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Guide on how to apply for an Argentina Short-Term Visa

Do you have an idea that the Argentina short-term visa comprises different types of travel visas?

Also, we bet you know that Argentina visas are divided into two main categories?

These two categories cover all purposes of travel you could embark on to Argentina.

Any travel that will take you to the country and perhaps, allow you to live in the country or stay for more than a year falls into the long-term visa category.

Whereas any travel that will take you to Argentina and permit you to stay for only 90 days falls into the short-term visa category.

With this article, we’re about to explore all that makes up the Argentina short-term visa and how to apply for them.

For just in case purposes, you may want to write down these visa guidelines now.

What is an Argentina short-term visa?

An Argentina short-term visa is for foreigners who need to visit the country briefly. 

Irrespective of the fact that it might just be for fun or an official visit, the short-term visa does not last more than three months.

However, it is important to note that you might just come from a country that is removed from visa requirements.

Now, visa-exempt countries are those countries that do not need both long-term and short-term visas to visit Argentina.

Types of Argentina short-term visa

Short-term visas from Argentina come in different types. The country specifically selected the type of visit that must be considered a short-term visit.

So, should you find yourself traveling for the reasons listed below, know it is only for three months

These short-term visas have unique requirements and eligibility. Therefore, it would help if you met up with them all before you qualified for a visa.

Argentina media visa

This visa is for media people or journalists going for a work assignment to Argentina.

The media visa is called the Journalist Visa – 24 H. This visa excludes British nationals.

They can extend their stay for an extra three months. But, first, they must show that they truly came for work and deserve to be there.

Aside from British nationals, nationals from other countries must apply for the Journalist Visa 24 H for their media work.

Visa requirements

  • Call 02073181340 (you can call this number any time from Monday all-through Friday).
  • Have a valid passport
  • Fill out the visa application form.
  • Provide a 4x4cm passport photographs
  • Evidence of where you will stay when you arrive. 
  • Letter of invitation (if you are coming through an invitation). The letter must be from an organization or individual legally residing in Argentina and must have this information: Reason for the invitation, Duration of invite stay, Detailed information about the organization or individual, and signature. This letter must be an original copy and in Spanish. The Argentine notary public and the Colegio de Escribanos will verify the letter and signature.
  • If you are not coming with an invitation letter from anyone, you must present these documents: Present the letter of introduction from a United Kingdom-based company or media house giving details of the trip. Duration and details of the media house.

All in Spanish or translated

  • Be patient as the consulate general makes findings about the organization.
  • Photocopy all your documents
  • Pay your Consular fee. 

Argentina religious visa

Those on pastoral assignment and crew will obtain this visa for their official mission.

Religious visitors, no matter the denomination, fall under the short-term religious visa and last only for three months.

Furthermore, the religious visa has categories for Catholic clergy and non-Catholic clergy.

Requirements for the Catholic clergy:

The Catholic clergy religious visa is a temporary type of visa. Also, you must submit all these documents to the consular:

  • Two recent 4×4 cm photographs
  • Visa application forms correctly filled
  • Evidence of home residence
  • Letter of invitation with detailed information about the visit
  • The 16-year-old member of the group must carry a signed proof of good conduct.
  • Migration fee
  • Consular fee of $250

Requirements for the non-Catholic clergy:

Suppose you are traveling in a group; everyone must apply separately and submit these documents at the Consular office.

  • 4×4 cm passport photographs
  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport of not less than six months old before application
  • Evidence of residence in the country of origin
  • Invitation letter
  • If you have a 16-year-old in the group, they must have a signed letter of good conduct from a reputable individual from the country of residence. This document must detail five years of good conduct behavior.
  • Consular fee of $250
  • Migration fee
  • Interview

Argentina tourist visa

Argentina is a tourist hub, and citizens of other countries visit this country for recreational purposes and sightseeing. 

If all you want is to come to Argentina and cool off, this visa is for you.

