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Guide on how to apply for an Argentina Permanent Residency

Have you ever imagined the numerous opportunities attached to Argentina Permanent Residency? If yes, this is the time to make the imagination a reality because the benefits are better enjoyed than imagined,

You will still find this helpful guide if you live in the country on a temporary resident permit. The steps to apply for Argentina Permanent Residency will be discussed.

Thus, if you are in planning mode, you will be exposed to all eligibility criteria to obtain this permit.

About Argentina

Argentina is a large, diverse country located in South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north, Uruguay to the northeast, Paraguay to the east, and Bolivia and Chile to the west.

With a population of forty-one million, Argentina is the second-largest nation in South America after Brazil.

In Argentina, the beef is c, the wine is tasty, and the culture is rich. It is a popular tourist destination for many who appreciate exquisite food, wine, and architecture. From the bustling city of Buenos Aires to the rural villages, there is much to see and do in Argentina.

Argentina’s economy is the third largest in South America, and the country has a GDP of $664.5 billion. Argentina’s economy is based on services, industry, and agriculture. The country’s main exports are soybeans, wheat, corn, beef, and leather.

What is Argentina’s permanent residency?

It is an indefinite stay permit issued to eligible and qualified foreign nationals in Australia by the Australian government. This document gives you more access to facilities and privileges that a temporary resident permit holder can’t access.

Benefits of Argentina permanent residency 

The benefits of obtaining permanent residency in Argentina are many. The process is simple, and the requirements are not too difficult to meet. So, find below some of the top benefits of a permanent residency permit:

  • You will have free access to quality health care and education with children, inclusive.
  • You are also allowed to work and do legal business without any restrictions.
  • You have the right to buy and own properties in the country.
  • Eligible to apply for the Argentine citizenship
  • You can legally marry an Argentine as your partner.
  • The right to invite your family members to the country and live with you.
  • You can raise a family as it offers a safe and secure environment with plenty of opportunities for growth and enrichment.
  • You can vote in provincial and municipal elections, but you can not for the presidential and federal legislative elections.

Argentina permanent residency eligibility criteria and requirements 

Argentina, a tourist destination, attracts many foreigners who find the country very safe and secure to live in. Therefore, the number of Argentina permanent residency applicants can be very high with a competitive edge. But if you are eligible and satisfy all the requirements, you will be issued the residency permit. So it would help if you were prepared to meet the eligibility and requirements listed below:

  • You must be a holder of an Argentina long-stay visa like a work visa, study visa, investment visa, family reunion visa, dentists, and pensionado visa.
  • You will be eligible if you are a spouse to an Argentine citizen or a parent to Argentina permanent resident.
  • You are a parent to a child who was born in Argentina but must be less than eighteen years old.
  • You are contracted by any registered company in Argentina.
  • If you own a big business in Argentina, or you are a business start-up.
  • You must have held Argentina’s temporary resident permit for a minimum of two years.
  • You should have a clean criminal record in place.
  • Your means of income must be at least three hundred dollars, equivalent to ARS 30,000 monthly. But in reality, if your source of income is not up to two thousand dollars monthly, your application won’t be considered. So it is better to have a business or job in the country that will earn you this practical amount.
  • Suppose you want to include your children and Spouse in the Argentina permanent residency. You must pay an additional fee for both their application and immigration.

However, holders of investment or start-up visas in Argentina are eligible to obtain a residency permit in three months.

Argentina permanent residency application documents 

This is the paperwork that you must submit to Argentine immigration and other relevant agencies for your application. The paperwork is fondly called Tramites; they’re important because the country ensures activities are backed up by supporting documents.

Translated birth certificate: You can get this document from a government agency in your state and not from health facilities. Thereafter translate and stamp it in the Argentine College of Translators.

Your Passport: This includes the photocopies of all the pages of your passport, and the original copy must be attached. It must have been translated into the Argentine language.

Argentine certificate of domicile: This can be any utility bills issued in your name by any public services rendered to you, like rent receipts, water bills, etc.

Passport Photographs: This must not be anyhow photo size because if it is too large or small, it will be returned. So you can visit any Argentine photoshop and request National identity document (DNI) photo standards. You can make more copies though only one may be requested.

Antecedentes Penales: This is an Argentine criminal record check for Argentina permanent residency applicants that are sixteen years and above. To have this document, you will visit a nearby Federal police point to obtain a printed copy of your fingerprint. Then you download the payment coupons from the immigration website and make payment at Banco Nacional. After this, you should send evidence of coupon, payment receipt, and printed fingerprint copy as instructed in the application form.

Note that you are to attach copies and original national identity documents of your spouse or child if you request for Antecedentes Penales under family status. Also, you need to attach a birth certificate if you’re requesting a child less than eighteen years but born in Argentina.

How to apply for an Argentina Permanent Residency 

You can apply for Argentina Permanent Residency following the steps below:

Step one: Get all the required document

Here all the required documents must be available and updated because without complete paperwork; you won’t get a permanent residency in Argentina. Therefore, ensure you shouldn’t undermine any document requested.

Step two: Fill out the application form 

You can either obtain the form at the immigration office or download it. Fill out the form appropriately and try to avoid errors so that your details can be visible and verifiable.

The completed form should be signed and stamped as instructed and attached to the supporting documents and evidence of payment.

Step three: Submit your application 

You should proceed to the Argentine National immigration office to submit your application and the supporting documents. If you can submit it, the authority will issue you CERTIFICADO DE RESIDENCIA PRECARIA. This certificate is issued temporarily while the relevant agencies review, verify and possibly process your Argentina Permanent Residency permit.

The certificate will permit or allow you to access the following:

  • You can work with your payment intact.
  • You have the right to buy a house with this certificate.
  • You have the right to study in Argentine academic institutions
  • You have the right to enter and exit the country.

This certificate is valid for six months but can be renewed while you wait for your Argentina Permanent residency permit.

Argentina Permanent Residency processing time and fee 

Officially, you are to get the permanent residence permit in three months. But most times, it takes up to one year to get it, so it is better to have a low expectation when you apply.

The application fee is two hundred and fifty US dollars, while the immigration fee is six hundred and fifty US dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get Argentine Citizenship?

You can get your Argentina citizenship two years after holding the Argentina permanent residency permit. In case It takes longer than the two years stated, you need to follow up to know the status of your application,

How much money do you need to immigrate to Argentina?

How much you will need depends on your situation. If you are moving with a spouse and children, you will need more money than if traveling alone. You will also need to take into consideration the cost of living in Argentina. You will need at least $1,000 per month to live comfortably in the country.

Is Argentina a good place to live?

Argentina is a large, diverse country that offers something for everyone. From its vibrant cities to its stunning countryside, Argentina is a great place to live. Argentines are warm and welcoming people, and the country has a rich culture and history. Argentina also has a thriving economy, making it a wonderful place to work.

Do they speak English in Argentina?

The percentage of English speakers in Argentina is less than 20%, while a lesser number of people speak fluently. You need to learn the Spanish language if you plan to visit Argentina.


Argentina’s permanent residency requires patience to obtain. You must not rush to apply for it and ensure you follow the guides. Seek practical clarification when you are in doubt.

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