete it manually, depending on the embassy you are applying to.
  • Passport: You need a valid passport for your visa application, with at least six months of validity from the day you intend to depart from Argentina. Also, the passport must have at least two blank pages where you can fix your visa sticker.
  • Passport photo: At least two passport-size photographs with a dimension of 4 cm by 4 cm taken recently with your natural facial expression are needed for your application. And yes, the picture must be colored and taken against a white background.
  • Evidence of financial sustainability: Without a doubt, you need proof of financial means, which could be in the form of a bank statement. It is to certify your capability to see to your basic needs.
  • Proof of accommodation: You need substantial evidence that you have a place to stay in Argentina. The housing can be in the form of a hostel, lodge, or hotel.
  • Evidence of visa payment: if you wouldn’t be paying for the Argentina long-term visa in person at the embassy, you can pay it online and bring the evidence of your payment along with you.

How do you Apply for an Argentina long-term Visa?

To apply for any of the Argentina long-term visas, you need to visit the diplomatic mission of Argentina in your country, such as an embassy or consulate. The application process is as follows:

Step one: Set up an appointment with the Argentinian diplomatic mission

Without a doubt, before you submit your documents at the Argentinian embassy or Consulate in your home country, you need first to contact the embassy to set up an appointment. However, suppose your country does not have a diplomatic representation of Argentina. In that case, you may have to visit a neighboring country to apply.

Step two: Collect documents

You must complete the visa application form for any Argentina long-term visas. But this will be after setting an appointment with a diplomatic mission. You can find this application form online, but make sure you download the right one that suits your purpose of travel.

Afterward, collect all the documents you need for the visa application. Then, enquire more from the consulate or embassy you attend for more specific requirements for the visa type you’re opting for.

Step three: Pay the visa fee

No doubt, you need to pay the Argentina visa application processing fee. Unfortunately, this fund is not refundable. Hence it would be best to be careful with your application to avoid wasting time and money. In addition, the embassy you apply to may likely dictate your payment method. However, you can find information on the payment on their website.

Step four: Submit the documents and attend the visa interview

Once you pay the fee for any long-term Argentina visas, you should submit your documents and attend the in-person interview.

Step five: Wait for your visa result

The final stage is to wait for the processing of the visa you applied for. Then, assuredly, you will receive the Argentina visa sticker on your passport if your application is successful. Then, you can travel to Argentina.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a permanent resident visa for Argentina?

The process for obtaining a permanent resident visa for Argentina may vary depending on your nationality and other factors. However, generally, you will need to provide evidence of a valid reason for wanting to live in Argentina permanently. This evidence includes employment, family ties in the country, or significant assets. You will also need to meet specific financial and medical requirements.

What are the disadvantages of living in Argentina?

There are a few disadvantages of living in Argentina. One is the cost of living, which is higher than in some other countries in Latin America. Another is that the country can be quite bureaucratic and challenging to do some things.

Are Argentines friendly?

Argentines are some of the friendliest people in the world. They are always willing to help and go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

Is Argentina good for ex-pats?

Argentina is a great place for ex-pats. The cost of living is relatively low, and there are plenty of opportunities for work and travel. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the country has a rich culture and history. There are also plenty of great places to visit in Argentina, making it an excellent destination for ex-pats.

How can I move to Argentina legally?

There are a few ways to move to Argentina legally. One way is to get a work visa. You can also get a student or tourist visa and then apply for residency. To apply for residency, you must have a valid passport and proof of income. Also, you need proof of address in Argentina and a medical exam.


The Argentina long-term visa is a sure way to spend a long time in Argentina for different purposes. We have provided all documents and steps you need for the application in this prosé. Ensure to apply as soon as possible

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