So, the requirements for this visa include:

  • Evidence of hotel reservation
  • Letter of invitation (for those staying over at a friend’s or family member’s house in Argentina. The letter must be verified by the notary public alongside the ID of the host).
  • Evidence of employment (if you are working)
  • Letter from your academic institute showing that you are a student, your course, and the duration f study. (This is for students).
  • Proof of business like tax return documents and business registration (for the self-employed).

Medical treatment visa

A family member might want to bring a sibling or parent to Argentina for health care. This visa serves this occasion perfectly.

However, if the medical care you are coming to receive will last for more than three months, this visa is not for you.

Requirements for Argentina medical treatment visa:

  • Visa application form filled and signed
  • Valid Passport 
  • 4×4 cm photographs of black and white background
  • Letter from the doctor stating your health condition and treatment process.
  • Medical insurance proof
  • Evidence of accommodation or hotel reservation

Business visa

A business visa is quite different from a work visa. Now, while the former is a short-term visa, the latter remains a long-term visa.

Yes, your business visa is work-related but does not permit you to take up a job and start working in the country. 

If you have already gained employment in Argentina, you need a work visa to stay in the country.

Requirements for business visa:

  • The original and photocopy of your invitation letter from the company in Argentina
  • Letter from your employer detailing the type of job and the reason for the travel.

General requirement for all Argentina short-term visa

Aside from the individual requirements for different short-stay visas, there is a general requirement you need to submit to the embassy or the consulate.

Citizens of countries with visa-exempt policies do not need to apply for a visa to stay short-term in Argentina. 

Therefore, if your country is not listed among the visa-free countries, then you need to submit these requirements.

  • Visa application form. Your method of filling this form will depend on the consulate or embassy you applied to. So, you can fill out the form on the website before you download it, or you can download it first before filling it out.
  • A passport valid for at least six months from the date of application and two blank pages.
  • Passport showing dates of former visas.
  • Recently taken 4×4 cm photographs in colored, black, and white with a neutral expression.
  • Evidence of accommodation or hotel reservations in Argentina.
  • Proof of return flight tickets
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to last your stay
  • Visa fees evidence
  • Travel authorization from guardian or parent for minors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners get permanent residence in Argentina?

Argentina is a free country that has opened its doors to everybody.

Nationals from foreign countries can migrate and permanently reside in Argentina if they meet the standard requirements.

Firstly, you must have held a temporary residence permit without breaking the law for at least three years.

Afterward, you can apply for permanent residency with other supporting documents.

How can I travel to Argentina and stay without a visa?

Staying in Argentina without a visa is possible. Nevertheless, this privilege is not for everyone.

United States nationals can stay in Argentina for three months without a visa. After that, you only need your passport to travel and a return ticket to go home with.

On the contrary, nationals from other countries with visa policies must apply for a visa for travel.

Is Argentina cheap to live in?

When you compare the living cost between Argentina and the United States, you will notice that Argentina is relatively cheap.

Ideally, you can survive comfortably in Argentina with a monthly expenditure of about $1000.

Is there free health care system in Argentina?

The government of Argentina has a public health care program for everyone.

Public health care in the country of Argentina is free for both visitors and locals. So, while you have your medical insurance, you can still access the public health care system.

Is the Argentine passport strong?

The Argentina passport is among the strongest globally.

It is considered the 4th most powerful in the Americas and the second most powerful in Latin America. The first and most powerful passport in Latin America is the Chilean passport.

Mexico and Argentina, which is cheaper?

While both countries are relatively cheap, you cannot place them side by side if checking the cost of living.

The cost of living in Argentina is higher and more expensive than the cost of living in Mexico.

Where is the safest place in Argentina?

Argentina does not have a high crime rate. But, first, you must be vigilant and conscious of your environment. The country is safe in all areas, except the locals tell you otherwise.


Conclusively, traveling to Argentina can be hassle-free if you know your visa type.

More so, keeping to the immigration and consulate requirements will fast-track your visa application and guarantee a safe application to Argentina.

It may not be now, but the article will always come in handy whenever you need some clarity for your Argentine short-term visa.

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